Skin Rescuer

A highly efficacious formula that reduces the visible signs of stress on skin
  • Addresses both the short-term visible signs and long term premature aging effect that stress can have on skin.
  • Clinical results showed that 100% of those tested showed a significant improvement in overall skin quality, dryness and blotchiness.
  • The formula with Rosa Gallica Botanical Extract helps minimize skin's visible response to stress.
  • Mannose, a barrier protecting rare sugar, shields and helps maintain skin to promote recovery.
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"It's so calming and soothing. This light moisturizer has reduced my redness and improved my overall skin texture."

Danielle, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Massage a small amount of moisturizer onto freshly-cleansed skin

Stops the inflammation response reducing the appearance of visible stress manifestations – dullness, redness, blotchiness.

Strengthens skin’s barrier function, making it less vulnerable to future stress and premature aging.


Chamomile is a white and yellow daisy-like flower. Chamomile comes in various forms, including Roman, German and Hungarian flowers. The extract distilled from Chamomile has soothing and comforting properties. Certain flower extracts are used to help bring out highlights in light colored hair.

Skin Rescuer
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
frances r: second purchase of this item. love it. Sep 14, 2014
Deborah T: I tried a sample, and it was a perfect moisturizer for my dry, sensitive skin. I liked how it went on so smoothly Sep 12, 2014
Molly D: My favorite lotion! Its super smooth but still feels light-weight. I use it every day and it has really improved my skin's texture. I always recommend it to my friends. Sep 9, 2014
Yan H: return Sep 9, 2014
Luna C: Makes my skin wake up and refreshed. Love it and put it under my moisturizer. Sep 8, 2014
Mary W: A new product which I wanted to try. Sep 6, 2014
Yong Z: For my acne.... Sep 1, 2014
Jessica Y: Need a hydrating moisturizer for the daytime that won't dry out my skin & will reduce the appearance of my acne blemishes/scars. Aug 28, 2014
Javiera V: I work out a lot and I want to try a cream for my after work out face. Aug 20, 2014
Elnora B: I have used this product for several years and find my skin softer, smoother looking and redness is gone. Aug 17, 2014
Elyse G: LOVE it. Moisturizes without being heavy or greasy. My skin looks great. Aug 10, 2014
erica e: love! I tried bc I was desperate to find something to correct my suddenly problematic red, irritated, dry, inflamed skin. within 24 hours I noticed the difference, it truly calms your skin and corrects it Aug 10, 2014
Han S: i have tried this, this is very helpful Aug 10, 2014
Mara V: Great all purpose moisturizer, good for sensitive skin, and layers well under other products Aug 10, 2014
Jamie I: It works! Aug 10, 2014
David P: ingredients Aug 9, 2014
Andrea L: I've read good things and am looking for a good calming nighttime moisturizer. Aug 8, 2014
Caroline T: This is the only face cream that moisturizers & controls the redness. I love this product & highly recommend it. I've used it for years now & have had such positive results. Aug 7, 2014
Lynn M: Really helps my skin stay hydrated Aug 5, 2014
Jessica M: It does wonders for the psoriasis on my face without making my acne flair. Aug 4, 2014
Lucy X: use it as night cream because i use strong acne treatment Aug 2, 2014
Cathy C: hoping this helps my daughters redness Jul 21, 2014
Molly M: My skin is red & puffy from the summer heat & humidity - hoping this will help Jul 10, 2014
Dale M: I have rosacea and have tried many different approaches to moisturizing over the years. This is the best for me, decreasing redness without leaving my skin greasy at all. Jul 4, 2014
Emilie H: Best lotion I've used. Jun 28, 2014
Pamela W: I love the way this feels and works on my skin. Jun 26, 2014
Mary M: I have noticed my skin appearing stressed and am not happy with the results my current moisturizer is providing so I am hopeful this product will take care of my problem Jun 25, 2014
Sherrill P: My husband has rosacea and we've tried lots of high-end products that purport to have calming effects on the skin. The others don't. This one does! Jun 25, 2014
Nicholas M: Love this product helps even my skin tone Jun 24, 2014
Chandra T: Best affordable moisturizer I've found. Feels great on my skin and helps control redness when used regularly. Jun 23, 2014
Rhonda C: My skin looked stressed and the reviews stated helped stressed skin. Great product. Jun 22, 2014
Lisa N: Great product even for sensitive skin. Jun 22, 2014
Cecelia D: I love it. Jun 20, 2014
Jung K: I have used this one. It prevent skin from drying. I like it. Jun 17, 2014
Marilyne H: I have stressed skin that tends to flare. Jun 8, 2014
jasmine s: just curious and i'm so stressful Jun 2, 2014
Pin Ying O: I trust kiehls May 30, 2014
siqi y: recommended by a friend May 29, 2014
Emily O: I have used it before. May 26, 2014
Amy T: My skin has responded really well to this moisturizer, and looks better than it has in years since I began using it. May 26, 2014
nicole r: Awesome and noticeable results!!! always stressed and this helps my skin May 19, 2014
jiaochen s: it's my first time to try it hope it do work well] May 19, 2014
Caitlin T: Moisturizing and leaves my skin looking dewy May 19, 2014
Xia L: good to take of the redness. May 19, 2014
Rose S: I use this as my daytime moisturizer. It tames my rosacea. I just hope they'll improve the container. May 19, 2014
Denise H: Great for the face! May 19, 2014
May 19, 2014
barbara k: i use it regularly May 18, 2014
MICHELLE J: just trying the product the reviews looked good I hope so ! May 18, 2014
Fatima N: It helped with my stressed out skin. May 17, 2014
Virginia B: I have rosacea & my skin is extremely sensitive. I'm hoping this will help with both problems. May 16, 2014
jiewen l: I like it May 16, 2014
cathy c: TRY THIS NEW THING May 15, 2014
Bryanne K: This is the fourth time I have purchased this moisturizer. I will never go back. I have extremely sensitive and red skin. This soothes my skin and keeps it from getting too try. May 15, 2014
xiaoxiao s: Like this one,use for a longtime May 14, 2014
Josabeth P: to try May 14, 2014
Laura M: I've used it before and it's great May 14, 2014
Jason S: Perfect for sensitive skin types-I use this as my everyday moisturizer! May 10, 2014
Christine L: reduce redness May 3, 2014
Francine S: My skin tends to react to stressful times in my life.......I found this facial lotion to be hydrating and soothing, and I feel it has helped my skin from not breaking out anymore. Apr 29, 2014
Steph J: Friend recommended Apr 29, 2014
janice c: I'm trying kiehls for the first time and i have rosacea. I want to try this as well. Apr 24, 2014
Charlie H: Great for my husband's face. Apr 19, 2014
Ziyue Y: I fall in love with the sample! Apr 19, 2014
Betty J: this is really a good product Apr 18, 2014
Alexi A: Skin is really prone to turning red. Hoping this will improve it. Apr 17, 2014
Kelley K: Fantastic skin cream, I have keratosis pilaris and it has drastically helped it. Apr 16, 2014
Jennifer N: Good reviews Apr 15, 2014
Elizabeth P: Advice from family member Apr 13, 2014
Julie w: I had a rare stress related acne breakout while on vacation and stopped in your store and was suggested to use this and herbal extract toner. Helped so much that I'm making it part of my daily routine and excited to try your other products! Apr 12, 2014
edwige M: my friend tell me that a good product Apr 7, 2014
Janet K: My sister told me it worked great on breakouts on your face Apr 6, 2014
Soyeon Y: It really helps to improve my skin tone Apr 6, 2014
heidi k: the reviews are great. bought it for my mother-in-law who has really flushed skin all the time Apr 3, 2014
Tarah L: Redness and sensitivity from rosacea. Apr 3, 2014
Denise W: red damaged skin Apr 2, 2014
Abigail L: Trying something new and hoping it will help with my blemishes (keeping fingers crossed). Apr 1, 2014
Kim L: Great hydrator Mar 31, 2014
Ainsleigh H: red skin and dry skin Mar 30, 2014
Victoria C: It sounds like it matches my requirements Mar 30, 2014
Philip M: Recommended by store representative Mar 27, 2014
alexandra p: Currently my skin is going through a phase of dry patching red skin. I have never had this issue. I have examined my diet , etc and the only change in my life is job stress. Hoping to find the solution with thisâ?¦plus some extra me time. Mar 26, 2014
Leticia M: great moisturizer Mar 19, 2014
Wanda G: Wanted to see if it helped my son's stressed out skin. Mar 17, 2014
Nicole S: I have mega stress in my life & I know it's not good for me or my skin. Mar 17, 2014
Robin L: really gentle and got rid of redness while hydrating skin. LOVED! Mar 5, 2014
Carole C: It makes my skin feel good. Mar 4, 2014
heather h: i love it Mar 1, 2014
Deborah H: Love the way it makes my skin look Feb 22, 2014
Jasmine S: Great for winter! Feb 18, 2014
Sherri C: Great reviews for skin issues. Feb 18, 2014
Michele K: This is an amazing moisturizer. I see less blotchy areas, I am someone transitioning from oil free moisturizers to one that includes it. I have noticed drier skin with this winter and after the birth of our son. My husband now uses it and has noticed less little wrinkles too! Feb 18, 2014
Deb F: For night use Feb 17, 2014
trang m: Skin is dry Feb 15, 2014
jane h: I am really sad that at age 74, having had pretty good skin, I have developed Rosacea and am told there is nothing much that truly can be done to reverse this. I like Skin Rescuer becuase it's a pure moisturizer that appears to help calm down the Rosacea. Feb 15, 2014
Deanna P: Currently use it and it makes my skin soft but on oily. Feb 14, 2014
Sarah W: I have sensitive and sometimes blotchy skin. Hoping this product can help those things! Feb 13, 2014
Julie C: Love the way it calms my rosacia Feb 13, 2014
Samantha H: Helps even out my red skin Feb 11, 2014
Andrea K: Just finished my first bottle - can't start the day without it! Perfect pre-makeup base year around, add a bit of Ultra Facial Moisturizer on rough winter days. Feb 8, 2014
Norma B: Face has become very sensitive and breaking out with moles.

Texture is also changing.
Feb 3, 2014
michelle b: I love this, I have been using it since it first came out. I live in Chicago and the weather is harsh on my skin. This is perfect, it keeps my skin soft and hydrated in these conditions and has noticeably improved the condition. I love it! Jan 31, 2014
Susan F: I could use a rescue from the cold weather Jan 28, 2014
Threse M: I use this for the daytime and the super multi-corrective cream at night. The cream is a little too thick in my opinion for during the day but this moisturizer makes my skin look fresher, evens out the tone and makes it feel so soft. Love it as much as the cream. Jan 21, 2014
Leah V: Kate from the Ghost Parties Blog raved about it! I'm excited to try one of her favorites! Jan 21, 2014
Lisa F: Love this new product. Very light and creamy...almost whipped texture. I use this at night. I have rosacea and it helps calm it. It's not a cure though. Jan 20, 2014
Mark L: curious - never tried - first time ordering Jan 10, 2014
cathy a w: just to try Jan 8, 2014
LeeAnna P: Great for summer time Jan 5, 2014
Janice H: love this product! I have rosacea - although this product does not say it helps, it does. when your skinn is tired and stressed and the redness creeps in, this lotion helps calm my skin. I couldn't live without it and the midnight recovery concentrate! Jan 3, 2014
Sarah H: Looking to refresh my skin. I have age spots and slight rosacea and others said it was amazing. Dec 31, 2013
MAry D: I liked the information written about the product Dec 29, 2013
kessler b: It is a STAR in a dim world of mediocre facial products! And I'm a tough customer... Dec 28, 2013
Christine D: love it! Dec 26, 2013
Carmen S: It is great for aging skin. Dec 26, 2013
Michael T: Try something new. Dec 25, 2013
Dee O: When first purchased it did well but after a few weeks my skin began to get red and blotchy. I still use it but not on a regular basis. Dec 23, 2013
Li ting H: Love this product, very economical and good. Dec 23, 2013
Darya T: Self magazine Dec 22, 2013
Debra W: Read about it in Self magazine. Sounded like a product I could use on my very sensitive face. Dec 22, 2013
Elizabeth K: This is perfect for my light rosacea/redness and my skin looks great! Dec 20, 2013
Daniella A: so calming, literally overnight. saves my skin. Dec 19, 2013
cynthia g: This feels amazing on my face! Dec 13, 2013
Maria S: I work 12 hour shifts. I'd rather not look it. Dec 13, 2013
Linda A: My husband has facial redness Dec 11, 2013
Laura H: great for rosacea prone skin! Dec 6, 2013
Joanne F: Hands down the best moisturizer for any skin issues - dryness, redness, spots, lines and general tired skin. Dec 5, 2013
Ryan L: Soothing and not too heavy. Dec 5, 2013
Linda O: Sounded like a good moisturizer for special needs at a lower price point than my current moisturizer. Dec 5, 2013
Jennifer B: My daughter with very sensitive skin and some stress-related eczema may find this helpful. Dec 4, 2013
Angela K: A friend recommended this product. Dec 4, 2013
David P: As someone who has rosacea, I'm trying to help combat my problem. Dec 4, 2013
Patricia K: neede moisturizer for aging skin Dec 4, 2013
Keri C: need soothing product for husband with very sensitive, rosacea type skin. customer reviews encouraged me to try. Dec 4, 2013
Annicia C: calming and suitable for sensitive skin Dec 4, 2013
Barbara B: want to try Dec 3, 2013
Urva H: To soothe my sensitive skin during the cold and dry Colorado winter! Dec 3, 2013
Yi T: dry skin relief Dec 2, 2013
barbara b: Good for evening out skin. Dec 2, 2013
Taylor M: This has been one of the god sends for my skin. I absolutely love how hydrated my skin feels after using this lotion. A small amount goes a long way, it doesn't feel heavy and absorbs quickly. Especially in the New York winters, my California trained skin doesn't get by with out the skin rescuer. Dec 2, 2013
lindsay k: because i want it. why am i required to answer this? Dec 1, 2013
Martha V: Request from daughter Dec 1, 2013
Alexis L: Perfect for my sensitive skin. It's nice and light while keeping everything under control. Nov 30, 2013
Kellie M: Gift Nov 30, 2013
Sarah W: I feel that I breakout from most face lotions and am looking for a new one to try. Nov 29, 2013
Jane K: I saw in the Real Simple magazine and am hopeful for some skin rescue!
Have been using this for two months and absolutely love it!
Nov 29, 2013
Leslie S: I have skin that is sensitive to stress and this product has proven to WORK in helping with that. I absolutely love it and love the way it sinks into your skin. If it had SPF it would be the perfect perfect product. But, now I will settle for one perfect and use my Kiehl's sunscreen with it! :) Nov 25, 2013
Martha Luz A: to try it Nov 25, 2013
Feng W: want to thy this new product. Nov 25, 2013
Erin C: Makes my skin still look/ feel fresh at the end of the day without even wearing makeup Nov 25, 2013
Lisa N: It helps with dry red skin Nov 21, 2013
Corey W: I chose this product because I have red/blotchy skin on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. I also put myself under a lot of stress during my work hours. Nov 21, 2013
Megan K: good, light daily moisture Nov 20, 2013
Ginger J: Magazine article in EveryDay with Rachael Ray. Nov 20, 2013
Susan Y: One for me one for my daughter. Love it Nov 18, 2013
Julie P: I feel like I am stressing out my skin, and this description looked like a new product I should try Nov 18, 2013
Sue H: Want to try it Nov 15, 2013
Ruth B: Read an article in a magazine that suggested it was a great product. Nov 15, 2013
Hanna C: Love what this does for my skin! Nov 15, 2013
Joanne C: To try.. Nov 14, 2013
CHEN C: Someone told me that can reduce the redness on my faces. Nov 14, 2013
Kimberly L: I've only tried samples of this and have used it sparingly when my skin has had issues where it's was stressed or chapped. Works wonders! Nov 11, 2013
Kristi D: I saw it in my Real Simple Magazine November 2013 issue on page 106. Nov 11, 2013
Lauren C: Best face cream ever! Nov 7, 2013
Caroline K: want to try it based on review Nov 3, 2013
Ruby N: I am a student and school is very intense for me. Nov 3, 2013
Xia T: I am hoping that this will be the rescue for my sensitive skin. I get hives easily after washing my face, and after I shower. At other times I get sudden itchy flare ups during the day. Based on some of the reviews I read, this may help me control and soothe my skin. Oct 30, 2013
Mary C: Ben using Kiehl's moisturizer forever. Thought I would try this one. Oct 29, 2013
Susan D: good reviews Oct 29, 2013
Carol M: I saw this advertised in Real Simple magazine. Oct 27, 2013
Dianne G: gift Oct 26, 2013
Angela A: This was recommended on a blog I read Oct 24, 2013
Leslie W: recommended by Real Simple magazine Oct 23, 2013
Morgan A: I have extremely sensitive skin and it seemed to be good for the condition. Oct 22, 2013
Lisa V: Saw great review on website: musings of a muse; she said it was great for winter skin. Oct 22, 2013
Katherine O: This is my miracle cream. It soothes where my skin gets red, protects and moisturizers everywhere else, and has made me look younger!! I love it! Oct 20, 2013
Taylor M: To reduce redness Oct 16, 2013
Sujin L: Good Oct 13, 2013
Shoshana Z: Hoping will help with facial sensitivy/enlarged pores and esp scarring and cheloid issues while being less harsh than Clinique products. Oct 8, 2013
Elvira W: It's like therapy for angry skin. This lotion is so calming and soothing. I love using it after a long flight to snap my skin back to life. Unscented and not too many ingredients is exactly what my skin loves. Oct 7, 2013
Tetsuya I: something new Sep 29, 2013
Ashley C: Saw an article about it on MSN. The reviews were solid and the price seemed reasonable. Excited to try this out on my "stressed out" skin! Sep 29, 2013
Luisa M: Desperate. Want to see what the hype is about... Sep 29, 2013
Jaclyn J: Reduces redness Sep 29, 2013
Jin W: I want to try Sep 29, 2013
Jill H: I have seborrhea dermatitis and my face is usually a red hot mess. This has helped tremendously!! Sep 28, 2013
Rosana B: A friend suggested and I tried it.
It is wonderful.
Sep 28, 2013
Yi-Ju L: "This is my first time to purchase this Brand and this friends recommend me this product." Sep 28, 2013
Elizabeth W: Stressed skin is an issue for me Sep 27, 2013
Sandy L: for boyfriend Sep 26, 2013
Michelle J: Replenish. My rsn out. Sep 25, 2013
mallory g: read great reviews about it so i had to try Sep 24, 2013
Monica B: I am outdoors a lot and swim in the ocean and pool. I also work in a highly stressfull corporate environment. Sep 24, 2013
Jingting W: Recommended by friends Sep 24, 2013
Andrea L: New product. Can't wait to use Sep 23, 2013
Mary A R: Read about it in Oprah Magagzine. I need something calming for my sensitive, aging skin. I use it nightly at bedtime. I wake up with a soft face that remains clear of any breakouts and very little, if any, redness. Sep 20, 2013
Roberta S: Sounds great, may end up being a favorite. Sep 20, 2013
Lu C: This is the best daily moisturizer ever! Sep 19, 2013
Cortney L: read the great reviews Sep 16, 2013
Pei-Yi C: I'm using this now and I like it a lot. Sep 16, 2013
Melissa B: Excellent reviews and my skin is VERY stressed! Sep 15, 2013
Jim S: I have rosacea on my nose. this moisturizer does a good job calming it. I've tried so many. This one works! Sep 10, 2013
sitong l: I stay up very late Sep 9, 2013
Pam W: Saw it advertised in "Dallas" and knew it had to be fabulous from Kiehl's Sep 7, 2013
AnnaMaria V: Does wonders for my stressed out face! Sep 6, 2013
TRISHA C: Article listed in Everyday with Rachael Ray - very excited to try it! Sep 5, 2013
Debra D: A friend told me about it. Sep 2, 2013
Karl B: To try to relieve the redness in my face. Aug 27, 2013
Icelle K: I have very dry skin. Aug 27, 2013
Ellen R: Love the feel of my skin after using this. Aug 26, 2013
Noami D: Some times my face gets irritated and I need something to clam it down. Aug 26, 2013
Valerie R: recommended by your staff Aug 19, 2013
Pamela B: Reduce skin signs of stress. Aug 14, 2013
mingfang s: i used this before ,i like it Aug 14, 2013
Courtney B: I have rosacea and this product has really helped that condition! I have been able to stop taking a prescription medicine for rosacea because I am using this product. Aug 12, 2013
Indhira A: After reading in Cosmopolitan Magazine that this product helps relieve the redness and breakouts caused by stress I wanted to try it. I have oily skin and when I am under stress I experience breakouts and redness. If this product works effectively on me I will stick to it. Aug 11, 2013
Leah H: I found this product in Cosmo. It was advertising how it helps with redness and blotchy-ness to due stress at work. Aug 10, 2013
na l: tried the sample, feels refreshed. Aug 5, 2013
amanda e: Works miracles. Jul 25, 2013
margaret t: tried it in the department store ....
and i got a 20% off notice in the mail

this would not work so
YOU ARE LIARS~~ not to be trusted!! liars
and distrustful company ....
Jul 18, 2013
LISA S: Lighter than Kiehl's standard moisturizer. Good for warm weather. Jul 17, 2013
Jing H: It solves many problems of my face. Jul 15, 2013
Susan P: It really works on my 50 year old skin. Amazing. Jul 12, 2013
Yankun J: good Jul 7, 2013
Benjamin D: Wanted to try new product Jun 24, 2013
Page G: My skin feels so much smoother after this product! Jun 21, 2013
Michelle T: The reviews looked promising Jun 18, 2013
Keith B: Heard good things about it, my skin is sensitive and red in several areas especially my neck, so I would like to try and see if this helps. Jun 18, 2013
Karen H: Having trouble with the issues it claims to fix. Jun 17, 2013
Thomas T: To see if it helps my rosacea Jun 17, 2013
Jamie L: New product, just curious Jun 17, 2013
Tyemill c: reviews Jun 17, 2013
Rachel K: trying it Jun 15, 2013
Susan C: Recommendation from family member Jun 14, 2013
Gabriela M: My skin needs help! Jun 14, 2013
Eun C: I've tried this at Saks Fifth in Chicago. I have been looking for a moisturizer that helps reduces the obvious stress on my face.. and I hope that this works. I liked it when I tried it on my hand.. Jun 14, 2013
xia z: i hear it works wonder for sensitive skin, and that is what i have, so i want to try it out during the family sale Jun 13, 2013
le y: Heard it is a new product and would like to try it Jun 13, 2013
Dandan P: I have very sensitive skin and I hope it could help me to reduce the irritation, itching and redness. Jun 13, 2013
Deborah A: I use this on a regular basis and wanted to gram some while on sale. Jun 13, 2013
Beth W: My husband has very sensitive skin, prone to rash. Jun 13, 2013
Cristina R: It works with my skin. Jun 9, 2013
Jane L: i thought it might be good for my skin Jun 8, 2013
Elizabeth Ann H: Calming, redness reducing properties Jun 4, 2013
Mary D: This moisturizer sounds like exactly what I need! The customer reviews were too convincing not to buy it. May 30, 2013
Erin H: My skin has been very dry lately plus I have rosacea so I struggle with redness as well. I've tried many other products that haven't worked, so hopefully this will do the trick. May 29, 2013
Anna M: I have problem skin with redness, some blemishes, a few acne pimples, dry patches, along with combination skin. May 28, 2013
Rachael E: Combo skin. Oily with acne in some spots, and dry in others. May 28, 2013
Megan B: Read some great reviews May 27, 2013
Ivy G: Because my skin is wildly sensitive and I became a Kiehl's convert years ago with other products. May 27, 2013
Angela P: My skin is red and stressed. May 27, 2013
Yuexuan C: i just want to try some new stuff. Also i always study a lot and stay up late, so i hope this product can help me get away from my stressed skin May 27, 2013
Lei Z: Looking for a light weight moisturizer for summer May 22, 2013
Jennifer H: Recommendation from Lucky Mag. May 17, 2013
Rachel R: My skin breaks out when I'm stressed. I want to see if this helps. May 15, 2013
anna c: wanted to try it out. May 12, 2013
Jenny D: I always feel like my skin can always use a little extra help. I get sporadic break outs and also have a bit of rosacea. I'm always interested in ways to keep my skin looking youthful. May 11, 2013
Renee G: recommended and reviews were good May 10, 2013
GINA H: going to give it a try

update: .LOVE this stuff skin looks great
May 9, 2013
Courtney R: Heard good things about this product! May 8, 2013
Kristy F: Heard good thing about it decide to give it a try. Will update result after use. May 7, 2013
Amanda C: This moisturizer is fantastic. It truly leaves my skin brighter and softer. Stress takes a toll on your body and your face...this product wipes the stress away! May 7, 2013
LEEANN W: Noticing some "redness" on my face. We are remodeling our house - causes stress - giving this product a try. May 3, 2013
Kristin L: For the first time this year, my skin has become very dry. It has red, itchy, blotchy spots. I am hoping this will help. May 3, 2013
Cheryl F: Wanted to try, got good reviews May 1, 2013
Eileen C: I read about this product in Glamour magazine and wanted to give it a try -- red, splotchy signs of stress are a no no in my book! May 1, 2013
Sheree T: saw it on fox news Apr 30, 2013
Patty H: Loved the title Apr 29, 2013
Conni W: Neew product and because all others are so good, I thought Iâ??d try it! Apr 28, 2013
patty w: I am trying this line because it is getting more difficult to find a product that works on my sensitive, dry, aging skin! Apr 28, 2013
Joanne F: 1st time using Apr 28, 2013
MARIFEL M: I get break out all the time from no sleep Apr 28, 2013
Robert M: first time Apr 25, 2013
Karen B: I read an article in Marie Clair (?) that this was good stuff! Apr 23, 2013
John K: Curious to try Apr 23, 2013
Sue L: I have rosacea, blotches, dryness, redness and very sensitive skin. I hope this helps. If not, it will be returned. Apr 23, 2013
Kari C: email about this and it looks great Apr 22, 2013
Sharon P: thought I would try it Apr 22, 2013
Lynne G: Trying it because my skin does have signs of stress. Apr 22, 2013
Daniel G: My face is starting to look older. I am hoping this helps. Apr 22, 2013
Victoria C: Want to see if it will get rid of the red dots on my cheecks Apr 22, 2013
Karen F: Heard about it on the radio and wanted to give it a try. Apr 22, 2013
Kim K: Heard rave reviews Apr 22, 2013
katrijn g: read about it in NY times Apr 21, 2013
Tori C: Saw it in Glamour and wanted to try it Apr 15, 2013
KELLY H: Tried a super expensive line ($300+) of "anti stress" and loved it, hoping this line that is moderately priced will yield great results! Apr 8, 2013
Ray G: I have a CPAP that I use & it dries my skin around my mouth nose area. I'll give this a try & hopefully it helps. Apr 7, 2013
RENEA M: I trust Kiehl's and wanted to try something less heavy. Apr 5, 2013
Jennifer G: Email content was interesting enough for me to want to try. Just wish there was a trial offer price. Apr 5, 2013
Kim D: At a very stressful time in both my private and corporate lives, I am hoping for some noticeable help. Apr 5, 2013
Angela B: It sounded like it would be really great for my sensitive skin. Apr 4, 2013
Katie P: read about it in NYTimes! Mar 31, 2013
Jacqueline R: Found it appealing after ny Times article. Mar 31, 2013
Claire A: I will be trying this moisturizer for the first time and while I am generally very good to my skin, I am interested in this product because I know I inadvertently place my skin under a fair amount of stress, not least of which is a lack of sleep. Interested to see how this works! Mar 31, 2013
nellie t: to keep skin moist Mar 25, 2013
Marlo W: it sounded interesting and I wanted to try it. Mar 24, 2013
A shopper asked: do you need a cream over it? Apr 1, 2013
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Li ting H: I have dry and hyper pigmentation skin. During the day, I apply SP 50 facial lotion over Skin Rescuer. For night time, I use it as it is and it seems to work for my skin type. It is fairly consistent, not too light and not too heavy. My boyfriend also seems to like the product. He has more oily skin than me. Apr 10, 2013
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Jacqueline R: I started using this about a week ago. So far, it's all I've used, once, applied at night. My skin can be reactive and unpredictable, but my face seems moisturized without heaviness, and I haven't enhanced it with any other product other than mild face wash before applying the Skin Rescuer. Apr 10, 2013
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Claire A: Skin rescuer is already creamy, so no need for another cream. I just started using it but am using it as my moisturizer and so far, so good! Apr 10, 2013
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Roberta S: I do not believe so. But it is a good question because I am not really sure. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Apr 11, 2013
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Amanda S asked: Is this oil free and non-comedogenic; I'm interested in trying but don't want it to clog my pores my skin can be reactive and oily?

Apr 20, 2013
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Maria Cleofe C: it's oil free, it doesn't clog my pores and looks so natural after i apply my foundation, helps blend my make up May 19, 2013
Jean S asked: Does this make any difference on 68 year old skin ? Apr 5, 2013
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Carol B: Not sure if my answer will help but I'll tell you my 57 year old skin loves this moisturizer. My skin feels calmer and not as dry or reactive. I love Kiehl's products and this moisturizer is a new favorite. May 18, 2013
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Paige W: Yes! My skin was very dehydrated and looked rather lifeless. I am 46 and have minor dry patches and redness. This particular product turned my complexion around in approx. 3 days. My family noticed immediately. It only takes a small amount and I make sure to warm it up on my fingertips before patting it on. I use the warmth from my hands to gently work it in. I let my skin absorb it for a good 20 minutes before applying my makeup. I do recommend it but my skin is on he oily side and this does add to the oiliness. That said, it has made a noticeable difference in my skin. May 16, 2013
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Lisa P: I'm new to the product; I've been using the Skin Rescuer about 2 weeks now and I am very pleased. My skin in the morning is notably smoother and not in the least dry.

I will continue to use this
May 19, 2013
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Ellen K. A: This skin rescuer leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I am 67 and look for skin products that feel light as it absorbs into my skin. I loved this product the first time I tried it. May 15, 2013
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RICHARD R: I have not used the product yet.
However, one persons 68 year skin would not be the same as an others.
It may not be the years - but the miles we have each put on our own skin.
May 18, 2013
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John G: I am 63 and it works great for me Apr 11, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this contain Almond Oil? Apr 5, 2013
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Swenja H: No! There is no Almond Oil in it! Great moisturizer for a dry skin who can´t use Almond Oil! I absolutely love the product! <3 Sep 1, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you need to use a moisturizer over it? Apr 4, 2013
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Kim D: My skin tends to be "combination" as the weather warms up, and I have not needed any additional moisturizer. I love this product. I've been using it for almost 1 week now. Apr 16, 2013
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Christa J: It will depend on your skin type, I use it alone and have not had the "winter tightness" I had been experiencing. You may want to try it then adjust accordingly. Apr 15, 2013
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Angela B: I use this as if it were a day moisturizer and so don't layer another one over it. It's very nice and light, even in humid weather. Apr 15, 2013
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Marian B: Definitely need a moisturizer over this! Apr 15, 2013
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Roberta W: I do not use a moisturizer over it. Apr 15, 2013
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A shopper asked: I am currently using facial fuel, would this new product replace its use? Apr 5, 2013
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Jacqueline R: My boyfriend uses the facial fuel; I use the skin rescuer. I love it as it's a lightweight moisturizer that's name suggests I'm stress-free! I'm not sure about that, but love the feel on my face. My male friend loves the facial fuel, and he's not one to pay attention to products one way or the other. He says it makes his skin softer- and I agree - and that he likes it. Just bought him a supply of it, and I continue to use the skin rescuer with no other products needed. May 15, 2013
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Claire A: Yes, you could use this product in place of your Facial Fuel moisturizer. If it isn't too high-maintenance for you, you could also keep the Facial Fuel for the morning and use Skin Rescuer at night. May 18, 2013
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Conni W: I honestly do not know, wish I did but I don't use either. Sorry??
May 16, 2013
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Nathan S: I prefer Facial Fuel May 15, 2013
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A shopper asked: Will this product help if i have rosacea? Jun 25, 2013
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JIAXIN X: I don't think so. I have acne-prone skin, too, but this doesn't really help me with anything. It's very greasy on the face. I've only used it for a few times and I stopped because it breaks me out every time I use it. Jun 28, 2013
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Ryan S: It should.. Its really good for redness... I use it after I have been in the sun all day to mouisterize and help tone down the redness.... Jun 25, 2013
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Darcy S: I also have Rosacea, I found it didn't help or hurt it. Jun 25, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do I use this product alone or as a step in the process . Like the vitamin c serum and the rosa artica face cream?

So far I like it but have been using it alone
Apr 12, 2013
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Maria Cleofe C: I use it together with Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate as my face was so dull, dry and looks 10 years older than my age. It worked right away and I can see and feel the difference. I want to start looking for other products like their vitamin c serum but I want to take it slow as I want my skin to get use to this brand. May 19, 2013
Gina U: I use it as a step in the process. I use it after the vitamin c serum. The sales person in the store told me I could do that. It works great! May 18, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does it contain glycerin or alcohol? May 2, 2013
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Jonathan T: yes contained glycerin.. May 3, 2013
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Andrew K asked: Is this to be used at night - or daytime in combination with a sunscreen? Apr 21, 2013
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Claire A: It's meant for both, and I am using it day and night. May 24, 2013
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Mary Ann H asked: Does this go on after or before moisturizer? Under Super Skin fluid w/ SPF? In place of moisturizer?
M. 60 years old.
Apr 17, 2013
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Angela B: I often use this as a moisturizer, but when I use with another moisturize I layer the Skin Rescuer first. I would use any product with SPF as my last layer. May 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: I've used Cerave for a long time but recently I've been having a reaction to the hyaluronic acid (I think). Does this have any acids in it? May 27, 2014
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Laura K: I'm not familiar with Crave but I don't think this has an acid in itit, I REALLY like this product I've seen good results and it does not irritate my face or eyes (I run it ALL over my face, eyes and lips) May 27, 2014
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TOY B: No it is wonderful May 27, 2014
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GUOJIE W: no May 28, 2014
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Philip M asked: should the skin Rescuer be used on my face? Is it primarily intended for the face? and/or anywhere? Thanks May 21, 2014
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JO W: Yes, the skin Rescuer is for the use on the face; I applied the skin Rescuer when my face was sensitives and when it occurs redness. After applying the skin Rescuer, the redness on the face will automatically fade out. May 23, 2014
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Joan A: I believe it is intended for the face. That is what I ordered it for. May 21, 2014
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A shopper asked: Does this have salicylic acid in it? Apr 5, 2013
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denise r: It is not listed as one of the ingredients. Is there another name for it because it does list a few acids. May 17, 2013
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Maureen L: no May 16, 2013
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LS L asked: Is this great for anyone, like someone 25? May 5, 2013
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Mike M: Don't know....I just turned 91 May 5, 2013
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LS L: Great thanks mike? May 5, 2013
A shopper asked: Is this oil free? May 1, 2013
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A shopper asked: Is this product non comedogenic? Sep 4, 2013
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Marvin B: It does not form black heads or clogg pores,I do get shiny face at times but then again it could be due to my face type. I still like the product. I do recommend it. Sep 4, 2013
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Carole J: While I've never used this product, I have really sensitive skin and I have never found any Kiehl's products irritating. Oct 30, 2013
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A shopper asked: does it contain paragons ? Apr 4, 2013
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Gina U: No, not listed in ingredients list Apr 25, 2013
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