Aromatic Blends: Orange Flower & Lychee Scent Stamp

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Aromatic Blends: Orange Flower & Lychee Scent Stamp
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Christine Z: just liked the way it smelled Aug 20, 2014
Lisa K: nice scent Jun 28, 2014
diana b: good product May 15, 2014
Amy H: ? May 4, 2014
Deborah E: I didn't Feb 1, 2014
Claire B: enjoy Dec 11, 2013
Gahl B: Free Dec 3, 2013
Monique F: If I like this combo I'll rub it on my wrists, and then use it as a scented bookmark for my latest paperback. Nov 28, 2013
Ying Ling E: I didn't Nov 25, 2013
Douglas H: experiment. Nov 8, 2013
Christel K: I don't think I ever had this item!! Oct 20, 2013
SIMEON D: don't remember this product Oct 14, 2013
Nancy S: don't recall Sep 23, 2013
John B: ? Aug 2, 2013
George P: I have been using it for years, excellent product! Jun 20, 2013
garrett m: the bow stood out, and I couldn't resist Jun 20, 2013
Gale L: it works well to diminish the under eye puffiness! Jun 17, 2013
Rhodes S: Convenient, great for travel Jun 15, 2013
KAILUN S: Free! Jun 12, 2013
Junghoon P: Good Rating Jun 8, 2013
KATHLEEN P: Don't remember! Dec 30, 2012
gail s: I don't remember! Sorry! Dec 28, 2012
CAROLYN C: don't remember Dec 20, 2012
John L: FORGOT Dec 12, 2012
James D: Like the mystery :-) Nov 30, 2012
Heidi B: You chose it. :-) Nov 18, 2012
Jeffrey A: Like the ingredients, wakes up your face Nov 17, 2012
Christopher F: Did not choose. Nov 15, 2012
LIANQI X: The smell is good. Sep 25, 2012
Jiying Z: i don't remember I received any gifts from Kiehl's....honestly, Kiehl's is not generous in giving gifts compared to other brands~~~ Sep 22, 2012
Joanne L: Great gift for friends or family to introduce them to these exceptional products. Sep 22, 2012
Na T: it is good Sep 22, 2012
Xiangying M: want to try Sep 21, 2012
anne w: Just wanted to try something new Sep 18, 2012
Cara M: because I love it Sep 13, 2012
Jaime S: I don't think that I did choose this. Sep 13, 2012
Evelyn F: Midnight recovery products do not irritate my sensitive skin and I have read good reviews on the creamy eye treatment with avocado so thought I would give it a try. Sep 13, 2012
melinda s: nice smell and smooth Sep 12, 2012
Ann S: i didn't Aug 22, 2012
Lynne F: Didn't. Aug 9, 2012
Trang P: free Aug 2, 2012
Deborah G: I didn't, but it smells great Jul 28, 2012
donamarie M: Loved, loved, loved this. That's why I'm trying the lotion. Jul 28, 2012
James G: no choice it was mandatory free gift Jul 24, 2012
JoAnna D: free sample Jul 24, 2012
Kenneth K: it came with it Jul 24, 2012
M Joan P: It's a sample. We'll see. Thank you. Jul 24, 2012
ROBERTO O: Hope to love it. Jul 24, 2012
Nancy W: Wanted to try this new product. Jul 24, 2012
Virginia G: free Jul 24, 2012
Edith C: ist time Jul 24, 2012
Valerie E: This was added; i didn't pick it. Jul 24, 2012
Amy C: It was given to me as a sample Jul 23, 2012
Deborah R: It was a bonus. Jul 23, 2012
James H: no idea Jul 23, 2012
Logan R: It was automatically added to my shopping cart. Jul 23, 2012
Gabriella S: Included as a free sample. Jul 23, 2012
Margaret M L: chose for me Jul 23, 2012
Cathy N: Did not choose. Jul 23, 2012
Kathy D: looking for unruly hair solutions Jul 23, 2012
Anna H: n/a Jul 23, 2012
SUYEON K: This was included somehow, I did not select it. Jul 23, 2012
Donald V: free sample Jul 22, 2012
E B: Bonus Jul 22, 2012
Robert W: no particular comments Jul 22, 2012
Jessica N: It was a bonus Jul 22, 2012
Scot L: Big fan of natural Orange Flower scent Jul 22, 2012
hugh h: u gave it to me Jul 22, 2012
anne h: i did not Jul 22, 2012
Jacob N: I didnt you gave it me for free Jul 21, 2012
Terra B: I am interested in trying something new since I received the sample in the mail. Jul 21, 2012
Karen H: I didn't it came free Jul 21, 2012
Raytchell C: Free Gift Jul 21, 2012
jana n: you guys chose it, but it looks good love orange flower fragrance Jul 21, 2012
Karen K: You told me it was my gift, I don't even know what it is Jul 20, 2012
Barbara R: Again, this is a sample that I look forward to using. Jul 20, 2012
Bonnie C: It was automatically chosen for me. It sounds like a good fragrance. I always loved the smell of orange blossoms at my grandparents in Florida. Jul 20, 2012
george r: i didn't choose this and have no interest in it Jul 20, 2012
Tina G: I didn't. It was a "bonus" to my order. Jul 20, 2012
Donna C: free gift Jul 20, 2012
Stuart F: I didn't and will probably throw away - I am a boy!! Jul 20, 2012
Jaclyn D: Free sample Jul 20, 2012
Melina S: didn't choose it - auto choice
If you have any gardenia scent samples, send
Jul 20, 2012
margaret w: perfume Jul 19, 2012
Danelle A: I dont know what this is Jul 19, 2012
deborah b: Didn't, it was chosen for me. Jul 19, 2012
bridget w: first time to try Jul 19, 2012
Eric M: Thank You Jul 19, 2012
Amber F: I didn't; it was a free gift. Jul 19, 2012
Rosaline C: love a citrus scent; hope this is good. Jul 19, 2012
Jennifer G: I didn't it was a bonus Jul 18, 2012
Maggie R: This scent stamp was chosen for me. I would have liked to try the vanilla/cedarwood. Jul 18, 2012
christy e: try something new Jul 18, 2012
frank w: I like Orange. Jul 18, 2012
Yan L: You give it as free gift, haha, thank you!!! Jul 18, 2012
Donna D: love the smell of oranges so why not try a sample Jul 18, 2012
Randi F: This is not something I choose, this was a Bonus. Jul 18, 2012
ELIZABETH S: it was free Jul 18, 2012
susan e: LOVED THE SAMPLE. Jul 18, 2012
Joan T: was a bonus Jul 18, 2012
Brenda M: I didn't it was a gift Jul 18, 2012
Robin G: I didn't. Jul 18, 2012
judith f: i didn't this is a bonus Jul 18, 2012
Gloria S: I do not recall choosing this--it was automatically added as one of my samples. Jul 18, 2012
Evan H: I did not choose this, it was just added to my basket for free Jul 18, 2012
Cathy W: bonus Jul 18, 2012
Lisa M: I didn't choose this. It was a bonus. Jul 17, 2012
Roy R: This was a gift product. Jul 17, 2012
SEAN V: Given as a free gift. Jul 17, 2012
Steven N: i didn't Jul 17, 2012
David O: I didn't it was a bonus gift Jul 17, 2012
Wenqin Z: i dont know why the system picks this for me. I tried to remove it, not able to. Jul 17, 2012
Karyn H: Was added to my cart for free. Jul 17, 2012
yanqing y: I don't know? Jul 17, 2012
cam s: bonus item Jul 17, 2012
damen r: great Jul 17, 2012
MARK B: free Jul 17, 2012
Pia C: bonus Jul 17, 2012
Juan J C: Curiosity Jul 17, 2012
max g: free with the order Jul 17, 2012
Laura S: I tried the sample my son gave me; I really liked the fragrance. Jul 17, 2012
shirley c: i didn't choose, since it was a gift.....(thank you) Jul 17, 2012
Staci B: This was a bonus sample! Jul 17, 2012
heeyoun k: just try it Jul 16, 2012
EMILY R: gift Jul 16, 2012
Joanna T: This was thrown in as a bonus on an order I've placed. It will be interesting to check out this new Kiehls product. Jul 16, 2012
Li-Chun S: I like it! Jul 16, 2012
JING L: thank you Jul 16, 2012
Jeni B: did not choose, bonus gift Jul 16, 2012
QIAN TING T: its free Jul 16, 2012
Yuan Ting L: Want to give a try, I like lychee scent. Jul 16, 2012
Sarah B: I didn't, it was free automatically. Jul 16, 2012
fang y: free Jul 16, 2012
Trisha A: given to me. Jul 16, 2012
HYUN Y: bonus Jul 16, 2012
Tina R: I didn't actually chose this, it comes as a bonus with my order. Thanks Jul 16, 2012
JAN C: This was a bonus, hope I llike Jul 16, 2012
Qian Z: gift Jul 16, 2012
Anne A: Bonus unrequested Jul 16, 2012
Lei C: bonus Jul 16, 2012
FEI D: good Jul 16, 2012
Christina J: This came with an offer and I am excited to try this new scent out. Jul 16, 2012
fabian g: its cool Jul 16, 2012
Trina M: Gift with purchase. Jul 16, 2012
Suzanne A: It was offered for free Jul 16, 2012
lin y: random Jul 16, 2012
suzanne G: I did not choose this. You put it on my order. Jul 16, 2012
Michael L: To try something new. Jul 16, 2012
Shengai J: this is bonus from the website. Jul 16, 2012
Marion L: This is what was seleted for me. I'll try it out. Jul 16, 2012
Audrey M: Bonus! Jul 16, 2012
Qibin Y: good Jul 16, 2012
Abby K: I didn't choose this. It was automatically placed in my cart Jul 16, 2012
Holly L: you included it Jul 16, 2012
SONG K: I DIDN'T CHOOSE Jul 16, 2012
cheryl j: i DID not, it was chosen for me. Jul 16, 2012
ANNA S: it was free! Jul 16, 2012
Finlay G: This was added automatically. I was given no opportunity to choose my own complimentary samples which I found disappointing Jul 16, 2012
Yelena B: i didn't Jul 16, 2012
Emily L: I didn't choose this - it was a bonus sample. I don't really like flowery scent so I'll probably give this away. Jul 16, 2012
Cindy L: Free Jul 16, 2012
Robin E: bonus - did not make selection Jul 16, 2012
Carol D: it was a bonus from my order Jul 16, 2012
Ernestine P: I did not choose this item, it was a bonus. Jul 16, 2012
Casey M: free gift Jul 16, 2012
marnie f: I didn't choose this. Jul 16, 2012
shao chun c: it's a bonus from you. I will try it then tell you later Jul 16, 2012
Tianying L: bonus Jul 16, 2012
Mark B: it was a bonus -- I did not choose it Jul 16, 2012
DEBORAH P: want to try the new fragrances Jul 16, 2012
Cathy C: Free sample Jul 16, 2012
Carol K: This was a bonus, thank's - anxious to try it. Jul 16, 2012
kaiwen z: good smell Jul 16, 2012
Wenyi H: bonus Jul 16, 2012
Bonnie C: I didn't it came free Jul 16, 2012
Don K: you gave me for me. Jul 16, 2012
Tammy R: I didn't Jul 16, 2012
Huimin z: it is a gift. Jul 16, 2012
Bo F: new product Jul 16, 2012
jeong eun s: this was bonus Jul 16, 2012
jing l: thank you for the gift. Jul 16, 2012
Christine H: Didn't choose this. Jul 15, 2012
Lynne S: picked by your site Jul 15, 2012
Jessica S: i didnt Jul 15, 2012
Kerri R: Free sample Jul 15, 2012
soonyoung m: I'd like to try. Jul 15, 2012
DORIS C: FREE GIFT Jul 15, 2012
Geoffrey R: Free sample. Jul 15, 2012
Diana S: like to try Jul 15, 2012
Barbara U: Sample Jul 15, 2012
Huabo Q: wanna try Jul 15, 2012
CASSIDY C: free sample Jul 15, 2012
shiying x: i want to try it Jul 15, 2012
Audrey R: This is a bonus I didn't select but I'm interested in the scent. I wish the other new scents were offered as samples as I'd like to try them all before buying a scented lotion. Jul 15, 2012
xiu c: free sample Jul 15, 2012
Maycky T: bonus gift, did not choose Jul 15, 2012
Zhao Z: it is free Jul 15, 2012
Tiwen C: bonus sample Jul 15, 2012
eldora m: free gift added to order Jul 15, 2012
I. Jeanne R: Want to try it - love the smell of oranges. Jul 15, 2012
Guiwei Z: Would like to try it. Jul 15, 2012
Yushan L: it is free Jul 15, 2012
Louise A: Bonus Jul 15, 2012
Qi X: it was a bonus you gave me Jul 15, 2012
jing l: thank you for the sample. :) Jul 15, 2012
Gloria S: didn't chose it, it's an add on to my order Jul 15, 2012
MARILYN R: it was free Jul 15, 2012
Katherine S: I didn't choose it, and have already sampled this scent. I would be interested in the grapefruit scent sampler or even vanilla, but neither of those seem to be offered. Jul 15, 2012
xiaofei p: gift Jul 15, 2012
chris m: provided, no choice Jul 14, 2012
Matthew V: Because it's awesome Jul 14, 2012
Mary Ann F: i did not choose this Jul 14, 2012
Jeff J: free bonus Jul 14, 2012
judy g: because it is expensive! Jul 14, 2012
Diana S: didn't / you did Jul 14, 2012
Patricia S: Interested in something different. Jul 14, 2012
jody k: bonus gift Jul 14, 2012
Wayne B B: They put it in my cart so I will try it out. Jul 14, 2012
Alexandra T: this was a bonus item Jul 14, 2012
joe n: your pick Jul 14, 2012
Margaret F: curious! Jul 14, 2012
Cherie C: added from site as a promotion Jul 14, 2012
Dottie B: It's a bonus! Jul 14, 2012
Sujun J: Friend recommended Jul 14, 2012
Marian H: like the scent Jul 13, 2012
Debra B: I didn't, this was a bonus gift with my order. Jul 13, 2012
Nicholas W: B/c you guys gave it to me as a sample, but thanks! Jul 13, 2012
Joshua B: It was a complimentary item. Jul 13, 2012
Dr Peter E S: ? Jul 13, 2012
Steven K: Free Jul 13, 2012
Donna S: I didn't choose this. You gave it to me for free. Jul 13, 2012
Jonathan E: I didn't see any way NOT to have it sent to me, maybe my daughter will know what it is! Jul 13, 2012
Meira P: I did not. I was a "bonus" Jul 13, 2012
Dottie S: Try out. Jul 12, 2012
Louis H: I didn't! Jul 12, 2012
Judith M: It was a bonus added to my order Jul 12, 2012
Erin S: It was a free bonus Jul 12, 2012
manjian c: well, I haven't tried it yet, because there's no review yet. I'm gonna wait for more reviews and see. Jul 12, 2012
Lorrie K: I love citrus scents! Jul 12, 2012
Vanessa G: Sample with sale Jul 12, 2012
Michael V: I believe it was automatic Jul 11, 2012
Thomas A: bonus gift Jul 11, 2012
Sam W: I don't know this product Jul 11, 2012
Ruby W: It was free Jul 11, 2012
Angela W: I did not. No idea what it is Jul 11, 2012
Michael H: Gift with first purchase Jul 11, 2012
Angela D: It is a free sample Jul 11, 2012
Richard L: Bonus Jul 11, 2012
Katherine K: Free sample Jul 11, 2012
Jean D: free sample Jul 11, 2012
CAROL B: was told it was a good product Jul 11, 2012
Mary M: your bonus Jul 11, 2012
Regan J: Free sample. Jul 11, 2012
Tina Z: Bonus Jul 10, 2012
Karen H: Free sample. Jul 10, 2012
Fai L: trying Jul 10, 2012
Nancy H: I didn't Jul 10, 2012
Gary D: Free Jul 10, 2012
Margaret H: I didn't choose this it looks like it was bonus in my checkout bag. Jul 10, 2012
lijun z: good product Jul 10, 2012
Thomas T: free Jul 10, 2012
Nancy V: It was a bonus gift Jul 10, 2012
Celeste H: Actually, I didn't choose this. May have clicked by accident. Jul 10, 2012
Billi Jo S: It was a sample...... Jul 10, 2012
Janice C: This was something for free, for placing my order on line. Jul 10, 2012
Sherri C: your choice- thank you. Jul 10, 2012
Mrs. N: Y'all chose this for me, so I'll try. Jul 10, 2012
ricky k: Have never tried this before. Jul 9, 2012
Stephen C: i didn't. it was put in and I could not remove it Jul 9, 2012
Shannon D: I didn't. It was an added bonus to my order from Kiehls. Guess I will find out if I like when I get it. Jul 9, 2012
Theresa M: I wanted to try it Jul 8, 2012
Paula D: bonus offer Jul 8, 2012
Paula D: bonus offer Jul 8, 2012
Wanda P: want to try Jul 8, 2012
Lauren T: free gift Jul 8, 2012
Wendy B: I didn't; Kiehl's just added it as a bonus. Jul 8, 2012
Kelly W: came as a bonus gift Jul 8, 2012
Paula W: Kiehl's products are so wonderful! I think they are wiretapping my brain for information! I love everything! Jul 8, 2012
Jeffrey M: freebie! Jul 8, 2012
Raymond P: I didn't, it was automatically added. I don't even know what it is.

Jul 8, 2012
yu jun w: didn't chose it. Jul 8, 2012
Mary B: You chose it for me. Jul 8, 2012
Katherine H: Chosen by Kiehl Jul 8, 2012
Jing L: it's the bonus. Jul 8, 2012
Xiulan Y: it is good Jul 8, 2012
Mary W: I like light natural scents Jul 8, 2012
Jenny C: i didn't choose it.. but i will try :D Jul 8, 2012
Joseph M: it was comlimentary, I'l just try it and see if I like it Jul 8, 2012
Ellen L: It chose me. Free sample. Jul 8, 2012
Eileen L: I didn' was a bonus Jul 8, 2012
Perla W: It was a bonus Jul 8, 2012
rebecca M: free Jul 8, 2012
Ruth m: at your recomadation it sounds good Jul 8, 2012
nicole p: this was chose for me Jul 7, 2012
Dawn Y: Not sure what it is, it is coming as a gift, so it is a surprise!!!!!! Jul 7, 2012
Juanita V: I've never tried it Jul 7, 2012
Ning G: Chosen by automatically Jul 7, 2012
Huijun Z: have a try Jul 7, 2012
Penelope G: you're including it a a bonus Jul 7, 2012
Patricia C: I didn't it was added to order Jul 7, 2012
Ann P: Didn't. It's a sample offered at no charge. Jul 7, 2012
yingjiang y: I get this as a bones, have no idea what it will be. Jul 7, 2012
Jessica P: I didn't, it was automatically added. Jul 7, 2012
Anne Marie H: came free...never tried it Jul 7, 2012
Srilatha B: It's your complimentary bonus, not my choice - but i love Kiehl's products, so am willing to try it! Jul 7, 2012
lisa p: it was chosen for me Jul 7, 2012
Logan G: I did not choose this. It was chosen for me. Jul 7, 2012
Ying L: It was a bonus Jul 7, 2012
jun y: free gift Jul 7, 2012
joyce c: I honestly didn't. But, thank you! Jul 7, 2012
Eileen S: Was a bonus. Jul 6, 2012
meredith s: i didn't. it was chosen for me as a bonus. Although because of that I was only able to choose 2 of my on samples. Jul 6, 2012
LInda Mae T: I didn't it's a sample y'all placed in my basket without my asking for it. Jul 6, 2012
Linda G: Didn't, would omit if I could, allergic to the parabens in scents. Jul 6, 2012
Deirdre L: I did not pick was automatically put in my bag..looking forward to trying it. Jul 6, 2012
Ruthye R: These are sample, I did not purchase Jul 6, 2012
gengshen w: free Jul 6, 2012
charles s: first try Jul 5, 2012
catherine m: Didn't, bonus sample. Jul 5, 2012
Susan P: I didn' was FREE! Jul 5, 2012
Donadrian R: This is listed as a bonus gift. Have tried yet Jul 5, 2012
zhoujie w: good Jul 5, 2012
Michael F: Sample Jul 5, 2012
ANNA H: Didn't choose it was a bonus Jul 5, 2012
Donna W: not sure what it is Jul 5, 2012
Robert W: I did not choose was a freebie I guess? Jul 5, 2012
Deborah S: It was included with order. Jul 5, 2012
J Terence D: didn't you did! Jul 5, 2012
Kit S: I did not choose this item; it is a bonus item. Jul 5, 2012
leejiwon f: SAMPLE Jul 5, 2012
Evelyn K: You included it as a surprise bonus! Thank you! Jul 5, 2012
Tomy S: was a bonus item, thank you Jul 5, 2012
huanhua j: like this Jul 4, 2012
Trang P: bonus Jul 4, 2012
Ruth G: i didn't Jul 4, 2012
maxine o: didn't. don't even know what it is. Jul 4, 2012
Victoria F: This was given as a Bonus - no request necessary - so i will give it a go... Jul 4, 2012
Michele H: bonus Jul 4, 2012
Jane E: I didn't. You gave this to me Jul 4, 2012
Gerlinde M: N/A Jul 4, 2012
Mary H: Curious Jul 4, 2012
Ruthye R: Didn't choose, is a sample Jul 4, 2012
Anita D: sample Jul 3, 2012
John S: It was suggested. Jul 3, 2012
michelle h: sounds wonderful Jul 3, 2012
Joanne S: I didn't purchase this. Jul 3, 2012
carolyn L: free Jul 3, 2012
Noel O: Free bonus Jul 3, 2012
michel t: it was a gift from Kiehls Jul 3, 2012
JOANNE F: Free Sample Jul 3, 2012
Lilie C: bonus Jul 3, 2012
Adam S: free offer Jul 3, 2012
huarui c: i didn't choose it, it automatically showed up... Jul 3, 2012
Alton W: I have always liked the scent of orange flower and I was interested as to what Kiehls has provided. Jul 3, 2012
Michael A: i didn't Jul 3, 2012
xiaoqiao x: gift. gonna give it a try... Jul 3, 2012
dori p: i didn't Jul 3, 2012
Aaron Y: Bonus Jul 3, 2012
MICHAEL J R: bonus gift, I didn't select it. Jul 3, 2012
Catherine N: i didn't chose it it popped up and i am grateful Jul 2, 2012
Gianni A: I didn't Jul 2, 2012
Verena v: Free bonus with order. Jul 2, 2012
Muriel C: bonus Jul 2, 2012
wendy z: wants to try Jul 2, 2012
Oscar R: I didn't choose this Jul 2, 2012
Gayle V: Bonus...didn't choose, but thank you. Jul 2, 2012
alexis l: I didn't you are sending as bonus, rather have 4th selection on samples Jul 2, 2012
Megan D: This was already in my cart for me, but I'm excited about it! I hope this is a new product that Kiehl's will start carrying because I've been wanting some light, natural fragrance - something not as heavy and fake-smelling as a lot of the other popular fragrances. Jul 2, 2012
Lucy A: i like the scent of orange flower because it smells so clean and refreshing. Jul 1, 2012
Jim Y: bonus Jul 1, 2012
Susan S: I didn't Jul 1, 2012
alma p: i did not ,it automatically wasgiven but i prefer facial stuffs. Jul 1, 2012
Anne H: you selected it as a sample Jul 1, 2012
Virginia K: It was in my basket. no choice. Jul 1, 2012
barbara k: bonus Jul 1, 2012
ALICE B: Bonus Jul 1, 2012
maureen b: I did not choose this Jul 1, 2012
jane s: I didn't. Jul 1, 2012
Ellen G: Bonus gift! Looking forward to trying it out! Jun 30, 2012
Sylvia S: This was chosen for me as a Bonus. Jun 30, 2012
Paul R: you chose it Jun 30, 2012
Myra R: came with purchase Jun 30, 2012
Christopher M M: Came free with the order. Will try and see what it's about. Jun 30, 2012
John R: curious Jun 30, 2012
Darcy C: would love to see how this smells...sounds amazing! Jun 30, 2012
Jerry M: It was a bonus and chosen for me. Not sure what it is. Jun 30, 2012
Cynthia V: sounds like it will smell invigorating or relaxing. Jun 29, 2012
Rita F: This item was automatically put in order Jun 29, 2012
Anne E: I did not choose it and I wish you would not send it. I don't even know what it is, but I am sensitive to scents. Jun 29, 2012
Kandyce T: you chose this surprise for me! thank you. Jun 29, 2012
MJ L: I wanted to sample the aromatic blends. Would love to try the others. I'm looking for a subtle natural smell. Jun 29, 2012
Ronald L: automatically added to my purchase. Jun 29, 2012
yi z: it is sample given by store , i didn't choose it . Jun 29, 2012
Cindy B: bonus, I didn't pick this Jun 29, 2012
Pamela H: sample Jun 29, 2012
Molly F: bonus gift Jun 29, 2012
Karen M: Bonus item Jun 29, 2012
Charles F: Bonus Gift Jun 29, 2012
Iitanyia P: This is a sample they tossed in my order. I know nothing about it yet. Jun 29, 2012
Laurie W: I did not choose this. It came with my order automatically Jun 29, 2012
Mary A: I did not choose this product; it was selected for me by Kiehl's. Jun 28, 2012
Judith P: Courious as to what it is. Jun 28, 2012
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