Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate

A lightweight hair oil concentrate for frizzy and coarse hair
  • A rich blend of Argan and 5 natural oils seals hair cuticle, locking out humidity and frizz
  • Clinically proven to reduce 65% of frizz even in 80% humidity
  • Argan Oil: Restores smoothness, strength
  • Safflower Seed Oil: Moisturizes, nurtures and adds luster
  • Sesame and Apricot provide a nourishing and lightweight veil of vitamins and lipids
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"I love how lightweight this oil is! Makes my hair super soft and smell amazing."

Klara, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Apply daily to damp hair, after shampooing, do not rinse
-Style as normal

ar-gan OY-il

Indigenous to Morocco’s Atlas Mountain Region, this fairly-traded, organic Argan Oil is derived from the Argan Tree and is naturally rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, including Tocopherols (Vitamin E), and Omega-6 and Omega- 9 fatty acids, which are known for having restorative and protective properties on the skin.

SA'flow'r OY-il

Safflower Oil, extracted from the plant's seeds, consists primarily of linoleic acid triglycerides. It is a carrier oil, also considered hydrating to the skin and used in lotions and conditioners.

SEH-sah'-mee OY-il

Sesame Oil, which is a refined moisturizing oil derived from Sesame Seeds, has the same emollient properties as other nut and vegetable oils and is commonly used as a carrier oil for skin care products. Absorbs easily and softens the skin.

A-prih-kaht KUR-nuhl OY-il

Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels and has a very high Vitamin E content (aiding fast absorption) and is a trygliceride composed of 75% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids esterified with glycerin - similar to avocado oil and sesame oil. Found to be highly compatible with the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizes and softens skin while helping retain clarity and suppleness.

Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Christie M. K: I've decided to let my hair go grey - no more coloring! As a result, it's become drier and dull. I'm hoping this helps. Sep 13, 2014
Barbara d: My daughter has curly hair Sep 11, 2014
Ingrid S: I have a head full of CURLS! NOTHING smooths my curls and has them bouncing and shining like this oil - NOTHING - I've tried it all. Sep 8, 2014
Andres C: Gret product Sep 3, 2014
Christine Z: dry and damaged hair Aug 20, 2014
phyllis b: Have used for awhile. Hair is very frizzy when the Keratin treatment is not as effective. Keeps my hair straight, shiny and smooth Aug 14, 2014
Claire J: same as above Aug 14, 2014
Jiayu D: I used this before, it was pretty good. Aug 5, 2014
Allison H: Frizzy hair but want a lightweight natural product that won't seem greasy or irritate my scalp Aug 2, 2014
Cynthia P: DRY HAIR Jul 16, 2014
MARTA C: already used before. Jul 12, 2014
Louise H: a gift for a friend with very, very curly hair. Jul 1, 2014
David R: My SO bought it for me and I liked it. Jun 26, 2014
CHANTAL P: need restorative treatment for daily use hope this will do Jun 19, 2014
Sarah D: Makes my hair very shiny Jun 15, 2014
Leticia P: Recommended Jun 9, 2014
Monica G: I have coarse curly hair. This is the most amazing product ever. Leaves my curls silky soft and frizz free!!! Jun 4, 2014
Annette L: my hair needs the love and I'm pretty sure this is what i need!! Jun 2, 2014
Richard W: for a friend May 30, 2014
Lucinda Q: Great alternative to silicone-based serums which leave a coating on hair and actually dries out hair. May 15, 2014
Linda K: A gift for my daughter. May 9, 2014
Alexandria T: i need to add shine to my hair and the live the restorative products. May 7, 2014
Julia M: locks moisture into hair. Great for dry hair. Apr 19, 2014
Georgie B: miracle cure for frizzy hair when traveling to humid places. Apr 17, 2014
janet e: never tried before . dry hair Apr 6, 2014
Emily K: Tames my frizzy locks! Mar 21, 2014
Eileen H: Checked the reviews and like what I read. Mar 15, 2014
GLORIA T: Tried it when I was at Dillard's. I love it!!! Works great!! Mar 8, 2014
Elyse L: Because I have frizzy hair and I live in Florida. Mar 6, 2014
Michael H: The shampoo and conditioner work great...hope this will too. Mar 4, 2014
Kimberly F: My 6 year old daughter and I have super curly, but fine textured hair. I wanted something I could use on both of us that wasn't loaded with harsh chemicals, didn't leave our curls looking "crunchy" and over-styled, and was ok to use with other products. This fit the bill perfectly! Mar 1, 2014
Johnny D: Growing my hair out and it needs a little extra management. Feb 21, 2014
Laura C: It does a great job of controlling frizz and adding shine to my naturally curly hair that tends to get very frizzy. Feb 10, 2014
Shannon B: Puffy matted hair; no silicones, ease of spray Jan 1, 2014
Mary Ann G: To Hopefully Restore My Hair. Dec 31, 2013
Katarzyna C: my hair experience dryness and are hard to control they frizziness in winter time, i need something to menage them. Dec 29, 2013
Louise W: no reason Dec 22, 2013
Carol HC L: trying product Dec 17, 2013
TZUYING L: want to try also Dec 15, 2013
Michael W: used before Dec 7, 2013
BARBARA S: Have dry coarse hair works well Dec 6, 2013
Angela A: For curly hair this is a must! No frizzy cotton candy hair! Dec 4, 2013
C. Gail H: My daughter uses this on her thick, hard-to-tame hair. Dec 4, 2013
Caiping L: Try Dec 3, 2013
Margaret R: This is a miracle product. Even in the most humid of weather my hair no longer gets frizzy. Also makes my hair wonderfully smooth and silky to touch and I have been coloring my hair for over twenty years now. Nov 25, 2013
Shuai L: from my friend Nov 25, 2013
Tsaitung C: many friends recommended this Nov 24, 2013
billie h: This will be my first time trying this product. I have curly hair and always use oil excited to try this one. Nov 23, 2013
Russell K: great for beard conditioner. spray on hands, rub in, comb through, leave in. Nov 16, 2013
Yang X: I want to try a hair oil product Nov 15, 2013
Meng-Jou C: Help hair smoothly, and shining. It is really nice. Moreover, I like this has no strong fragrance. Nov 10, 2013
Liping L: My hair is too dry. Nov 5, 2013
Tabbye S: Repeat purchase- Great treatment for dry hair and scalp. Nov 4, 2013
Maxene T: i have extremely dry brittle hair Oct 25, 2013
Margo C: I have very coarse heavy hair that takes forever to dry & tends to get really "poufy" even after I think it's dry. This oil worked wonderfully in keeping my hair tame. Word of caution: Only needed one pump of product otherwise hair got too oily. It smells great too!! Sep 30, 2013
haoyuan f: too oil but very nice smell. i use it at night and wash it away in the morning shower. not a necessary one. Sep 29, 2013
Eun Sung K: want to try something new Sep 26, 2013
Youky K: Gets rid of dry ends and fly aways. I like using this instead of styling products. Beware - use sparingly! Too much will make your hair greasy! Sep 23, 2013
Patricia L: I have curly and very frizzy hair. I hope this helps control the frizz and dryness in my hair. Sep 19, 2013
Tricia B: Have never used it and want to try it. Sep 12, 2013
Najha R: LOVE IT. WORKS VERY WELL Sep 12, 2013
KELI S: First time purchase. I am hoping it does even half of what the reviews claim, especially living in humid Louisiana! Sep 1, 2013
Betty S: Buyers comments and my other experience with Arran oil. Aug 10, 2013
Pamela R: I have very dry hair and I want to try this. Jul 13, 2013
Bina M: Need to tame the frizz. Hope it works for me. Jun 18, 2013
Mary D: I tried this on my hair when I was in Florida. It helped de-frizz my curly hair without weighing it down. May 30, 2013
Jillian W: Help smooth curly/frizzy hair May 30, 2013
Anne L: dry hair May 14, 2013
Rachel G: healthy shiny frizz-less hair, but too much of a musky-amber smell May 2, 2013
TING-I L: good reviews Apr 26, 2013
teri m: way too heavy Apr 1, 2013
Kat K: In Women's Health Magazine Jan 24, 2013
Janelle G: I have a full head of fine hair that I dye blonde. The ends are always dry and I have many fly-away strands. I'm hoping this product will help condition my hair and control the frizzy appearance. Jan 8, 2013
Zujun Y: Heard about it from a friend. Dec 29, 2012
Jackie A: Need good anti-frizz, I have very curly hair and always looking for frizz taming :) Dec 28, 2012
Ying W: SAW ADS Dec 28, 2012
Tamara S: I have fine, dry hair and tend toward frizzy in the summer humidity. This product had great reviews. Dec 27, 2012
jeanne h: daughter uses a lot of heat tools Dec 12, 2012
Maricela C: it works Dec 10, 2012
KUMIKO S: wanna try Dec 7, 2012
Michelle I: my hair loves this, its never looked better! Dec 2, 2012
Yi Z: Very helpful for dry hair Nov 25, 2012
Susan F: The reviews were awesome for this product and it looks to be all natural so I'm going to try this! Nov 24, 2012
Krista P: I need something to moisturize my long hair, reduce frizz, and something that smells nice. But I want it free of synthetics. Nov 23, 2012
cynthia f: my daughter has thick black hair and needs something to keep it in tact..... Nov 23, 2012
Karen M: Thought I would try this product for my hair since I love the argan body oil. Nov 21, 2012
Janet H: thought i would try for loss of hair Nov 19, 2012
minne x: wanna a try Nov 14, 2012
carol b: hair is very dry. Oct 14, 2012
Cassandra I: You can see the results of this. My curly, coarse hair is much less frizzy, but be careful not to use too much. Oct 9, 2012
Virginia T: For use with the rest of the Argan collection Oct 8, 2012
cynthia l: i have tried everything on my very curly frizzy unruly hair in florida humidity so hoping this will work Oct 8, 2012
Robin R: reviews Oct 7, 2012
Patricia K: I originally purchased it at a store when the clerk suggested it. A wonderful product! Sep 27, 2012
Mary B: Want to see if I like it as well or better than Moroccan Oil. Sep 23, 2012
Joyce K: I am hoping is softens my frizzy hair Sep 22, 2012
Yun Ah O: hydration Sep 20, 2012
Karyl R: It's an excellent product for styling my frizzy and curly hair! I use only 4 or 5 pumps and my hair is smooth! Aug 25, 2012
Shelley S: I wanted to try this item based on my frizzy and course hair. Aug 21, 2012
Michelle I: living in arizona, i needed something like this and it sounded like it would do what i need for my hair Aug 14, 2012
Anita H: I love the Argan Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner. This will help control my dry and frizzy hair after shampoos. Aug 13, 2012
Sharron T: Compliment of Hair OIl creme. So much lighter than morracan when you want shine but are not going to deep flat iron your hair. Aug 8, 2012
Rosana B: I don't know Aug 6, 2012
Christine G: Well I love love love your hair products, my favorite series in your repertuar. I tried the argan oil as a body moisturizer and it is great so going for it in the hair now. And it sounds so tasty and off to Kauai and this seems the perfect companion for thick unruly hair at the beach. Aug 2, 2012
george r: A friend gave me the last of his Argan Skin Salve. I'm sad to see it isn't available, but I'll try this on my hair and see if I want more Argan product Jul 20, 2012
Lin S: concern in my damage hair Jul 16, 2012
Graceline W: I'm trying this out for the first time. We will see how it goes. Jul 15, 2012
Mary C: I never had before, but if it is Argan Oil, I am sure I will be pleased. Jun 25, 2012
Anne P: Was looking for hair oil in a spray bottle and wanted to try this. Jun 24, 2012
carol l: I have fine frizzy hair that could use a leave in product Jun 23, 2012
Margaret B: Today Show Advertising Jun 22, 2012
Barbara D: I have healthy hair, but it is corse and can look dry. Vry hard to style. Jun 22, 2012
Penny W: I chose this to try for my frizzy straight/semi-wavy hair. I will see how it works. Jun 21, 2012
Anthony L: Wanted to try as my white hair has become quite dry and frizzy after shampooing. Jun 18, 2012
Jerel L: Sounded exciting. Jun 12, 2012
Hannah B: I have very "dry" hair in the summer Jun 1, 2012
A shopper asked: Can this be used by men? Nov 2, 2013
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Amy S: I don't see why not. It's great for dry hair and absorbs well so that it doesn't appear oily. Just don't use too much, a little goes a long way! I usually spray it onto my hand and rub it into just my dry ends to prevent using too much. Nov 3, 2013
Reply to Amy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Tuzun P asked: After applying this product , do I have to rinse my hair OR keep the substance on my hair? Sep 7, 2012
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Kari B: You're going to keep it in your hair. I tried using it in the morning and put it on before my other styling products and styling my hair. My hair was super soft but the smell was a little too strong for my taste for the day, I now put it on before bed to soften my hair for the next day. I enjoy the product a lot, just wish it was scentless. Sep 7, 2012
Reply to Kari Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Katie G: You apply it to freshly washed and towel dried hair. A few spritzes will do, then just brush it through to it gets applied evenly and you are done! Avoid directly spraying the roots, I usually spray some on my finger tips and gently disperse in that area to avoid it looking oily. Sep 7, 2012
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keiko s: It appears that you do not need to rinse your hair, did not like to smell of the Sesame Oil in the ingredient. I personally prefer to use few drops of Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil applied after shampooed conditioned hair while wet to control unruly hair...enjoy Sep 8, 2012
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mary-catherine k: I have very curly and dry hair hair. Also long and color treated. My heritage is European white. I leave it in on wet hair and then use it as a styling treatment on non-hair wash days. Sep 9, 2012
Anthony L: If I remember correctly, you're supposed to leave it on after applying. I found it too oily, however. Sep 7, 2012
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Marisa S: I leave it in, don't use too much or your hair will be a little oily. Sep 7, 2012
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Amy S: Leave in. A little goes a long way with this product, love it! Sep 8, 2012
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Leslie I asked: Can this be used on dry hair? Mar 2, 2013
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Susan F: I've only used it on my hair when it's wet. I sprayed it directly on my hair about 3-4 times and I have found it to weigh my hair down too much and looks greasy. Perhaps I'm using too much though. If you try it I would suggest spraying only one spray on your hand and then running it through your hair. Mar 2, 2013
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Emma B: I wouldn't use this product on dry hair. It'll become greasy. I only apply to my ends after washing and towel drying. Hope that helps! Mar 2, 2013
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Anthony L: Yes you can. Ever since my hair turned grey, it's become dry like straw. This has helped immensely. Apr 11, 2013
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Sarabeth R: Definitely!! I have thick, dry, coarse hair & it is working lovely! And I love the scent! Apr 12, 2013
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Lei S: Yes, Of course! Mar 2, 2013
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melanie s asked: Do you leave this in your hair and wash it out, or put it in before/after you style it? May 30, 2012
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Jessica N: This is a leave in treatment, I sometimes put it in my hair after I wash it so it will be shiny when I blow dry it, or I have put it on my hair after it dries to give my hair shine and smooth fly aways. You do not wash this out, be careful not to use too much it will make your hair stringy! Hope this helps answer your question! Jun 21, 2012
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Marisa S: I put it in my hair after i washed it but before I dried it. I used 6 sprays the first time and I think it was too much, so I've been spraying 3-4 just on the ends. I dry it and then style and it seems to do well, it was a little oily with 6 sprays. Jul 1, 2012
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Diana P: I put it before styling my hair. So far so good, although it gives a bit of oily feeling and looks a bit heavy. Jul 2, 2012
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KELI S: I left this product in my hair. I used this product before while hair srtill was wet, and during styling. Jun 30, 2012
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Amy S: Leave in. I use it before blow drying and styling and my hair is silky soft and smooth. Love it! Jun 30, 2012
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Ely C asked: When spraying it, is it a mist or squirt? Feb 12, 2014
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Sarabeth R: It's a mist, until the end then it kinda squirts....
Beware, you want this on your hair- not misting on your bathroom floor, it gets slippery!!
But I really like this product!
Feb 12, 2014
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Karen S: It is a spray, but not that lite. Works well for curly hair. Feb 12, 2014
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Amor L: Heavy mist Feb 13, 2014
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keiko s: it is mist Feb 12, 2014
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A shopper asked: does it have silicones? Jun 18, 2012
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Anthony L: I checked the ingredients but cannot tell if any of the chemical names indicate silicones.

I will say this product remains oily after spraying. I did not try using a hair dryer or any other treatment after applying the oil concentrate. It stays too oily for my tastes, but it does work wonders on very dry hair like mine.
Jun 18, 2012
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Marian R: I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I do know that it works!
My hair is already in better shape (not as dry) and it tames the "frizzies" without being heavy.
I would definitely advise you to buy it.
Jul 4, 2012
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carol l: There is no silicone listed It. The label does have an extensive list of what is in it. So I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Jul 4, 2012
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A shopper asked: How does this product compare to the Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil-in-Cream? Mar 23, 2014
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Molly H: Sorry, not sure but I really disliked this product and gave it to my mother. her hair is much thicker than mine, mine is fine, and she did not like it at all. to be honest i wish we could return it for something we'd actually use.. seems to make any hair greasy looking even if just use a limited amount or spray in hands and rub together prior to applying to your ends. I would never recommend it. May 20, 2014
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Dolores E: I find with Kiehls when I don't like a product if I bring it back to the store they reimburse me. I don't use the product more than once or twice so it's a full bottle when I return any item. You can bring it back. Aug 8, 2014
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Ellen R asked: Does this product have added fragrance? Dec 28, 2013
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Karen S: No no extra fragrance. Jan 6, 2014
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Karen S: No no extra fragrance. Dec 28, 2013
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toni c asked: what was the product that was featured on the Today Show that you spray in your hair to prevent sun damage and it also conditions?

Jul 26, 2012
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Margaret B: Deeply restoration smoothing hair oil concentrate. I love it but I spray onto my Hands first and then rub into my hair so it won't look too oily. By Kiehl's. It's great Aug 2, 2012
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Kelly B: Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil Concentrate - I have been using it for a short time but so far so good. Jul 26, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is this also a heat protectant from hair dryers, flat irons? Sep 20, 2012
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Anita H: I have not tried the Deeply Restorative Smoothing Hair Oil in conjunction with hair dryers or flat irons so can't make a recommendation. I love Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Shampoo and Conditioner and hoped the Smoothing Hair Oil would keep my hair smooth and frizz-free between shampoos while adding moisture to my very dry hair. While it added some moisture without being heavy, it did not result in smoothing the manageability of my hair. Sep 20, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does this also serve as a heat protectant for blow drying and hair ironing? Jul 3, 2014
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yitong asked: does this product contain dimethicone, cyclomethicone, or any kind of other silicon oil? thanks! Dec 4, 2012
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Ziyun Y asked: if i have problem with dandruff this product can help? Jul 7, 2012
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