Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 Sample

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Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Carol J: good for travel Sep 29, 2014
Helen H: they dont have this product here in full size? Sep 28, 2014
LAN C: good Sep 23, 2014
Qihong L: I am exploring new products!! Sep 22, 2014
Bonnie A: This is a great cream for moisturizing and SPF 30 in combination. Sep 22, 2014
Ying J: a friend recommended Sep 22, 2014
Rosalinda B: I use it and love it. Sep 20, 2014
Kathleen N: I like to carry the samples in my purse in the summer Sep 19, 2014
Bernard W: Recommended Sep 19, 2014
phyllis s: I want to try it. Sep 18, 2014
Katie C: Curious Sep 18, 2014
Shaun J: Not sure if I will like it. Sep 18, 2014
Kris P: I've yet to find a higher SPF moisturizer with a texture I like and doesn't make my face react. I've had great luck with kiehls so I hope this it it. Sep 15, 2014
Lori L: dry skin Sep 14, 2014
Sean D: Never tried it before. The higher SPF rated moisturizers have been excellent in the past. Sep 14, 2014
Xin W: good Sep 13, 2014
Sachiko O: for travel Sep 13, 2014
Shuang W: nice thing Sep 13, 2014
Debra S: For skin protection Sep 13, 2014
Ishin L: just want to try Sep 12, 2014
rocky m: wanted to try it Sep 11, 2014
Yanhong C: just have a try. Sep 8, 2014
Kathryn G: travel Sep 7, 2014
Joel C: to try out a spf Sep 7, 2014
Jessica M: to try Aug 29, 2014
Lucy M: Just want to give it a try. It would be nice to use on my neck where I don't wear tinted makeup. Aug 28, 2014
Kate N: My next purchase will definitely be Kiehl's sunscreen, but I wanted to use my $10 on the midnight recovery! Aug 27, 2014
marilyn t: Reviews Aug 27, 2014
Barbara M: To try another of Kiehl's products Aug 26, 2014
Melinda K: Haven't had much luck with daily moisturizers with an SPF. Going to give this one a go to see if it works out. Aug 24, 2014
Thao P: love it Aug 23, 2014
Rebecca C: need sunscreen Aug 21, 2014
Beatrice S: I want to try it Aug 21, 2014
Michael W: need a new moisturizer, thought I would give this a try Aug 20, 2014
Treva E: Great to have for vacation/travel. Aug 19, 2014
Melissa D: I wanted a moisturizer for my travel bag. Aug 18, 2014
Daphne C: Trying out an SPF moisturizer Aug 17, 2014
Karen L: first time user Aug 17, 2014
Pam M: Looking for moisturizer with SPF Aug 15, 2014
Janey H: I use spf 30 sunscreen on my face when I walk - wanted to try Kiehl's since I use their facial creams anyway. Aug 14, 2014
Ben N: great portable tiny single day worth of sunscreen Aug 13, 2014
Rain S: Have used it Aug 10, 2014
yoojin y: love this one. to use it when I go away for couple days Aug 10, 2014
Claudia D: I needed a moisturizer with sunscreen. Aug 10, 2014
Amanda M: Need travel samples for long trip Aug 10, 2014
PREETI Y: dont know Aug 10, 2014
Jackie K: Wanted to try again Aug 10, 2014
Longxiang C: I used it before Aug 10, 2014
Jian L: Good Aug 9, 2014
Lin G: Have a try. Aug 9, 2014
Xiaoxia L: My friend has recommended it. Aug 5, 2014
kathryn g: I'm looking for a moisturizer with sunscreen that won't irritate my skin Aug 3, 2014
Pat E: just trying it Jul 29, 2014
Taunya N: My husband works in the sun all day. Hoping he'll try this. Jul 28, 2014
Elaine B: Lighter formula for Summer. Jul 27, 2014
Joseph L K: Free Jul 20, 2014
igor c: to try Jul 17, 2014
Deborah O: Want to try it out. Jul 15, 2014
Kristen M: I was curious about their moisturizer and I only buy moisturizers with SPF. Jul 14, 2014
Yoonjung L: I want to try it! Jul 14, 2014
Ken B: We are trying different moisturizers with sunscreen to see which one we prefer. Jul 13, 2014
Susan B: sunblock and moisturizer, how good is that. Jul 13, 2014
Geraldine M: I wanted to try this product. Jul 10, 2014
Douglas D: Wanted to try it for daily use, but I think I'll stick with the Facial Fuel spf 50 for that. Jul 10, 2014
Carol W: I wanted to try it. Jul 7, 2014
Kathi H: I like the fact that it has an SPF of 30. I live in Florida and the sun is real strong here, so I need the protection and the moisturizing! Jul 5, 2014
Sandi K: looking for a higher spf daily moisturizer that has a consistency that i can tolerate Jul 3, 2014
Tiffany J: I have been using this for a long time. I love it. Can't go a day without it. Jun 28, 2014
JING Z: want to try Jun 26, 2014
Andrea S: Looking for a new face SPF. Love Kiehls so why not give it a try! Jun 26, 2014
Melissa G: was thinking of getting this because I'm looking for a good moisturizer with spf Jun 25, 2014
Amanda D: Sunscreen Jun 24, 2014
yi z: Friend introduce to me Jun 24, 2014
ELAM L: Try Jun 23, 2014
Agnes L: Looking for lotion with SPF that doesn't break me out. Jun 22, 2014
JIN D: wanna try it Jun 19, 2014
Debbie D: wanted to try a moisturizer with sunscreen protection. Jun 18, 2014
Jonathan W: I use this every day. It's great to collect some travel size samples. Jun 18, 2014
H K: Want to try this - Jun 17, 2014
Paul Y: Want to try Kiehl's facial moisturizer and need a good sunscreen Jun 15, 2014
VerNeil M: Sun protection Jun 9, 2014
Jason A: I'm making my own versions of this type of product, and I think this could be a great example to follow. Jun 9, 2014
Robin S: nice to have in my purse Jun 8, 2014
Jean M: I like the Ultra Facial Moisturizer and wanted to try moisturizer with SPF 30. Jun 6, 2014
Nancy D: I use the Ultra Facial Moisturizer, and I'd like to try out the SPF version. If it works, that would help streamline my morning routine. Jun 6, 2014
Veronica J: referred by a friend Jun 4, 2014
Kimberly C: Want to try it. Jun 3, 2014
Kim D: Looking for some sun protection May 30, 2014
Frank L: Looking for a good SPF lotion May 29, 2014
Rebecca S: For my daughter May 27, 2014
Jeffrey T: Sun screen May 19, 2014
Leah S: Have another brand and want to compare May 19, 2014
Madelyn B: Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 8* 9

*8... ate... get it?

LOL! :)
May 19, 2014
Deanne L: to try. May 19, 2014
Allison B: try a new moisturizer with SPF May 19, 2014
Danielle D: want to try May 19, 2014
joo man k: Want try May 19, 2014
Neil N: Getting ready for summer sun May 18, 2014
tony f: I like my skin to be smooth and protected May 18, 2014
Gail R: Like this product because of SPF May 18, 2014
elizabeth b: easy to travel with May 18, 2014
Dana K: Nice moisturizer. Like the SPF 30 May 18, 2014
penny h: looking for a non-greasy daily spf that doesn't feel like sunscreen May 18, 2014
Nora N: for travel May 17, 2014
Meghan H: Want to try it before I buy the full size. May 17, 2014
Alice M: Looking for a new moisturizer and wanted to try it to see if I will replace my current moisturizer with this one by Kiehl's. May 17, 2014
Jim F: I like it. May 17, 2014
Fei Fei W: WANT TO TRY May 17, 2014
Vanessa K: i need to use spf May 16, 2014
YONGXIN Z: TRY May 15, 2014
Joan W: Same May 15, 2014
Zoe O: to throw in my bag in case i need sunscreen May 15, 2014
Beth P: To see if my husband can use this product since he is allergic to most skin care products May 15, 2014
Pedro G: Love the Ultra Facial Cream and need a sun block but I couldn't find it so I bought the fluid. May 12, 2014
Cynthia R: i love the way it feels! May 11, 2014
ANITA C: I wanna try May 11, 2014
Aleena D: SPF 30 creme is a good one. May 9, 2014
Amy H: sun screen for the face May 4, 2014
Deborah E: Now that I am going to be out on the sun more frequently, I thought that I would try a moisturizer with a built-in SPF. May 4, 2014
Virginia S: I need a good moisturizer. May 4, 2014
Chelsea Z: give a try May 1, 2014
Qing W: want to compare with what i have bought Apr 30, 2014
Eileen R: Looking for a good moisturizer with a high SPF and thought I would try it. Apr 28, 2014
katie s: Looking for the right moisturizer with SPF Apr 28, 2014
Lucille M: I wanted a moisturizer with spf Apr 26, 2014
Maria B: to try it Apr 25, 2014
Sandra B: I need a moisturizer with SPF 30 to help keep my dark spots (which were significantly lightened with the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution) from getting dark again. Apr 19, 2014
Vanessa Y: traveling Apr 18, 2014
Brenda M: Love a great moisturizer and feel secure that Kiehl's will be wonderful. Will use it for travel bag. Apr 6, 2014
Nancy T: something for hubby Apr 5, 2014
Cheryl M: summer is coming Apr 2, 2014
Karrin H: Curious about whether the SPF would make my face shiny. Apr 2, 2014
Kerry H: I currently use Clinique's moisturizer and was curious as to how this would compare. Apr 1, 2014
Jenedith R: I chose this to try it. Mar 31, 2014
Andy R: Basic daily moisturizer with SPF Mar 31, 2014
Sha L: to see it is fit me or not. If it is good, I will buy it next time Mar 30, 2014
Joan M: my husband loves it Mar 30, 2014
Patricia L: fabulous product! All the skin care products are gentle and have little fragrance. Mar 27, 2014
robert c: Want to see if this is lighter or less greasy than the SPF 50. Hope i bought the right one Mar 26, 2014
Tomoko A: I would like to try new UV moisturizer . Mar 24, 2014
WENJING L: have not use it yet Mar 24, 2014
qian w: good Mar 23, 2014
Thomas M: looking for a good spf for the spring/summer Mar 23, 2014
Amber D: need something daily that I can workout in Mar 21, 2014
Dawn S: I wanted to try the SPF on my makes me break out but wanted to see if she would be okay with it. Mar 21, 2014
JORGE S: Want to try a moisturizer that contains an SPF for my upcoming vacation. My face is very sensitive to the sun and Ultra Facial is my favorite! Mar 19, 2014
sunny o: it's free Mar 18, 2014
qiming l: want to have a try first before the next order Mar 18, 2014
Liki S: Love ultra facial moisturaizer. Wanted to see if I like one with SPF for summer. Mar 17, 2014
Bryan P: New item for me. Mar 17, 2014
stephanie k: I didn't get him a moissturizer maybe he will like this Mar 17, 2014
Glynis B: I want to take care of my skin and moisturizers are helpful, so I thought I would give this a try. Mar 15, 2014
Mary Z: Trip to FL coming up Mar 13, 2014
Sandra T: similar of what I already use and it's travel size Mar 12, 2014
chenhao d: try it Mar 10, 2014
Harry J: I wish to try it out Mar 9, 2014
Keerthi S: For daily use trial Mar 9, 2014
Linda J: To try Mar 8, 2014
Daniel F: trying it for the first time Mar 7, 2014
Yae sol L: want to try Mar 6, 2014
W Robert R: use when travel Mar 5, 2014
Angela D: light and works wonders against the sun Mar 4, 2014
Sisi W: Looking for a moisturizer with sunscreen Mar 4, 2014
Min J: have a try Mar 3, 2014
Heidi R: I wanted to see if I like the feel of the sunscreen option in this moisturizer. Mar 1, 2014
karen p: wanted to try Feb 27, 2014
Jane N: sometimes facial moisturizers for summer with spf can make me break out. thought I would try this one. Feb 26, 2014
Lisa F: Curious about their standard facial moisturizer. Feb 23, 2014
Angie F: I like to use higher SPF on my face and I would like to see how this feels and works. Feb 22, 2014
YEJIA X: friend recommended Feb 17, 2014
Christina Y: Been using this for years, love it. Feb 17, 2014
Traci C: Needed some sun coverage Feb 17, 2014
Jessica Y: Light moisturizer plus sunscreen, great to mix with foundation to create my own tinted moisturizer. Feb 17, 2014
Sarah A: It doesn't smell like your typical sunscreen lotion. Feb 16, 2014
Mario F: I need a new moisturizer Feb 12, 2014
JUDITH A H: always looking for a moisturizer with SPF that doesn't migrate into my eyes and cause irritation to the conjunctiva Feb 12, 2014
Robert W: summer time use Feb 10, 2014
Vita T: travel size Feb 10, 2014
padtaraluck p: good to try Feb 6, 2014
shari s: curious Feb 1, 2014
Lin M: I like the brand and want to try the moisturizer with SPF. Feb 1, 2014
Tylesha B: Keep my face protected Jan 30, 2014
Lumeng S: want to try Jan 29, 2014
stephen l: been using this product for over 25 years Jan 28, 2014
Wenchen T: Hight rate. Jan 28, 2014
Yu K: this is really good Jan 27, 2014
Arvind J: Trial Jan 26, 2014
Ashlee D: Wanted to check out the scent of the spf Jan 26, 2014
Brandi H: Am exploring moisturizers with SPF. Jan 21, 2014
Vanessa D: looking for day moisturizer with spf 30 Jan 21, 2014
Rachel K: nice to have travel size sun screen for face Jan 16, 2014
Shanty T: Jus trying it out Jan 15, 2014
Wenia D: Exactly what I was looking for, facial cream with SPF. Jan 13, 2014
Bocong Z: I wanna try Dec 26, 2013
Abayomi F: need face cream Dec 18, 2013
HUEITING L: TRY Dec 4, 2013
Albert C: want to try it Dec 4, 2013
Tiffani R: Travel Dec 4, 2013
Josefa B: wasn't on my list Dec 2, 2013
V A: Sunscreen. Soaks right in. Non greasy. Nov 29, 2013
April M: Worried about sun damage Nov 29, 2013
Annie Y: currently using this product - good for travel. Nov 29, 2013
Miaoru Y: suitable for me Nov 28, 2013
Jingying C: Good! Nov 28, 2013
Dan W: Just try Nov 28, 2013
KANYAPHAK L: this is for my sister Nov 28, 2013
Jingliang B: want to try Nov 28, 2013
Ring I L: Good Nov 28, 2013
Barbara C: For a friend to try Nov 28, 2013
Jinying L: want to try it Nov 27, 2013
Xiwei L: I want to try it. Nov 27, 2013
Anna B: just to try... Nov 26, 2013
Qian H: TOP 10 Nov 25, 2013
Shoshana Z: Because I love the ultra-dacial cream moisturizer. Nov 25, 2013
Tiffany H: Try new product Nov 25, 2013
Bridget Q: looking for good everyday moisturizer with sunscreen. curious how yours is. Nov 25, 2013
RENEE L: Try it Nov 24, 2013
Camelia S: I want to see whether it's as good as the non-SPF ultra facial moisturizer Nov 22, 2013
xiu c: try Nov 21, 2013
Linda S: I'm looking for a maximum strength moisturizer with SPF Nov 19, 2013
Greg T: When I am out on the golf course Nov 18, 2013
Yubin X: try Nov 18, 2013
jing c: want to try Nov 17, 2013
Wubitu W: Just to try it for the first time Nov 17, 2013
Dr Peter E S: keeps my skin hydrated Nov 17, 2013
Xinhui W: try Nov 17, 2013
Yun Z: pop Nov 17, 2013
Greg H: good to have emergency sunscreen on hand Nov 16, 2013
Patty C: Want to try it for my dry winter skin. Nov 16, 2013
Joanne S: Want to try it Nov 15, 2013
cheryl e: I need a sunscreen Nov 15, 2013
Melanie V: love this - to travel with Nov 15, 2013
deqiang C: LIKE Nov 15, 2013
Pamela P: seems like it has good moisture Nov 14, 2013
Ying L: good Nov 13, 2013
Feifei X: It has a good reputation. And I wanna try to find more cream appropriate to me. Nov 13, 2013
Boyuan H: for a friend Nov 12, 2013
Amy B: Great for travel Nov 11, 2013
feilong p: my skin so dry Nov 10, 2013
Ari H: trying new product. Nov 5, 2013
Hua L: Bought the regular Ultra Facial Moisturizer, liked it, wanna try the one with SPF built in. Nov 4, 2013
Aaron Z: try to use Oct 30, 2013
Zimo S: want to buy Oct 29, 2013
Guangyu Y: recommended Oct 27, 2013
Jingyan T: NEED ONE Oct 27, 2013
Lucia V: I have heard good remarks about this moisturizer Oct 27, 2013
XIAOHUAN Y: it is used Oct 27, 2013
Alisa P: na Oct 26, 2013
nhut t: good Oct 26, 2013
zeus f: to try it out Oct 25, 2013
Jie X: New product, trying it out Oct 24, 2013
JOMARNA F: TO TRY Oct 24, 2013
Jadean W: wanted to try it Oct 16, 2013
Justin G: Why not? Oct 14, 2013
Christianna K: Need a moisturizer with SPF for outdoor activities Oct 9, 2013
Reyna H: always good to find a facial moisturizer with 30spf Oct 5, 2013
Robert C: Wanted to try with a sunscreen Oct 3, 2013
Christina H: wanted to see how your moisturizer works. Oct 3, 2013
Ann H: To try Oct 3, 2013
Kun W: Sensitive skins to sunshine Oct 2, 2013
Gloria B: I want to see if this will be a good substitute for the Ultra Facial Cream combined with the liquid sunscreen that I'm using now. Oct 1, 2013
Yu Z: need moisturizer Sep 30, 2013
Meiqing H: like it Sep 30, 2013
Xiaoning D: need sunscreen Sep 30, 2013
Jianing M: wanna see if the sun care products of kiehl's works. Sep 30, 2013
Joanna S: I love this product and use the trial size for traveling. Sep 30, 2013
Tingting C: want to try Sep 29, 2013
Cherilynn W: Need travel sizes Sep 29, 2013
Veronica G: have always wanted to try this Sep 28, 2013
Kate M: Wanted to try, need to find a good SPA mosturizer Sep 26, 2013
Meredith W: May fit with my skin condition Sep 25, 2013
Daniel O: Moisturizing, but not thick. Sep 24, 2013
Nancy S: want to see how it compares to ultra facial cream which i wish Kiehl's made with SPF Sep 23, 2013
JENNIFER F: wanted to try Sep 23, 2013
Grace T: to try it Sep 23, 2013
Andrea L: Love it. Travel size Sep 23, 2013
Zachary L: Purchased for a family friend. Sep 23, 2013
BOLATITO B: Trying this product to see if I like it better than the ultra without spf. Sep 22, 2013
Hui X: try it Sep 20, 2013
Olivia L: I want to try it Sep 20, 2013
ethan k: to keep in backpack for emergencies Sep 20, 2013
Zhe W: Friend recommends. Sep 19, 2013
Scott H: to try it Sep 19, 2013
Julie B: want to try a different daily lotion than what I use now (it's not Kiehl's) Sep 17, 2013
Sirima S: try the product Sep 11, 2013
Debra D: A good sunscreen is always important. I don't like things too oily Sep 2, 2013
yulan z: very good Sep 2, 2013
Katherine H: i am lookiing for a new moisturizer with sunscreen. Aug 31, 2013
Jiyoung P: I heard from friends, it was a good moisture lotion Aug 29, 2013
Ruby V: can always use a good moisturizer Aug 28, 2013
Qinying S: moisture Aug 28, 2013
Melisa W: AD Aug 27, 2013
Yih Wen G: Would love to try the one with SPF and compare with the one without. Aug 26, 2013
Yiyuan Z: try it on Aug 23, 2013
nina g: curious Aug 21, 2013
Jessica R: Looking for moisturizer with spf Aug 20, 2013
nicole c: i want to try spf Aug 20, 2013
Kathleen A: It's always good to try moisturizers with SPF. Aug 20, 2013
Karen M: I like this moisturizer and would like for my sister-in-law to check it out. Aug 20, 2013
lina l: SUNSCREEN Aug 19, 2013
FELICIA E: liked the normal version, want to see how it works with spf Aug 19, 2013
Walter T: first time user, I do not have any comments. I will see it if works for me or not! Aug 18, 2013
Jay P: Wife choice. Excited to try it. Aug 15, 2013
Mary M: I have never tried it. Aug 15, 2013
anne l: looking for a good moisturizer. They are hard to find with my rosecea Aug 14, 2013
maria b: i have been used it for about 2 months and my skin is very smooth. I'm so happy Aug 13, 2013
Mark B: for travel Aug 12, 2013
Sarah W: Excellent product with sunscreen and samples are good for travel Aug 12, 2013
Marcia M: want to try it Aug 11, 2013
yingdong l: interested Aug 9, 2013
Robert Gary W: Sounds good! Aug 9, 2013
Feiyi G: I want to see how this compares to Ultra facial cream Aug 6, 2013
Lingyan W: easy to take when travel Jul 28, 2013
Fatima L: Mom wants to try. I primarily order for her. Jul 27, 2013
Dawn L: need protection but don't always like the weight of most creams with SPF Jul 21, 2013
Leslie I: Great cream plus sunscreen when needed. Jul 19, 2013
Beth R: My husband needs a good moisturizer with SPF and he likes my ultra facial cream Jul 17, 2013
IRENE H: just want a trying before i purchase it. Jul 17, 2013
Johanna G: I want a facial lotion w/ SPF. Jul 16, 2013
Ellen Friedel C: If the body lotion is great, this has to be great as well. Jul 15, 2013
Susan P: I love having a small sunscreen readily availvable in my handbag. Jul 12, 2013
Susan A: Try out Jul 10, 2013
Tanya A: I've tried this product in the past and have found that it works on my sensitive skin. Jul 8, 2013
Anna-Lisa F: Looking for a good daily moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF Jul 8, 2013
Yu F: I want find a daily use moisturizer had SPF Jul 4, 2013
Margaret S: Looking for a quickly absorbing moisturizer that doesn't burn my eyes or skin when I work in heat and humidity. Jun 29, 2013
Kate c: Currently trying to find a new face moisturizer... Jun 26, 2013
Qi Na W: good reviews Jun 26, 2013
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