Aromatic Blends: Vanilla & Cedarwood

A pure and sensual fragrance spray with a sweet yet smoky scent


  • A seductive fusion of Ugandan Vanilla and Cedarwood
  • Heightened with a hint of iris, which gives way to rich amber

"The vanilla & cedarwood fragrance spray is just so calming and comforting. I wear it every day and I feel at peace."

Lauren, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Spray fragrance directly on the skin, avoiding the eye area

Aromatic Blends: Vanilla & Cedarwood
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Dayna F: nice fragrance. natural pleasant and clean , not artificial ! Sep 29, 2014
gail o: took home and tried samples of the lotion and body wash in the store - and love the scent. Sep 28, 2014
Lisa D: I just love the fresh clean smell Sep 24, 2014
Denice E: tried this the first time scent unsmelled and love it. Sep 23, 2014
Kimberlee B: This is a wonderful, light fragrance. I have men and women say how good it smells. It's very subtle and fresh smelling. Sep 23, 2014
Kathleen K: Vanilla is so sexy Sep 14, 2014
angie s: my favorite!! Sep 12, 2014
Pamela M: I love this fragrance and receive so many compliments on the subtlety of the aroma. I've abandoned all other perfumes, etc in favor of this aromatic blend. Sep 9, 2014
Chad S: always get compliments from everyone with this fragrence... fantastic scent! Sep 2, 2014
Alison M: I love the body lotion and especially the smell of cedarwood. Aug 24, 2014
Lynda B: I purchased this at Nordstrom for quite awhile. They stopped carrying this scent, so I'm ordering it directly. Aug 19, 2014
Nancy J: Unusual smell can't find anything else like it! Aug 19, 2014
Lucille D: Currently using and love it. Aug 10, 2014
virginia s: its a clean, fresh smell,that lasts ALL DAY Aug 10, 2014
Linda S: I like earthy and woody scents so I hope to be pleased with this. Aug 4, 2014
Carole T: I have used your Musk for over 25 years and thought I would try another fragrance this fall.
Love the Musk........
Aug 1, 2014
Ava C: It smells wonderful! Jul 24, 2014
Erika T: I love this scent, very fragrant and clean. Jun 24, 2014
Isabel A: I love vanilla-woody scents and Aromatic Blends Vanilla & Cedarwood is highly recommended online (perfume foruns) Jun 17, 2014
Carianne S: Looking for a vanilla scent that I love. Jun 16, 2014
Tuan N: I love the scent. Jun 13, 2014
Luis S: Because it smells delicious. Jun 9, 2014
Cyndi B: I already have the body wash and love it hoping to layer the scent. May 21, 2014
Apryl S: I love the fragrance of the lotion. I always wanted it in a spray and I was so happy to find out it actually comes in a spray. May 19, 2014
SharRon M: I just love the way it smells...there's nothing like it. The fragrance stay with you all day...and night. May 18, 2014
Pamela T: Love the fragrance. Anything vanilla scent is great for me. May 17, 2014
Keith S: Great unisex scent. May 11, 2014
Evangelia L: MY FAVORITE PERFUME ON EARTH! May 8, 2014
Deana B: Love! May 3, 2014
Dawne T: I got this as a gift one time and LOVED it! May 1, 2014
Anna F: This is my all time favorite scent Apr 25, 2014
Pamela M: Looking for a new scent. Apr 24, 2014
Sara S: This scent is amazing. Apr 1, 2014
Susan R: I love this fragrance. However, it does not last very well on my skin which is disappointing. Mar 24, 2014
Patty V: Pick this spray up in New York and fell in love. This is a delicious scent perfect for me. It has just the right blend of tempting musk with soft vanilla. Mar 20, 2014
Angela W: my favorite perfume! I got some in Italy on our honeymoon and it reminds me of that time. Mar 17, 2014
Donna R: Love fragrance of body wash already purchased Mar 9, 2014
Kristy D: umm, because i'm in love with it. Mar 8, 2014
Joan S: looking for a new fragrance that is natural smelling. i LOVE cedarwood! Feb 28, 2014
Stephanie L. R: Looking for a new scent and wanted to try it. Feb 27, 2014
Curt O: LOVE IT Feb 26, 2014
Elizabeth K: This fragrance had very good reviews and I was looking for something along this line. I bought the musk and loved it. I received many compliments and its my favorite summer scent. I don't think I'll be disappointed Feb 23, 2014
Linda V: I bought a small gift set of this at a Lancome outlet store in Michigan and loved it. Have been trying to find it ever sincel Feb 17, 2014
Jennifer T: Because it's the most perfect scent in the entire world. Feb 12, 2014
Michelle v: I love it, it is the first scent that doesn't seem artificial Feb 5, 2014
Barbara M: I liked the smooth silky lotion and the aroma Feb 3, 2014
Amanda M: tried it and absolutely love it. Jan 27, 2014
Thomas K: Love the scent! It's a perfect blend of vanilla and cedarwood, which are two of my favorite scents. Jan 26, 2014
Sande H: Daughter wears this Jan 26, 2014
Suzanne B: I love the delicate smell as it goes with whatever my mood is and I always receive compliments. Jan 19, 2014
Gena F: Co-worker has it and I love the scent. Jan 10, 2014
Hannah G: Smells good Jan 5, 2014
Jean C: I love this scent. Dec 31, 2013
Sherry G: Love the scent Dec 31, 2013
Susan B: Wonderful aroma - - makes me happy when I smell it. Dec 31, 2013
Gwen D: LOVE LOVE this fragrance. I find it to be the most wonderful scent. I receive so many compliments every time I wear it. This is definitely my "signature" scent. Dec 31, 2013
Michele S: my friend has this scent and i was so taken by it that i had to have smells incredibly luscious and sexy...can't wait to wear it Dec 29, 2013
Teresa P: I love this fragrance, I recently used the last of my first bottle. Dec 28, 2013
Joi F: smelled on someone Dec 27, 2013
Marney W: I love this when my husband wears it. Dec 19, 2013
Daniella A: smells amazing, so relaxing - I even use a little spritz before bed sometimes it's so calming. Dec 19, 2013
Brijn G: sampled it at an airport kiosk in tampa... loved the scent. Dec 15, 2013
Sarah B: Love this scent and so does my sister that I am purchasing for - 2nd time at her request! Dec 7, 2013
Richard V: I'm (like) crazy about this aroma. Woodsy, calming and delightful. I need it in my life. Dec 6, 2013
Scott N: sounded smelly Dec 5, 2013
Adrienne O: I sampled it in a store with my friend, and she loved it! This is a gift for her. Dec 5, 2013
Alyssa L: Smelled it in the store and loved it! Dec 5, 2013
Arielle S: This is a fabulous and warm perfume. Perfect for the fall and winter. My boyfriend bought me this for last Christmas. Dec 2, 2013
Justin M: Man enough for a guy, but also luxurious enough for a woman Dec 2, 2013
Kellie A: Smells delicious. Light and clean. Dec 2, 2013
julia r: yummy Dec 2, 2013
Joseph G: Love the moisturizer, love the body wash so why not? Dec 2, 2013
ILONA S: I fell in love with this scent and had to have lots of it! Dec 2, 2013
LISA C: Love this scent Dec 2, 2013
Safiyyah M: Tried it...and LOVE it! It's my new scent! Dec 2, 2013
Heidi B: Love the fragrance Dec 1, 2013
Virginia B: Two of my favorite fragrances together, oh my! Dec 1, 2013
Tiffani L: the first time i tried this i fell in love and received so many compliments. Dec 1, 2013
Anne S: I smelled this for the first time at the Kiehl's store and instantly fell in love. It's everything I'm loving at the moment. Warm vanilla with a hint of musk. Great balance of the two! Dec 1, 2013
Meghan M: Smells amazing, I get so many compliments when I wear this, and it is not heavy like perfume. Dec 1, 2013
Catherine B: Gift for daughter Nov 29, 2013
XiaoTing L: I love the smell of vanilla. Nov 29, 2013
Fanny L: Very good Nov 29, 2013
Maggie A: Love it Nov 28, 2013
Janice S: Love this fragrance! So does everybody else that passes by me. Terrific! So fresh! Nov 28, 2013
jo b: have sampled it and love it! Nov 28, 2013
Marlene D: I love the smell of vanilla and woods. I love this combo. Very sexy indead. Nov 28, 2013
William H: Wife for Christmas Nov 27, 2013
Mary D: Like the smell Nov 24, 2013
Michele M: This is my favorite fragrance and I am running low! Nov 20, 2013
Glenn W: Use the lotion and am switching to this as my fragrance Nov 20, 2013
Melissa P: gift for sister in law who love vanilla Nov 15, 2013
HEIDI O: It's my fragrance Nov 15, 2013
caroline m: very fall and winter smell to me--i love it!! Nov 14, 2013
Den T: F Oct 27, 2013
Tyler H: smells amazing Oct 20, 2013
Mary Louise V: I wear it everyday. Not overpowering Oct 19, 2013
chelsea v: because its FREAKING AWESOME! Oct 18, 2013
Bradley M: Love the smell of the lotion. Read recommendations and a few men had posted, so I was interested. Oct 17, 2013
Marie G: I LOVE this scent. Oct 11, 2013
Christina H: love the scent of cedarwood hope i like this Oct 3, 2013
Beth T: Smells awesome on me Oct 3, 2013
Leslie S: I saw this in my Women's Health Magazine and LOVE both of the scents. Oct 1, 2013
Devin C: Already own this item and love the clean fragrance. Sep 30, 2013
Nancy S: LOVE IT, already use it, Blue Mercury doesn't seem to keep it in stock now Sep 20, 2013
Debbra K: same as above Sep 17, 2013
Raven w: smells delicious Sep 16, 2013
Michael C: have the lotion and great smell. Sep 9, 2013
Shannon P: Normally I cannot tolerate perfume. This is the only fragrance that I have found to be light, subtle and extremely pleasant. I have people asking me regularly what I am wearing. Very pleased with this product. Sep 3, 2013
Sharon R: I've been a customer for almost 40 years. Visiting your 2nd Ave. store for fragrance oils, newly mowed hay,etc., herbs. This blend sounds sweet, so I bought it...Wish you'd bring back the dozens of oils you used to sell. Sep 2, 2013
Marisa M: I wear this daily as it is light and does not smell like perfume, it acts more as an enhancer Jun 29, 2013
ian J: reminds me of the beach Jun 18, 2013
Maryellen W: The review makes it sound heavenly. Jun 17, 2013
Andrei D: Because I like it Jun 17, 2013
Stephen G: I originally came to buy the Original Musk, but I heard about the Aromatic Blends: Vanilla and Cedarwood and decided to give it a try. Jun 17, 2013
Ron C: Love the smell! So do others! Jun 13, 2013
Bertha D: I want a new fragrance and saw the reviews and its seems like a great fragrance so I order it to see if I am going to like it. Alos I like vanilla and Cedarwood or Sandalwood notes Jun 13, 2013
julie c: Smells amazing! Maybe a trace too much smoke for me, but overall very different yet approachable fragrance. Jun 13, 2013
Andrew D: sounds nice for summer May 28, 2013
Dawn R: why not? May 13, 2013
Kenneth N: My husband purchased this for me for Christmas. It's my new favorite. Apr 30, 2013
BRYCE R: It has a wonderful earthy smell that makes me feel grounded just by wearing it. Apr 29, 2013
Lois D: previous purchase in New Jersey Apr 14, 2013
C. M. H: Well, its clean, subtle, and I get lots and lots of "boy, you smell good, What are you wearing?" New product for Kiehl's, and happy happy I tried it. Mar 25, 2013
Rebbecca M: it must be the "old hippie" in me Mar 20, 2013
Suzanne K: love the fragrance Feb 17, 2013
Christine D: A Friend has it & love the smell Jan 31, 2013
Carmen S: Again it's the soft scent. It pleases my nose. Jan 13, 2013
Antonia K: Curious and love vanilla Jan 12, 2013
Lisa L: It is the first scent in over 2 years that has appealed to me! Jan 4, 2013
Brook G: I love vanilla and I love cedarwood, so I hope I love this too! Dec 31, 2012
Michaeleen G: I bought some at the Mall of America Kiehl's store. Loved it! Dec 31, 2012
Melanie R: This scent reminds me of two of my favorite things... being in the woods and baking! It's such a great scent.. Dec 31, 2012
Katherine F: smells yummy, not too girly but there is still something feminine about it. I've been coveting it for awhile! Dec 31, 2012
KATHLEEN P: LOVE LOVE IT! Almost can't get enough of it. Spray my pillow n the evening even! Dec 30, 2012
KATHLEEN P: Love love love this fragrance. I get lots of I'm going to try this and the lotion and soap as a layering technique. Sale deal a bargain w 30 dollars off 75 amd free shipping how can a gal go wrong. Oh by the way I think this is a ying yang fragrance. Dec 30, 2012
sarah p: always looking for non-fruity scents that can be worn year round Dec 30, 2012
Courtney B: Read about it months ago in a magazine and then saw great reviews on this site. Dec 26, 2012
Vanessa P: I smelled it yesterday at a friend's home and I loved it! Dec 20, 2012
Vicki M: Great calming smell Dec 20, 2012
Kathryn I: The most lovely scent ever- not overpowering or too sweet. Dec 17, 2012
Judith H: This scent is light but very nice, not overwellming. Dec 16, 2012
Gwendolyn Z: The ratings on long lasting scent and the way the scent was described. Dec 15, 2012
MICHAEL L: she likes it Dec 11, 2012
John S: Liked the hand & body lotion of same fragrance. Dec 9, 2012
Jose d: I bought the lotion with this fragrance and my wife loved it. I decided to get her some for the holidays! Dec 5, 2012
linda e: I love this fragrance because of its natural non-flowery scent. It's warm and inviting. Dec 4, 2012
Patricia A S: Fragrance is out of this world, lot of compliments. Nov 24, 2012
melina v: the best scent i've smelled in a long time; cozy without being too musky, feminine but not overwhelming. Nov 23, 2012
Melanie R: Awesome fragrance! Oct 31, 2012
Muir H: Smelled delicious! Oct 15, 2012
Nicole S: I read about this fragrance in Women's Health. I love vanilla, but I like the idea of a more masculine scent to cut the sweetness of the vanilla scent. Oct 15, 2012
Colleen S: wanted to try a new fragrance Oct 14, 2012
iva h: love orange/lychee and sampled this in store. wanted to get it next-all three are to die for! Oct 14, 2012
Jan K: Fell in love with this after trying at a friend's home. Please don't discontinue! Oct 6, 2012
Kristine M: This is my favorite. Oct 4, 2012
Richard S: I have always like the vanilla scent and think the combination with cedarwood would be very interesting. Oct 4, 2012
Catherine E, W: Love the scent. Sep 29, 2012
Faith C: I am completely addicted to this scent. Everyone has commented on it and it truly has a calming affect. I panic when the bottle is half empty. I use the shower wash and lotion as well. I love, love love it. Sep 28, 2012
Jennifer S: It smells warm and snuggly on my skin. Men love it and so do my lady friends! It's my best kept fragrance secret. Sep 25, 2012
chrstine v: Reiviews, like vanilla with cedarwood, should work well with me. Sep 23, 2012
Kristina B: The fragrance Sep 22, 2012
Katherine T: I love vanilla scents Sep 19, 2012
Linda Kevin M: Since you discontinued the pour homme essence oil which I am very disappointed, I will try this to see if the fragrance is similar Sep 10, 2012
Ashley H: This is the best scent for fall!! Very sexy smell and I get lots of compliments. Sep 6, 2012
Sheila S: Trying for the first time. Sep 3, 2012
Paula L: It sounds like an awesome blend and I love woodsy fragrances! Aug 28, 2012
Stephen C: Scent Aug 26, 2012
Karen F: Saw an ad in Style Magazine and it was appealing. Aug 24, 2012
Lisa O: The combination sounds very interesting! I love Vanilla - can't wait to try it! Aug 17, 2012
Sara E F: tryout Aug 17, 2012
jetta p: Saw an ad for it, read reviews, decided to try it Aug 17, 2012
Robyn B: For my sister who lives out of the country. She tried to order and pay for it herself, but you don't accept credit cards outside of the country. Aug 15, 2012
Lynne F: Love aromatics. Love this product too. Aug 9, 2012
Mary S: Love vanilla, cedarwood, and amber. Deep and mysterious! Aug 5, 2012
Gloria S: I purchased fig leaf and sage and really like it so I wanted to try this one Jul 26, 2012
nicole p: i liked the fig and sage scent Jul 16, 2012
Monique F: I like chypres and woodsy vanilla scents thought this was worth a gamble. Jul 15, 2012
Claudia L: Recently switched from Vanille Abricot because the vanilla notes aren't the same. Looking for a new but similar vanilla fragrence. Jul 15, 2012
Richard L asked: Does this scent have to be so expensive? I use it to layer my scents and quite frankly can't purchase it now, due to the high cost.
Maybe for those of us who are consistent Kielhl's customers, give a a way to offer a brake. Thanks. Richard
May 11, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this a men's fragrance? Oct 26, 2013
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Ron C: This is a fragence that transcends gender identification. If I had to answer I would say it goes both ways. Perhaps the correct terms would be for a person who sees themself as a "metro-sexual". I am a man and women have always found it very appealing. And I think if I smelled it on a woman I would like just as much. Oct 26, 2013
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Mary W: Definitely not! I (a woman) wear it all the time and get many compliments from both men and women on the scent. It is woodsy, but not that masculine. Probably the vanilla of sets some of that. I have purchased it for my daughter-in-law too and she gets rave reviews also. Oct 26, 2013
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Keith S: The vanilla makes it kind of feminine, but the cedarwood makes it masculine enough for guys. It is a beautiful scent and lasts quite a while. I wear it daily and have not gotten anything but compliments. Also, no one has asked me if I was wearing girls perfume. Oct 27, 2013
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Michael C: I think technically, it is unisex, but i wear it as a male fragrance and I get lots of compliments. I used the lotion scented like this and like it.

I would recommend for male since it has spice undertones.
Oct 26, 2013
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Anita F: I wouldn't recommend it as a men's fragrance. The vanilla scent is more pronounced than the cedar wood. So I think it's more of a woman's fragrance. Oct 26, 2013
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Katherine P: I'd say it could be unisex. The cedarwood makes it slightly masculine and the smell is light and fresh but warm at the same time. Oct 26, 2013
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Edna I: No, I would definitely have to say this is a woman's fragrance. Oct 27, 2013
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James G: I consider it a men's fragrance. I'm a guy, and I wear it. Oct 26, 2013
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Karen R: It is a soothing vanilla scent that is unisex. Oct 26, 2013
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Sarah T: Definitely unisex. Fabulous on everyone! Oct 26, 2013
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Bonnie P: No, not at all. Very feminine. Oct 26, 2013
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Sharon B: No Oct 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: is this fragrance for men or women? May 9, 2014
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luciana n: This fragrance is amazing. It can be worn by both. I get compliments by both. May 9, 2014
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Richard L: Hi, I'm a 59 Year Old Male from Tennessee,
While I LOVE this fragrance, and do believe it layers well with other scents,
I definitely believe that this scent is UNIVERSAL and could be worn, easily
by male and female.
It's like saying, "Is a lotion," just male or female.
I truly believe it''s unisex.
Don't get me wrong, there are definitely male and female exclusive scents,
Old Spice for men, and Escada for women.
Overall, this scent, AROMATIC BLENDS: Vanilla & Cedarwood by Kiehls, is the best!!!!
May 11, 2014
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William C: Scent can be worn by both man or woman cedar is earthy maybe a bit masculine and vanilla a bit feminine but combined they create a universal scent It is very nice scent . Why do we need to categorize everything You like it you wear it . Life is about Freedom . Hope this helps May 11, 2014
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Keith S: Kiehl's does not specify. However, I am a man and I use. I would say it's unisex. I have gotten plenty of complements. May 11, 2014
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Marlena R: It's designed to be unisex; however, it's a bit strong for me (a woman). My husband likes it and uses it. May 9, 2014
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James G: I'm a guy. I wear it, and I get compliments on it all the time. May 9, 2014
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Daniel K: It's definitely for woman May 9, 2014
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Richard L: Men May 18, 2014
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Phillip O: It's a new unisex fragrance, but the vanilla is the strongest note. Probably more traditionally feminine! May 9, 2014
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elizabeth t: I am not sure if this could be called a unisex fragrance. I consider it a woman's scent. May 9, 2014
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Anita F: I consider it a women's fragrance because of the light, vanilla scent May 9, 2014
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matt j asked: is this product for men? Aug 9, 2012
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Claudia L: If a man likes a vanilla scent with a hint of musk, this could be the fragrence for you. After all, I once wore a Bill Blass fragrence which I loved. It works both ways.

I was looking for a true vanilla scented fragrence after having worn Vanille Abricot for many years. Unfortunately, they changed some notes and the vanilla became overbearing. However, with Vanilla & Cedarwood, I found a great blend of two exciting scents which I plan to wear for a while.

I'm happy I found this and I think it's well worth a try.

Aug 9, 2012
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Christen D: I don't think it's specifically for either gender, and I think it'd smell good on anyone. I do, however, think the fig leaf and sage is a bit more masculine and the orange leaf & lychee is more feminine. If you have any questions, maybe it'd be a good idea to try the sample body washes - they're quite a generous size (good for at least 5 or 6 showers) - to get a better idea of which you'd prefer before you spend all that money! Aug 9, 2012
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marion c: Since the cedar is the predominant scent it is a unisex scent. The vanilla is not traditionally feminine; it adds a cozy warmth but is not overt. It is truly seasonless and fresh. Aug 10, 2012
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Lynne F: Depends on the man. An "Old Spice-Aqua Velva" guy may not like it, but if used sparingly, it's appropriate for some men. Sample first, of course. Aug 9, 2012
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GERLADINE m: i am female..i received many compliments upon wearing it. it seems to me that it might be too light for a man. Aug 9, 2012
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diane h: I do not think it is gender specific,it is very strong though..use sparingly Aug 9, 2012
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Trudy E: While I bought this for myself, my husband uses it too. Aug 9, 2012
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Catheryne Q: Yes, it can be used by men. Aug 9, 2012
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Sarah B asked: do you fragrances have Phthalates in them? Aug 3, 2014
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Donna R: That is not listed as one of the items on the product however, I am not familiar with phthalates so I cannot say for any certainty, either way. I look to Kiehl's for that type of information and trust they are only using quality, safe ingredients in their products. Aug 3, 2014
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