Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+

An energizing, lightweight daily sun shield for men
  • High level SPF 50 broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection guards men from daily damage and premature aging
  • Caffeine and Vitamins C & E energize and invigorate tired and dull skin
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Non-Sticky. Fragrance-Free. Oil-Free.
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"This sunscreen is lightweight, easy to apply, and very reliable."

Zack, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Shake well before using/applying
-Apply liberally after moisturizer
-Use before sun exposure and as needed;

Kiehl's Insider Tip:
Layer over your moisturizer on clean skin for optimal UV protection and to help prevent skin aging. Did you know that UVA rays cause 90% of skin’s aging?

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VAI-tuh'-mihn SEE

Known for its affinity with skin and its powerful ability to improve the appearance of skin aging. 10.5% of Pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) is the key ingredient in the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions product Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

Vitamin E

Naturally occurring in plant leaves and skin, Vitamin E helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and has soothing moisturizing properties.


An odorless, slightly bitter alkaloid, Caffeine has been shown to help reduce the appearance of puffiness when used in skincare products.

Goji Berry

With a higher antioxidant value than grapes, Goji Berry is known to help reduce sun damage and inflammation.

Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
JLeven B: Trial... Sep 24, 2014
nicole g: Daily sunscreen to prevent aging and sunspots Sep 24, 2014
Alfred D: good sun block Sep 24, 2014
Daniel C: Face Sep 23, 2014
Julian A: Good reviews. I've looking for a good uv guard Sep 23, 2014
C P P: always should use a good sunscreen like that it's made for men Sep 15, 2014
Irene H: To try it. Sep 12, 2014
Melissa T: husband Sep 11, 2014
william b: to give it a try. I golf a lot Going to put it in my golf bag Sep 8, 2014
SYLVIA B: New customer Aug 26, 2014
Edward M: Worked great the first time! Aug 25, 2014
Matt F: Referred by a friend Aug 24, 2014
Jeffrey B: Need to combat the sun when outdoors in Texas! Aug 15, 2014
Dave P: My husband loves the Fuel products and they don't break out his skin. Aug 11, 2014
Alan D: I've been using the same Kiehl's product with SPF 15 for years. I'd like to upgrade to see if my face skin will become any better. I hope it will. Aug 10, 2014
Evan S: I need a good sunscreen that will not make my skin oily, and hoping the reviews of this product meet my needs. Aug 10, 2014
Cesar B: good reviews Aug 8, 2014
Haobin W: I need an oil-free moisturizer so I don't breakout. Aug 6, 2014
jen g: my husband was looking for a good moisturizer with spf Aug 5, 2014
Bradley C: wanted to try something new Jul 31, 2014
yunjun s: this is the best thing for my sensitive skin, my face begain good after i used it. Jul 29, 2014
Susan N: It's simply a great product. Jul 25, 2014
Michael S: first time: daily moisturizer with sunblock Jul 24, 2014
Tariq A: love it last me near 2years never got burned on face or shoulders during my 2 years traveling the globe Jul 23, 2014
Shirla H: I want to try is good for face when the sun is very stronge. Jul 22, 2014
Imee G: My husband is out in the sun all day and I think he needs to try this for his face. Jul 18, 2014
Jason L: Prevent UV damage to my skin. Jul 17, 2014
David V: Great product for daily use. Very light weight Jul 17, 2014
Maricela R: New item Jul 15, 2014
Lennon B: Need maximum protection from sun. Tried spf 30 before but now I will like to compare the two so trying spf 50+ Jul 13, 2014
Eduardo O: Want to try it out. Jul 10, 2014
Jim W: Trying it out. Seems expensive, but I need to start protecting my face from the sun Jul 2, 2014
Jim Q: I work outside all day. Jun 30, 2014
ZIYAN X: just try Jun 29, 2014
Diane H: Hoping hubby finds non greasy and will not sting his beautiful blue eyes! Jun 24, 2014
PHILIPPE T: need sun protection. Jun 24, 2014
Richard W: I have very FAIR skin and BURN!!! Looking a for product that is natural feeling on my face. Jun 23, 2014
wedzell e: good reviews Jun 20, 2014
Jeffrey A: Sun protection. Jun 17, 2014
William R: Helps keep looking less than my almost 65 years. Jun 16, 2014
Sarah D: My husband likes this and is very fussy about face creams Jun 15, 2014
Tracy S: My husband uses it. I thought my dad would like it. Jun 15, 2014
Dennis F: A friend told me about this product. Jun 12, 2014
Jeffrey S: Reduce dry red Irish skin Jun 9, 2014
Eunice C: father's day gift Jun 9, 2014
Jane L: My dad works outside most of the time. Thought this would be a perfect Father's Day present Jun 7, 2014
Tarun P: I have used an earlier version of this and I liked the way it worked. I am looking forward trying the updated version for my golfing outings where I am exposed to sun all day Jun 5, 2014
Laurie Ann N: My husband loves this product! It also helps with age spots and sun damage. Jun 3, 2014
Sirui Y: anti-aging and high uv protection Jun 1, 2014
Frank F: I'm a ginger Jun 1, 2014
Donald M: good product - need high SPF May 30, 2014
Ray W: about 2 minutes after you put this on it is DRY. also provides great protection. May 26, 2014
Barry K: Used it. Love it. Bought one for my mom for her birthday. May 20, 2014
Richard J: works good May 19, 2014
Jeffrey T: sun screen May 19, 2014
Jay L: does what other sunblocks don't do - mixes well with sweat and doesn't cause eye pain when applied to forehead. best for the active man. May 19, 2014
Tom W: I am in the sun a lot and need the added protection of this Facial Fuel product May 19, 2014
Alyssa G: To encourage boyfriend to start facial regimen May 18, 2014
Paul S: Works great! May 18, 2014
Meng M: A good way for hubby to start using UV protection May 18, 2014
John W: I need a good yet manly sunscreen. May 17, 2014
kathleen b: sun protection; odorless; greaseless May 17, 2014
Jeff I: Tried once, like it, but someone else liked it too and took my bottle! Need to replace it. May 16, 2014
Jay P: your face will wrinkle like a 100 year old tush if you sun yoursef directly May 16, 2014
lei y: i like it May 15, 2014
Raymond B: I need something light yet at least SPF50. This does the trick in a convenient size. May 15, 2014
Sarah C: wanted to see how sun block for men is May 14, 2014
Christopher F: Because Hugh Jackman is extolling sunscreen and I live at 7200 feet May 14, 2014
deborah l: My brother developed skin cancer May 10, 2014
Page C: A gift for my son who spends a lot of time outdoors with his job May 7, 2014
Gerard G: Sun protection May 4, 2014
Matthew P: I have used this several times in the past- it works without weighing your face down. May 4, 2014
Natalie W: Husband golfer and thought it would be a lightweight cover on his face. May 1, 2014
Jennifer N O: Husband loves it. Apr 28, 2014
Fredrick M: Trusted name for quality Apr 28, 2014
Patrick M: Love Kiehl's ! Apr 25, 2014
Tony S: To moisturize my face. Apr 20, 2014
patrick m: I was looking for a light-weight, oil free high SPF that can protect my alabaster skin no matter what trouble i'm getting into. Apr 20, 2014
HYEJIN G: My husband loves this. Apr 18, 2014
Michael M: Used it several times in the Sun and again it's an Excellent product. Apr 18, 2014
James W: I have a job that keeps me outdoors under the sun. Apr 15, 2014
Madelyn S: I love the Super Fluid UV Defense, and while I'm not sure what the difference is between it and this product, my fiance really likes mine and I thought he might want to try the "men's version" (although, again, I'm not sure if there is a difference). Apr 14, 2014
Robert F: Was recommended by a friend Apr 7, 2014
Louise D: Needed something with more SPF. Apr 2, 2014
Jonathan V: I wanted a light sunscreen moisturizer, that would protect--and also hopefully brighten and improve skin tone--was torn between this and the Superfluid UV defense--but thought I would try this one out since it also has caffiene and vitamin c Apr 1, 2014
Chip L: need a sunscreen Mar 23, 2014
Ysidro S: The best sunscreen I have ever tried, not greasy, lasts and lasts! Used it on last trip to Oahu and Kauai, applied once every day and never got a burn. Really fantastic stuff. Mar 23, 2014
Cathlin H: I work outside and I don't want my skin to age Mar 20, 2014
Gregg L: Ultra violet rays are detrimental to skin health. Mar 13, 2014
Marshall r: I did some research on line Mar 12, 2014
Linda W: My husband loves these products - and we all need the sun protection daily. Mar 3, 2014
Lisa T: Hoping this will become part of my Husbands routine.. He is an outdoors guy and I want to see some improvement with his sun damage or prevent future damamge. Mar 1, 2014
Megan B: Super easy on my dry ans sensitive skin. Feb 22, 2014
Brent R: Fantastic reputation and excellent reviews! Feb 19, 2014
Jeff B: For UV protection and age spots at my daughter's request. Feb 19, 2014
Sepideh B: This is the best sunscreen. Ever. It's super light in texture and weight, and I can throw the bottle in my bag for re-application after my 80 minutes are up. Feb 15, 2014
Jennifer M: my husband needs a lightweight good-quality daily sunscreen Feb 12, 2014
Kurt J: Good past experience with product Feb 8, 2014
Joel E: I'm curious to see how well it works. Feb 8, 2014
Jacqueline L: Boyfriend works in sun and needs spf50. There aren't many options out there for men I think he will love this versus the drugstore brand he has been using. Jan 26, 2014
John A: Good reviews and I need a light, non-greasy formula due to my face being so oily. Jan 5, 2014
robert f: It works well. wish it came larger size Jan 4, 2014
Becky C: My husband swears by this sunscreen ! Dec 31, 2013
JOHN W: Great skin protection Dec 31, 2013
Thomas N: Want to try Dec 31, 2013
lester k: Based on my positive experience with your other product. Dec 31, 2013
Debora C: My brother is getting too many wrinkles from sun exposure Dec 30, 2013
Stacey S: oil free, effective and light on my face/neck with a high spf. Dec 25, 2013
Lenda M: The ultimate protection Dec 21, 2013
Joe S: trying out Dec 19, 2013
Jie H: gift for the men, he likes outside activity. Dec 18, 2013
Jackie H: Husband needs it. Dec 17, 2013
Brian W: Gift request Dec 17, 2013
Christine G: Friend, a Kiehl's fan, going to Hawaii. Dec 14, 2013
L V: This is a gift Dec 10, 2013
Melissa L: Gift for my husband. Has skin problems from too much sun. Dec 9, 2013
gigiclaudia: gift Dec 7, 2013
r m: thought I would try it. Dec 6, 2013
Angel L: i like it , and its your gift for me for free Dec 4, 2013
Albert C: want to try it Dec 4, 2013
Anne R: For my son so he will use sunscreeen Dec 3, 2013
Jocelyn D: Pre cancer spots on bald head Dec 3, 2013
Catherine S: protects our skin from too much sun Dec 3, 2013
Leticia M: to guard skin against sun damage Dec 2, 2013
Nina H: this is an awesome sunscreen Dec 2, 2013
Marilyn F: Have not tried it yet? Dec 2, 2013
Tony S: Fantastic! Lightweight and best of all it doesn't smell like sunscreen! It's become a must have and important part of my morning routine. Dec 1, 2013
Jiwoo A: My dad has a very sensitive skin. I am slightly worried that this may not work for him, but all the reviews are so good that I decided to give it a try. Dec 1, 2013
Debra A: spf 50 and moisturizing contents Nov 30, 2013
Dennis W: I want to try this. I usually use the Facial Fuel with SPF+15. Nov 26, 2013
Elizabeth B: requested Nov 25, 2013
Hsin-pin H: love it more than one word Nov 23, 2013
Richard G: UV protection Nov 22, 2013
Melissa W: Husband uses facial fuel, needed an spf Nov 22, 2013
Douglas S: Live in South Florida and need sun protection Nov 21, 2013
Krista S: A necessity in FL. My husband likes this. Nov 19, 2013
Janet B: son's choice Nov 19, 2013
Kellie T: No Nov 17, 2013
Patrick B: Never considered sun damage until now. Seemed like a good starting point. Nov 17, 2013
Brannon B: I live in Hawaii and need a high spf sunscreen. This is the best product to keep my face protected. Nov 17, 2013
kevan anthony b: lightweight and non-greasy Nov 17, 2013
William K: Wanted to try Nov 17, 2013
John T: I am very light skinned and need protection from the sun rays. Shopping at local stores in my area is not providing the skin products that I need. Nov 16, 2013
lori w: son says it is the best Nov 16, 2013
fernando t: Did not like this at all. From the texture to feel. Nov 15, 2013
John L: works good Nov 15, 2013
Antonio D: Great product if you like matte facial sun block Nov 14, 2013
Erin G: Non-greasy Nov 10, 2013
Lucy W: I wanted something for my dad that will help his skin as well as SPF protection. I know he won't use 2 products so this seems perfect. Nov 4, 2013
jonathan f: never tried it Oct 31, 2013
yuming w: Very light and not oily at all! My skin is super sensitive and I can still apply this on my body skin, very happy I found this! Oct 18, 2013
Tom C: Trying for the first time Oct 14, 2013
Zachary G: To try a high quality product that will make my skin feel good but also protect me from the sun Oct 13, 2013
Tetsuya I: for travel Sep 29, 2013
Bries D: Very light, non-greasy. Sep 29, 2013
Max H: Face protection Sep 27, 2013
Tiffany C: this is the only high SPF product here. Sep 26, 2013
Jhos S: I love this product, been using it since Januray Sep 24, 2013
LDeane T: I liked the reviews Sep 24, 2013
Kevin M B: Work outdoors. Needed SPF coverage. Love the Facial Fuel line of products. Sep 23, 2013
Rick C: protection from sun since i shave my skull regularly Sep 21, 2013
Ryan C: need spf protection i dont want to be 40 and look 60... Sep 20, 2013
Carole B: Gift for partner. I wish you had complimentary gift wrap Sep 14, 2013
Zi W: good Aug 23, 2013
James A: Need a good SPF 50 lotion to use everyday. I currently use Noxzema and it leaves my face oily. Aug 19, 2013
Jay G: Use facial fuel want more sun protection at times Aug 7, 2013
Paul L: Best lighest UV protection you can get....great for golf Aug 4, 2013
Mary-Ellen S: Never tried this one. Jul 13, 2013
Spencer F: all in one product, plus water resistant Jul 9, 2013
Kelsy K: Great for a week on the beach! Jun 28, 2013
Dean R: Been using Facial Fuel 15 for years and love it. Want to have some extra SPF protection. Jun 20, 2013
Alexander D: Try something new. Jun 20, 2013
yifan z: Protection from sun burn Jun 18, 2013
Kevin J E: "For my daughter-in-law to try." Jun 17, 2013
Aric N: Unlike most sunblock, it's so light that you barely feel it on my face. Haven't used it very long, but it doesn't seem to irritate my sensitive skin. Jun 16, 2013
Darren M: great stuff Jun 16, 2013
Adam L: Don't like the traditional sunblock on my face. Jun 15, 2013
Jacob H: I've used this product and really like it. Jun 14, 2013
Rebekah P: My husband has sensitive skin and the Facial Fuel line works well for him. He is also very fair-skinned and needs SPF. Jun 14, 2013
Jungyoup K: Since I like Facial Fuel Line Jun 13, 2013
Mark F: trying it for the first time because i was impressed with the spf 15 version. plan on using this on my shaved head! Jun 13, 2013
Robert G: it works May 27, 2013
Joseph E: oily skin sunscreen May 19, 2013
james H: no grease or ghost look May 16, 2013
Namgu K: wanna try this for summer May 9, 2013
Linda E: I wanted a lotion that had a good amount of SPF for my husband. He's outside a lot and I think the lotion with the sun protection is better than just a sun tan lotion. He's almost 70 - he deserves a treat. May 7, 2013
Kelley V: husband asked me to order May 6, 2013
EJ M: Sun Blocking May 5, 2013
Stephen C: to give it a try Apr 24, 2013
Larry L: For when outside to help with protection in the summer Apr 23, 2013
Paul B: I've used this product for several years. I used it when we lived in Santiago, Chile

Great protection best I've ever used
Apr 23, 2013
Tom S: Love Facial Fuel SPF 20, need to upgrade to SPF 50 for those days on the water. Apr 22, 2013
Darrel C: I am fair shinned and sensitive to sun. Have damaged shin due to many years in the sun. Am trying this for the first time. I hope I like it. Apr 22, 2013
Amanda W: My boyfriend needed a sunscreen and i wanted a lightweight, quality product. Also, this had good reviews. Apr 18, 2013
Deborah E: To help protect my boyfriend's beautiful head and face from the harsh rays of the south FLorida sun. Apr 15, 2013
Yetao W: Heard from friends. Mar 25, 2013
Dean C: High SPF number and I am at risk for skin cancer Mar 20, 2013
Robert G: First time purchase Feb 21, 2013
Abraham B: I have had skin cancer before Feb 6, 2013
Chulakorn A: Anti Aging Dec 30, 2012
JASON J: As a guy, this is a great product - is not greasy, oily, sticky, or leaves any residue. Dec 29, 2012
dennis b: Perfect after shave Dec 16, 2012
Zoe Ann L: family history of skin cancer Dec 13, 2012
Gina W: My husband loves this! Dec 10, 2012
Glen H: like the way it goes on without oiliness Dec 8, 2012
Raymond B: to use when I am going to be in the sun Dec 7, 2012
Peter V: gift for brother-in-law his request Dec 5, 2012
LAJEANNE M: My husband works outdoors all day and this sunscreen worked wonders for his skin. Nov 23, 2012
JEAN S: He needs an spf product Oct 27, 2012
Barbara S: Planning a summertime trip to several Pacific Islands, I knew a powerful sunscreen was in order. I believe I may have read about this in the NYT or WSJ. Very happy with it. Oct 22, 2012
Jeff B: At 51 years of age, fair skinned and extremely active outdoors; a great sunscreen is paramount. Particularly if you're in sales as I am; no one likes to look like a tired old sales man. Oct 19, 2012
Brandon M: great product Oct 14, 2012
Julie P: i tried this from my friend Sep 28, 2012
JONGHYUN H: need sun protect product, and my friend recommanded this Sep 27, 2012
CHRISTOPHER Y: great sunscreen...doesn't run when you sweat. Sep 23, 2012
Al P: Trying something new Sep 20, 2012
Chen Z: Wanna try Sep 19, 2012
Haas R: used mine up this summer, and i gotta have more even though the weather's cool! Sep 19, 2012
Sam C: i needed a sunblock specifically for a man's skin. something light, non oil, and a high spf. Sep 18, 2012
Alyson O: I think the men in my life need to be protected too. I ordered 3 for Father's Day gifts. Sep 18, 2012
warakorn t: love it Sep 16, 2012
Brandon B: Like Facial Fuel SPF 15 Aug 24, 2012
Douglas P: need a vitamin c moisturizer Aug 22, 2012
Linda D: My husband likes the other Facial Fuel products. Aug 19, 2012
celeste t: I purchased facial fuel because it's 50spf without moisturizer. I know some people like an all in one lotion, but having spf separate from my moisturizer allows me to to vary my moisturizer needs by season without losing out on spf protection. Aug 15, 2012
Jessica M: my husband loves regular facial fuel and he needs SPF Aug 14, 2012
jenny a: My husband want to see if the caffeine will make improvements on his skin condition Jul 26, 2012
LANCE J: It simply works! I'm an African American male with blemish prone skin from acne which causes hyperpigmentation. Since i've been using this product, my existing hypermigmentation has continually faded away gradually with no new hyperpigmentation to follow in other areas. Jul 19, 2012
Don K: extremely hot summer this year Jul 16, 2012
Brian C: If the facial fuel was good, hoping that this would be too. Jun 28, 2012
andrea l: I've heard great things about it, perfect on the days that 15 SPF isn't enough but still not too thick and oily Jun 25, 2012
Marlon M: New Product,Less smelly fron the original Jun 22, 2012
sangwan p: I want to use this one Jun 16, 2012
Rick F: The sun is not my friend Jun 14, 2012
Mark E: Sun damage to fair skin is the worst. Every time I step outside I'm recieving UV rays. At 40 I'm concerned about skin cancer. I hope this product will give added protection. Jun 11, 2012
bruce S: I've been using Super Fluid 50+, I want to try this product instead Jun 11, 2012
David K: Brand new...sounds great ...can't wait to try it! Jun 11, 2012
Phil F: New item that looks good for my sensitive skin Jun 8, 2012
Moira S: Article in New York Times Jun 7, 2012
Anne N: Read about it in the New York Times--liked mention of "firming" from caffeine content Jun 6, 2012
Steve G: This goes on very light and provided good sun protection. However, be aware that it has a scent that I could only describe as "tar", reminiscent of a strong anti-dandruff shampoo. I'll use this only when I'm doing stuff out doors, such as running or hiking. Jun 6, 2012
Kay J: My husband saw it in a magazine and wanted to try it. Jun 5, 2012
Krista S: My husband really liked the SPF15 Facial Fuel, but living in FL we feel we need stronger SPF. May 23, 2012
Eugene H: Hoping for a sunscreen that I'm not allergic to. May 18, 2012
Benjamin L: SPF 50 May 13, 2012
Justin P: Never tried it but all facial fuel products are excellent and am happy to see a higher SPF available. May 11, 2012
Nick P: for the spf May 9, 2012
jeff w: I am looking for a sunscreen that I can wear everyday. May 9, 2012
Patrick C: I wanted to start wearing a product with SPF May 7, 2012
timothy m: needed a facial sunscreen without feeling oily May 7, 2012
Zhen C: need one for summer, never tried May 6, 2012
Jennifer S: this is for my husband's sun production. May 6, 2012
Karen D: Want to try something new. Like that is spf 50. Like the facial fuel scrub. May 4, 2012
Dale B: Make frequent use of the other products in this line with very good results. Thought I'd give this one a try! May 1, 2012
Megan H: Trying a new face lotion with SPF Apr 30, 2012
Michael R: love the facial fuel line and need a strong spf for the upcoming summer. Apr 27, 2012
Ken M: I work outdoors everyday Apr 26, 2012
Connie L: I need a sun screen Apr 25, 2012
Adele C: My husband has very sensitive skin, his dark spots get worse in the summer. Apr 25, 2012
Celeste T asked: I'm confused, I thought Facial Fuel was just Super Fluid repackaged in a blue bottle for men, but the ingredients are totally different. Has anyone tried both? What's the difference between them? I understand that both are chemical sunscreens but Super Fluid seems to be more UVA/UVB protection based while Facial Fuel has more antioxidants and minerals. Aug 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: How does this differ from the Cross Terrain one, despite I guess the weight/texture of it? Apr 29, 2012
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Memphis P: My experience with Facial Fuel has been expectacular. It is liquidy enough for a quick and easy application as well as a light and thin coat. This has been by far the most impressive product I have ever tried. May 22, 2012
Reply to Memphis Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Daniel W: it is less greasy and can be used in conjunction with a regular moisturizer, which makes it very comfortable to use. May 21, 2012
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Richard B: Not familiar with Cross Terrain, but this is very light for a 50+. Small bottle though. May 24, 2012
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stefan b: This is much lighter and acts as a true sunscreen May 20, 2012
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A shopper asked: I'm out on the sun for at least 30 min daily, which protector would be better for me Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+ or Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50 ?
I do sweat but also have oily skin
Sep 9, 2013
Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50
Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50
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Peter C: The Facial Fuel is lighter than the Cross Terrain, so if you have oily skin I'd go with the former. The Cross Terrain is pretty heavy (almost waxy) but it works extremely well for a long day outdoors when you are sweating and/or in the water often. Sep 12, 2013
Reply to Peter Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
erick f: I would go with the cross terrain. Because it is not a lotion but more like a wax or paste, it stays on better even when sweating. It is actually the best sunscreen I have used for the face in terms of not dripping away when sweating or stinging my eyes. Sep 9, 2013
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Luis T: Cross terrain felt thicker to me, so in the summer heat I prefer facial fuel, I have normal to dry skin and don't sweat much. My advice is, time to get some samples and try them out in your routine Sep 10, 2013
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Lynn o: I would go for the cross terrain if you perspire it seems to stay in place better Sep 9, 2013
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AlEast asked: Which sunscreen would be better recommended between the Cross-terrain UV face protector and the Facial Fuel UV Guard?
I'm out on the sun daily for at least 30 min and I do sweat and have oily skin.
Sep 9, 2013
Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
Facial Fuel UV Guard SPF 50+
Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50
Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF 50
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gerardo f: I'm exactly like you. I have been using the Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector SPF50 and it while it's a wax like substance, when you apply it, it does not feel greasy and it lasts ALL day! I'm a long course triathlete and I apply it once and then forget it. I use it on face, ear and neck. SUPER product, highly recommend it! Sep 9, 2013
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erik n: I've only used the cross terrain between the two, but it seems to work great and stay on during my workouts. Sep 9, 2013
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David S: UV Guard Sep 9, 2013
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A shopper asked: it says to wear this in conjunction w/ moisturizer, but i am looking for a spf/moiturizer combo, do i really need do use a moisturizer under this? Mar 1, 2013
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DAVID B: Assuming you're a male, I would suggest using the Facial Fuel with the SPF if you want both a moisturizer and SPF coverage on a normal (non-beach/outdoor) day. It's much easier to use one product (obviously). I actually returned the product your are inquiring about; I didn't like the feeling after wearing it. I love Kiehls, but this product was not up to par with my expectations, especially at this price point. Apr 11, 2013
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gary b: no Mar 1, 2013
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A shopper asked: What are the UVA and UVB filter in this suncreen? Is this a physical or chemical sunscreen? If chemical what are they?
Jun 20, 2012
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Dale S: It contains avobenzone, 3%; homosalate, 15%; octisalate, 5%; octocrylene, 5% and oxybenzone, 6% but don't bother with this sunscreen. It is almost as thin as water. Keeping it in your hand before applying is difficult. I don't recommend it. Jun 20, 2012
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Jonathan R: I believe it provides (primarily) chemical protection from both UVA and UVB - the active ingredients the packaging lists and what I know about them is listed below (I'm not an expert):

Avobenzone (3%) - UVA chemical protection
Homosalate (15%) - Blocks UV rays around 300 nm
Octisalate (5%) - weak UVB protection
Octocrylene (5%) -abosorbs UVB and short wave UVA and works to boots other agents effectiveness.
Oxybenzone 6% - also UVB and short wave UVA protection

There may also be some physical protection, but I do not know ,these would not be listed as active ingredients. I have no personal information to share since it was a gift. I hope this helps.
Jun 22, 2012
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A shopper asked: Seems inconvenient because another moisturizer is needed in conjunction with this product. Is there a benefit over using an all-in-one moisturizer and SPF product? Thanks. Jun 11, 2012
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Ken M: This product is great! I work and play outdoors all day long kayaking, fishing and golfing. I don't use a separate moisturizer. The sunscreen spreads out very evenly and works great. I'll be buying more soon.

Jun 12, 2012
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DAVID B: I agree. Its another step. I would suggest going with the Facial Fuel moisturizer with and SPF. There will soon be more men's products that combine some of these steps, much like the recently introduced women's "BB" products. I am looking forward to these products. Jun 12, 2012
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A shopper asked: Can I wear this over the Facial Fuel No Shine Hydrator and still have a matte look? Feb 17, 2014
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Susan N: I purchased this for my husband so I am not sure as he uses a different moisturizer but he never looks shiney. Feb 18, 2014
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A shopper asked: Is this product for men who work outside.. And do I have to keep reapplying ? Oct 3, 2013
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Rachel W: I got this for my husband, and I use the super fluid UV defense every day. The facial fuel has a slightly thinner consistency, but is really close to the UV defense. If you put it on early in the morning you should put a bit more on your nose and cheeks if you're in direct sun at noon and are sweating a lot. I would typically put it on around 10am and be in the sun until 2 without reapplication. It absorbs well and stays on. The little bottle lasts longer than you'd think, is great for everyday use, doesn't smell, and doesn't leave a heavy residue. It's very thin and watery. Khiels makes great no-nonsense products. I'd highly recommend this product for every day use outside! Oct 3, 2013
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Manju M asked: can we dirctly apply Facial fuel UV guard SPF 50 on face? Feb 21, 2013
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Haas R: Yes, I do!!! It's a great moisturizer, too. Feb 21, 2013
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Geoff C asked: What makes this better than the sunscreen I can buy at the drug store? Jan 18, 2013
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Manju M: can we dirctly apply Facial fuel UV guard SPF 50 on face? Feb 21, 2013
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A shopper asked: I'm confused. The packaging says to put it on UNDER your moisturizer and the site here says to put it on after. Which is most effective or does it not matter? Jul 13, 2012
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Heedong P: 1. Moisturizer
2. Sun block

This should be a correct sequence of applying it.
Jul 13, 2012
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A shopper asked: With more options available I'm growing confused as what to stick to...I understand variety is good but all the sunscreen products seem to offer the same thing (SPF 50+) yet differ in weird ways. For example, I'm confused as to why they have a Facial Fuel 15 and 50, might as well get the 50 right? But I'm "weirded out" by having caffeine in it. Any thoughts on Facial Fuel 50 vs 15 vs Super Fluid? Jun 1, 2012
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Jonathan R: I'm not sure why they have different SPFs but it could be that they have different chemical ingredients that some people may wish to avoid or simply one may be lighter than the other - I only use the daily moisturizer because it doesn't clump on stubble. As for the caffeine, people and "studies" claim it helps with cellulite and dark circles because it is a diuretic but as far as I know you really cannot absorb caffeine though the skin (could be wrong) - I think it is just a trend in beauty products. On a completely subjective note, I do feel better when I use this product and I do see a noticeable improvement in skin color when I apply it. Jun 22, 2012
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A shopper asked: Is this product alcohol free? May 1, 2014
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A shopper asked: What type of sunscreen is best for short hair or a bald head ? Mar 11, 2014
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A shopper asked: What about 50+ Facial Fuel UV Guard for Women? Loved it in the past and now have trouble finding what I need. HELP!!! Feb 11, 2013
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Jian Q asked: can this product use for both face and body? May 15, 2014
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Heedong P: This is a good product, but the bottle is small. Therefore, I suggest to use it on face only, otherwise it will use up so rapidly. May 15, 2014
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GERALD R: I use it for all body parts May 15, 2014
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