Aromatic Blends: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit - Liquid Body Cleanser

Experience 24-hour softness

A skin-softening scented body cleanser that transforms into a rich, lathering foam to gently cleanse and condition skin. Formulated without sulfates and proven to provide 24 hours of skin softness.


  • A blend of Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit
  • Accented by ginger and rounded out with soothing notes of soy milk and white musk


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"The scent of this sulfate-free body cleanser is so light and sweet; it's irresistible!"

Roshini, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-For use in the shower, apply cleanser directly to a wet body sponge or washcloth;
-Or, foam up several palmsful over the body and rinse off
-For use in the bath, allow two or three capsful (or more, if desired) to disperse under running bath water for a sheerly delightful foaming bath experience
-Follow with use of the Kiehl's body moisturizer appropriate for your skin type

Aromatic Blends: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit - Liquid Body Cleanser
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Kathleen M: Great smell, but not too strong of a scent on your skin. Sep 15, 2014
Ann R: It smells wonderful and helps soften skin Sep 8, 2014
Joan L: I wanted to try it & I like it. Sep 2, 2014
Roberta S: Like the smell and how soft it makes my body feel. Sep 1, 2014
Kate H: like the fresh scent Aug 13, 2014
allison n: Smells wonderful and makes me feel great all day. Aug 13, 2014
Robert H: love smell! Aug 9, 2014
Anya L: texture&smell love it Aug 9, 2014
Kathleen J: My current bottle is almost empty and this is my all time FAVORITE cleanser. Out of all the aromatic blends, this is the one my husband loves on my skin and always says how amazing it smells! This is a plus, since I have tried so many over the years. Thank You Keihl's for making such amazing products that are good for us. Aug 6, 2014
Juri H: a treat for myself Jul 29, 2014
Paula H: Like this, cleanser and aroma Jul 24, 2014
Maggie C: This is my favorite bath gel and I have tried many. The sent is light, lathers well and leaves my skin clean without leaving it dry. You must give this one a try you will not be disappointed! Jul 23, 2014
Nadiya A: Friend told me to try it Jul 10, 2014
Nancy W: Love this body wash. Jun 30, 2014
Marjorie C P: My sister sent me her samples of this product and I absolutely loved it. Fresh and aromatic without being strong. Jun 20, 2014
Jennifer B: My husband loves the scent so it's a win win other than the fact I have to buy double the amount now! Jun 18, 2014
elise m: love this product, it has actually healed my skin Jun 3, 2014
Katy R: Trying a new product and I love the fragrance May 30, 2014
Lynor C B: Light, refreshing fragrance that is moisturizing May 26, 2014
Zhang Y: like it May 22, 2014
Kathryn S: LOVE this scent! May 19, 2014
Kathryn D: Smells amazing! May 19, 2014
Lynette R: Love the smell! May 18, 2014
Emily K: Smells beautiful! May 17, 2014
tade a: smells awesome May 16, 2014
Jennifer P: i use the other body wash and wanted to try the grapefruit May 15, 2014
Mary S R: To try! May 15, 2014
Carole C: I like the smell May 14, 2014
Ryan M: It smells great!! May 2, 2014
janet e: wanted to try Apr 6, 2014
Dimin L: Feels so fresh and smells clean Mar 26, 2014
zhengqi l: want to try Mar 22, 2014
Judith D: Pampering for the new Mom, and I love grapefruit scent! Mar 19, 2014
Krista W: Love it! Mar 19, 2014
sunny o: want to try Mar 18, 2014
Norma W: Adore the fragrance! Feb 15, 2014
Dalina S: Love the smell! Jan 16, 2014
Adela H: Softening and smells so good. Jan 1, 2014
bernice s: I like it and it is no longer available at Nordstrom. Dec 31, 2013
Derek B: Love it. Use it all the time Dec 31, 2013
karen p: I love fresh citrusy blends Dec 30, 2013
Melissa W: So luxurious Dec 24, 2013
Garry S: My wife asked for this as a stocking stuffer! Dec 19, 2013
TRACEY D: let me go on with my purchase Dec 17, 2013
Lesa B: Lev this stuff. My girlfriend Luis it as well so it's a Xmas gift. Dec 17, 2013
Ronnie M: My Favorite! Dec 17, 2013
Kathleen Z: Gift Dec 13, 2013
Carole H: For a gift...just heard how great your products are Dec 11, 2013
Ellen H: Love the fragrance and the feel of the lotion Dec 3, 2013
justin p: i use it Dec 2, 2013
Tracy M: Oh, that scent! That light, refreshing, luxurious, clean-smelling incredible scent! Plus it has a great feel and a little goes a long ways. Dec 2, 2013
Scott V: 50% OFF Dec 1, 2013
Kristen G: the great smell and it leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry Dec 1, 2013
Nancy P: Love the smell of this. Bright, fresh, and clean. Dec 1, 2013
Daisy B: my mom wanted this for christmas Dec 1, 2013
Rachel S: LOVE the way this smells! It lasts all day long! Dec 1, 2013
Tyler H: want to try Nov 29, 2013
Kimberly J: gift Nov 29, 2013
Jeremy B: Smells awesome! Nov 29, 2013
Melissa W: gift Nov 28, 2013
Leslie S: Sounds like it would smell good. Nov 28, 2013
Jennifer S: sounds like it smells great Nov 28, 2013
William B: Gift Nov 28, 2013
Barbara C: Read reviews. Sounded nice Nov 28, 2013
minshui h: want to try Nov 28, 2013
Jenny S: To try Nov 28, 2013
Tanya P: Lovely scent. Fresh, light and a mild citrus scent that I love. Nov 28, 2013
Johanny T: My boyfriend's favorite body wash. He has sensitive skin and swears by this product. Nov 27, 2013
Lisa C: Beautiful scent! Nov 26, 2013
Carol K: Read that it was a favorite of a fashion designer so thought it would make a nice stocking stuffer for daughter-in-law Nov 25, 2013
wonkyo J: i love the smell. The best scent ever. Nov 18, 2013
Carol R: Christmas gift to someone who likes this product. Nov 17, 2013
francesca f: have used your body cleansers before and love them. i love grapefruit. Nov 16, 2013
Deborah G: This is a favorite for guests who stay at our home - the scent is refreshing and everyone loves showering with it. Nov 5, 2013
Alexandra L: I love this product! It smells great and keeps my skin VERY soft! It also helps me feel very relaxed after a shower so I tend to use this product at night before bed. Nov 5, 2013
Karen B: Love the smell! Nov 4, 2013
samantha b: love the smell of this. it is the perfect body cleanser. Nov 3, 2013
xinmiao y: i want try Oct 14, 2013
Amy W: i like the fragrance, not too strong. Sep 29, 2013
haoyuan f: lovely lovely smell. Sep 29, 2013
Lisa G: Love the smell and it really does make my skin softer. Sep 26, 2013
Ashley S: Love the fragrance Sep 20, 2013
Michelle R: The scent is wonderful. Very clean and fresh. Great way to wake up and start the day. Sep 20, 2013
Elaine B: Because I love the lotion Aug 18, 2013
Ruby H: recommended Aug 16, 2013
Laura R B: Is my fav shower gel. Addicted! Aug 15, 2013
Daren C: My wife loves the scent. She hasn't tried the cleanser, but I'm hoping she'll like it. Aug 14, 2013
Patricia H: I was visiting in California and the person where I was staying had samples of these.
It was one of the best smelling skin care products I have ever encountered
Aug 12, 2013
Janine S: I have this at home and it is the first body wash I've used that doesn't dry out my skin. Jul 20, 2013
Kathleen H: Love this product! got my first as a gift on the Ellen Show and am hooked! Jul 16, 2013
Sue F: Love the fragrance and it gives a great lather Jun 18, 2013
Lori G: I like aromatic washes and wanted to try Jun 17, 2013
Jeeny J: I usually use a soap for body wash but my friend told me it's a great product! Jun 17, 2013
Barbara z: What a delight this product is! A soft, sweet female. Kiehl's does it all right!! Apr 14, 2013
Michelle M: Ratings on the smell of product Feb 18, 2013
Jerri G: sounds like a pretty fragarance Jan 18, 2013
Caryn D H: Haven't tried it. Jan 1, 2013
Joanne S: Liked scent description Dec 30, 2012
Tamara S: The scent of pink grapefruit has peaked my interst Dec 27, 2012
Carolyn W W: I love the fragrance and it is light. Dec 24, 2012
Shieko U: curious and trying based on review Dec 12, 2012
Mstthew B: I really like grapefruit. Dec 11, 2012
Jeanine K: Sounds interesting -- a nice treat for myself! Dec 10, 2012
Chris P: Intense fragrance helps me wake up. Dec 8, 2012
Anne R: It's a gift for my sister. She asked for it for Christmas. Dec 7, 2012
KUMIKO S: Love it Dec 7, 2012
Sherry A: Like the scent of Grapefruit. Nov 14, 2012
Wendy K: This is one of the new products. I want to try, seems the flavor is quite appealing. Oct 30, 2012
Francine F: I've used your body cleansers for many years and thought I'd try a new fragrance. I love the scent of citrus but am not familiar with Nashi Blossom. Aug 19, 2012
Catherine W: I love grapefruit, scent especially pink grapefruit. It wakes me up in the morning Aug 9, 2012
Corunna C: I've never smelled the Nashi Blossom, but as I love the smell of pink grapefruit, I'm very interested in trying this cleanser. Jul 28, 2012
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