Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 Deluxe Sample

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Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 Deluxe Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Jennifer M: Wanted to try. Aug 3, 2014
michele c: looking for a Kiehl's sun screen. Here it is. Aug 1, 2014
Olena G: I want to try this product Aug 1, 2014
Zhengyin Q: travel size Aug 1, 2014
Taunya N: My husband needs to use sunscreen & hopefully will try this. Jul 28, 2014
Alexis V: Great for camping. Jul 15, 2014
Jennifer F: To try the product Jul 13, 2014
Yanyu Z: I use this daily Jul 13, 2014
Xuelian Y: want to try. Jul 9, 2014
Jinbo C: good Jul 9, 2014
Yan J: I haven't tried the sun cream Jul 9, 2014
Wing L: I had been using the 24 hrs Ultra Facial Moisturizer for a while. The only thing is missing from that product is that it doesn't has the sunscreen protection.So I wanna one that with SPF. Jul 6, 2014
Beth R: Aging skin Jul 6, 2014
Elizabeth K: Looking for a everyday moisturizer with SPF 30. Jun 17, 2014
Huey Ning T: I wanted to try it because I need a new moisturizer with sunscreen. Jun 17, 2014
Xisen W: first want to try Jun 17, 2014
JOANN G: I just love this face wash! It simply cleanses my face and pores and takes off all the makeup and oils accumulated from my working day! I love the travel size because I travel a lot for work and this fits into my luggage nicely. Jun 17, 2014
jenny g: Maybe will use a little less each time instead of now using the jar Jun 17, 2014
Heidi C: It is my go-to facial moisturizer, I love the light feel and the spf! Jun 17, 2014
xue z: Using bb cream basically. want to try this out Jun 17, 2014
ZEHAO Q: Ultra Facial Cream is good for winter, so I want to try this in summer Jun 17, 2014
Elisa D: Sounded good - I want to try before buying full size Jun 17, 2014
Wenhong C: For summer Jun 16, 2014
Ahyalia R: Been using and wanted the travel size. Love this product Jun 16, 2014
LE C: Online description. Jun 16, 2014
rebecca s: handy for my beach bag!! Jun 16, 2014
Haijun Y: try out Jun 16, 2014
Ayako H: it's conveneince to have this delux but enough size to use at the workout gym and Yoga studio when I go there. Jun 16, 2014
Colette N: Love this full-size product. This size is perfect for traveling! Jun 16, 2014
hueichin y: I want to try Jun 16, 2014
Han J: It's good for me. Jun 16, 2014
haiyan w: I like it Jun 16, 2014
Dennis M: Wanted to try it. Jun 16, 2014
Tawny N: I'd like to try it out because I've heard good things. Jun 15, 2014
Qinxin L: Really worthwhile product. May 17, 2014
Jill B: Lightweight and the perfect amount of SPF. In line with other Kiehl's products, I found this to work well with my sensitive skin. Apr 5, 2014
marcie z: This is nice to travel with. Mar 21, 2014
guangjun y: I want to try it. Mar 13, 2014
sherri w: for my teen son to try Mar 12, 2014
Victoria S: I love all other products and I wanted to try this one! Mar 12, 2014
Sandra T: Travel size of what I already use Mar 12, 2014
SIXIAO W: TRY Mar 12, 2014
Robert G: out in the sun a bunch Mar 11, 2014
Annie V: need for the summer Mar 11, 2014
Marilyn M: Wanted to try for the SPF factor Mar 11, 2014
chunmei l: Good Mar 11, 2014
Trinh L: I haven't tried this yet. Currently looking for something with SPF. Mar 10, 2014
Maria D: I'm always looking for good moisturizers with SPF since currently I just used sunscreen and it makes my skin very oily. I like that this has SPF 30 and gives good coverage, and it's mixed with your ultra facial cleanser, which is great. Mar 10, 2014
wanjia j: I have UILTRA Facial cream, which I WANT TO TRY ONE WHICH HAVE SPE Mar 10, 2014
chenhao d: try something new Mar 10, 2014
Kenza K: I wanted to check it out but it was too oily for my face. Feb 11, 2014
Elaine B: Saving for Summer. I used the heavier cream for Winter.

Looking forward to it!
Dec 2, 2013
Jennifer J: I am in the sun Dec 2, 2013
Cassandra K: good moisturizer Dec 2, 2013
Mary C: Travel Nov 26, 2013
Carol N: I wanted to try this lotion, but prefer my cream. Nov 18, 2013
V A: Soaks right in plus it has 30 SPF. Nov 15, 2013
Katherine H: curious to see if it makes me break out or not.. need day cream with spf Nov 13, 2013
Lisa B: soothing with sunscreen Nov 11, 2013
Lynn H: See how this product works for my entire face. Nov 9, 2013
rongxia l: New some new, hope it will work Nov 4, 2013
Maggie T: try Nov 4, 2013
lucy b: I'm looking for sunscreen. Nov 4, 2013
myungsoo k: need a small cream for gym Nov 3, 2013
Maggie L: first time try Nov 3, 2013
Jennifer H: Don't want sunburn on my grill. Nov 3, 2013
Jane S: like the product Nov 3, 2013
Deanne B: To try Nov 3, 2013
Caroline K: have used it in the past and like it Nov 3, 2013
Stefanie C: Nice to have a travel size of a larger product I purchased. Nov 3, 2013
Casey R: Am looking for a new facial moisturizer and thought I'd try this one. Nov 3, 2013
DINA M: for travel Nov 3, 2013
Lisa F: Want my daughter to try age 11 Nov 3, 2013
Jin W: It is good Nov 3, 2013
Britton M: Sun control Nov 3, 2013
Ke W: nothing Nov 3, 2013
muyu l: Star products Nov 3, 2013
Brenda H: Having problems with my skin with my Mary Kay Facial Moisturizer and decided to try this one. Nov 3, 2013
YUCHEN G: want to try Nov 3, 2013
Cagla P: its always good to have 30 spf Nov 3, 2013
Roee R: I have no idea what I'm doing here. Just shooting in the dark. Nov 3, 2013
Anne h: I love this and it's a good travel size Nov 3, 2013
XIAOYAN S: Daily use Nov 3, 2013
Xiaoxi W: Need Moisturize Nov 3, 2013
Tingchen L: Kiehl's is the best! Nov 2, 2013
Steven F: I've never tried it before Nov 2, 2013
Lori K: like it Nov 2, 2013
Sarah H: Wanted to give it a try. Nov 2, 2013
Elizabeth M: It seems like a good idea to have a moisturizer with an SPF ingredient. Nov 2, 2013
ran l: want to try Nov 2, 2013
Mengmei T: I might need it when traveling. Nov 2, 2013
Joanne L: Still moisture is the number one Nov 1, 2013
Deborah G: Wanted try to an SPF moisturizer Nov 1, 2013
Xuan Q: To give it a try Nov 1, 2013
Karin L: First try with SPF 30 Nov 1, 2013
JINGLING H: best Oct 31, 2013
Xiaohui W: To protect my skin from the sun, I prefer Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Oct 31, 2013
Michelle F: Aleays like to have a moisturiser with an SPF available - especially for travel to minimise containers.
Good to hoose whether this route, or one without that will double up for night and take SPF extra... no SPF samples available at the time
Oct 31, 2013
Aaron Z: try to use Oct 30, 2013
Wei W: Want to try Oct 30, 2013
Sherrie Z: I love this stuff, but the last time I bought it it seemed like the jar was heavy and there was a big air bubble in the jar. There was actually very little product and I went through it really fast. Oct 30, 2013
Joshua W: Only kind of moisturizer that keeps my face healthy, and a good size for travel kits. Oct 30, 2013
Prasong O: Packaging Oct 30, 2013
Kathryn H: Love this. Oct 30, 2013
Jinying L: I heard a lot of good comments on this product, so I want to try it. If it is good for me, I will buy that. Oct 30, 2013
Marilyn u: want to try it Oct 29, 2013
Stewart E: Travel size Oct 29, 2013
Leah W: Will be nice to keep in my purse or travel bag. Haven't tried it before though. Oct 29, 2013
Anastasia D: Have not found my life long companion in a facial moisturizer yet. Trying everything. Oct 29, 2013
Thomas M: Adding sun protection to moisturizer--a two-in-one Oct 29, 2013
Kathleen D: Winter is coming...must have moisture Oct 29, 2013
beiqiu q: "i like it " Oct 29, 2013
QUOC H: Protect against the sun Oct 29, 2013
Lisa P: Wanted a travel size Oct 29, 2013
Alice F: need facial sunblock for sensitive skin Oct 29, 2013
Dan W: just want to try it Oct 28, 2013
Robin G: Always looking for good moisturizer with SPF Oct 28, 2013
Yichuan Y: Mostly fits in my wife's need. Oct 28, 2013
Alice S: See if I like it Oct 28, 2013
Erin K: High SPF, good moisturizer for winter travels Oct 28, 2013
Jolene W: FOR A FRIEND TO TRY Oct 28, 2013
Julie Z: Need for vacation Oct 28, 2013
JING W: want try Oct 28, 2013
Vanessa L: I use before Oct 28, 2013
Aurora V: looking for a nice ultra moisturizer facial with spf 30 so wanted to try this... Oct 28, 2013
YING X: for my travel size while i am working Oct 28, 2013
Fang L: good Oct 28, 2013
Catherine P: To try Oct 20, 2013
Sylvia L: I'm always looking for a great moisturizer with SPF! Oct 20, 2013
Michael C: I want to try this. Oct 20, 2013
Amy P: Always looking for a moisturizing face lotion that will protect from the sun. Oct 20, 2013
Diane K: To compare to other moisturizer I use. Oct 20, 2013
Surinder M: I would like to use a dual action moisturizer with SPF however I had difficulty finding one I like Oct 20, 2013
Tin Yeuk T: Would love to try this product whenever I am too lazy to put on a separate sun screen! Oct 20, 2013
nadine g: Again, a product I am trying. I love all Kiehl's products and have never been unhappy with a purchase so going to try this!! Thanks for the sample!! Oct 20, 2013
Robin R: It's a perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin! While providing ample hydration, it doesn't clog pores or leave a residue. Oct 19, 2013
Susan M: wanted to try it before purchasing Oct 19, 2013
HongLi W: Want to have a try of this product Oct 19, 2013
Jiahui Y: Didn't use before, just want to try. Oct 16, 2013
Teresa F: Travel. Sep 30, 2013
Sehun E: New goods Sep 26, 2013
ethan k: travel size Sep 20, 2013
Heya H: for try Sep 19, 2013
Katherine H: I was curious about your lotion with sunscreen and this was a good opportunity to try it. Aug 31, 2013
Shihang C: sounds good Aug 30, 2013
Joseph L: best seller wanted to try Aug 28, 2013
Pauline O: This is a great all-around moisturizer, just can't go wrong with this, especially with the SPF. Jun 17, 2013
KAILUN S: Free! Jun 12, 2013
Yue P: Will work in Florida in August, so I want to figure out a good product with SPF for my face. May 28, 2013
Ying W: This is always my faviourite. May 28, 2013
Madeleine D: I needed a moisturiser and had not tried Kiehls May 28, 2013
Jessica F: I am travelling to the Bahamas and will need a moisturizer with SPF protection May 28, 2013
Michael L: to help with aging spots May 28, 2013
Yan L: want to try May 28, 2013
Ying D: Interested in ultra facial line May 27, 2013
Jingya Z: I have used UF cream before. It's nice. So I wanna try something different in this line. May 27, 2013
dawn r: travel with May 27, 2013
michele h: Trying for first time May 27, 2013
Carolyn B: Wanted to try this to see if i like it. May 27, 2013
George A: Wanted to try something new and needed a travel size moisturizer with SPF. May 27, 2013
Linda G: I use this daily and love it May 27, 2013
Susan Y: would like to try something different May 27, 2013
Robert G: first time trying this May 27, 2013
An Z: i love moisturize with spf, if good, i will buy May 27, 2013
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