Aromatic Blends: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit - Hand & Body Lotion Sample

Introducing an enticing range of fragrances highlighting exotic ingredients from around the globe. Our Aromatic Blends Skin-Softening Body Lotion is formulated with squalene, shea butter and botanical oils to ensure skin is nourished from the inside – out.  Indulge skin in 24 hours of hydration and soothing nourishment without silicones.  

Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit: A surprising blend of Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit, accented by ginger and rounded out with soothing notes of soy milk and white musk.  This harmonious aroma evokes imagery of the Kyoto Gardens in Japan - a peaceful place where dewy, white flowers of this pear often flourish.  This fresh, floral aroma was mixed with the Brazilian-born Pink Grapefruit, which heightens the sensory experience with a rich sweet scent, imbued with hints of tropical Mandarin Orange. 

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Aromatic Blends: Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit - Hand & Body Lotion Sample
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Karen L: wanted to try this product Sep 15, 2014
Pragathi K: Curious about the lotion and the scent. Sep 15, 2014
Jia H: sounds like interesting smell Sep 13, 2014
Qian L: like Sep 9, 2014
Allyfon D: Love the scent! It's long lasting and clean smelling. Aug 31, 2014
mary f: want to try scent. Aug 27, 2014
Steven W: Have not used this product. Aug 18, 2014
Michelle H: try something new Aug 10, 2014
Yi-Ju C: want to try it Aug 10, 2014
Mengpin G: try scent Aug 9, 2014
Alette P: whim Aug 9, 2014
Amelia P: I love grapefruit scents, but I'm not sure how it will work in a lotion, why not try? Jul 31, 2014
Lyle F A: If I like it, I'd buy in the future. Jul 18, 2014
kimberly g: first time Jul 14, 2014
Charlotte S: seems like it would be a nice smell Jul 14, 2014
Roxanne K: Wanted to try it--sounded so wonderful Jul 9, 2014
Robin C: I love grapefruit! Jul 2, 2014
Revis M: Curiosity Jun 12, 2014
Xingchao N: good Jun 6, 2014
SUE C: I have never tried it. Wanted to see if it would be a new item for me. May 30, 2014
Elaine J: wanted to see what it smells like - never heard of nashi, sounds cool. May 19, 2014
Stephanie M: I LOVE all things grapefruit when it comes to an invigorating scent to liven up my day, May 19, 2014
Wanjong K: Want to try it. May 18, 2014
Danielle T: I love the scent of grapefruit. May 16, 2014
Rachada C: like to try May 15, 2014
DIANE V W: This is a repeat purchase. I like the combination of citrus and floral fragrances, which are light and not overpowering. May 15, 2014
Carole C: Travel May 14, 2014
V H: like the grapefruit scent May 14, 2014
Mary S: Sounded like a nice fragrance, wanted to try it. Apr 13, 2014
Christina K: love the smell and softness Apr 9, 2014
Nery P: To smell it Apr 8, 2014
Cindy L: want to try the smell and texture Mar 23, 2014
Hyojin L: like this Mar 23, 2014
Brenda R: Excited to try new products. Thanks for providing samples because I never try anything in the store due to unpredictable allergies. Mar 22, 2014
Dawn S: I love the way grapefruit lotion or wash smells. Mar 21, 2014
Emily M: The scent seemed interesting Mar 17, 2014
Susie H: To try the lotion and the scent. Mar 1, 2014
YUNXIA H: TRY Feb 24, 2014
Brooke G: I've used this before and really liked it. Feb 17, 2014
Tara D: Description sounds like it would smell good Feb 14, 2014
julie s: I wanted to smell the fragrance Feb 12, 2014
Princess S: I haven't tried this and it seems like a good scent combo. Feb 5, 2014
Betty S: I like grapefruit scented products Feb 3, 2014
Elissa J: Scent Jan 29, 2014
Rachel R: grapefruit---thought I'd try this one Jan 17, 2014
chrarlene t: Did not uses, did not like the smell Jan 13, 2014
Meng-Shan T: The scent. Dec 17, 2013
maria d: i dont know Dec 12, 2013
Naomi S: I have been wanting to smell this fragrance. Dec 5, 2013
M P: Love grapefruit! Dec 4, 2013
Heidi B: interested in trying it out Dec 4, 2013
Whitney W: Sounded like it smelled good Dec 4, 2013
Rosalyn W: wanted to try product Dec 4, 2013
Ann M: Didin't think the options were great, so I picked something on the practical side...lotion

I would have liked to see more of the wrinkle free/ reducer/ etc...
Dec 4, 2013
Margaret W: Try Dec 4, 2013
Kristin B: I love the smell of grapefruit! Dec 4, 2013
Kathleen W: love the smell of grapefruit Dec 4, 2013
Sunny M: I have used the lotion before, and I liked the smell & feel of it on my body. Dec 4, 2013
Jessie H: Want to see what it smells like. Dec 3, 2013
Sharmin R: I want to try it Dec 3, 2013
Debra V: try it Dec 3, 2013
Laurice K: Fragrance Dec 3, 2013
David J: For the wife Dec 2, 2013
Laura K: I was curious and I miss the old scented lotions they used to have. Dec 2, 2013
Reta C: want to try Dec 2, 2013
Michelle B: I wanted to try a new scent - I love the others I've tried. Dec 2, 2013
Kate D: Love the smell! Dec 2, 2013
YUMEI H: HAVE A TRY Dec 1, 2013
Denisha B: Great light and feminine scent Dec 1, 2013
MAYUKA A: curious Dec 1, 2013
Amy F: be curious Dec 1, 2013
Akane I: I just want to try. Nov 30, 2013
Ying L: try it Nov 30, 2013
Sijia L: try Nov 28, 2013
Monique F: Cannot get enough of scented products lately. Appreciate the naturalness of this scent. Nov 28, 2013
Charmaine Regina A: Just wanted to try it out Nov 28, 2013
Maureen M: Love the grapefruit smell on other products. Nov 23, 2013
Kate S: looking for a new hand lotion Nov 21, 2013
Jennifer P: curious Nov 17, 2013
Jae Hee K: wanted to try Nov 15, 2013
jiejun l: i want to try this product Nov 14, 2013
Barbara S: Wanted to try something new Nov 10, 2013
kelly g: new to kiehls, wanted to try it. i have very dry skin and live in the desert. Nov 3, 2013
Mengjia X: wanna try it Nov 2, 2013
suely c: aromatic Nov 2, 2013
Deborah L: looking for Xmas gifts.. wanted to try before buy Oct 29, 2013
Min-Ji H: curious about the scent Oct 24, 2013
Jamie C: Curious about the scent. Oct 24, 2013
Robin H: Interested in the scent. Oct 20, 2013
Diane K: Really liked the feel and smell of this. Oct 20, 2013
Scott M: To share with my sister, who I think will enjoy it. Oct 8, 2013
JENNIFER K: I like grapefruit; I like lotion. It was a win-win Sep 28, 2013
don b: daughters like it Sep 23, 2013
Renzi A: I love the scent Sep 22, 2013
Laura K: Sounds like a refreshing fragrance. Sep 13, 2013
June P: Tried sample, wanted to share with friend. Aug 30, 2013
Aubrey R: My sister got this and raved about it! Aug 28, 2013
ethelinda r: the scent Aug 26, 2013
Yolanda G: These Aromatic Blends all smell and feel great! It's hard to choose each time I go to the store. Aug 26, 2013
Karen A: love aromatics Aug 26, 2013
Joy C: I just want to take a chance. Aug 16, 2013
Mary M: I have never tried it. Aug 15, 2013
jenny j: I love lotions, and this smells great Aug 15, 2013
Sarah W: wanted to check out the scent before buying Aug 2, 2013
Ronda S: just to try it & see if I like it Jul 31, 2013
maxine l: want to try the scent, since kiehls doesn't make my favorite scents anymore Jul 22, 2013
Victoria O: Have grapefruit scented lotion
from another company and want to compare
Jul 21, 2013
Jessica J: The scent sounds like something I'll find pleasing. Jul 21, 2013
Dawn L: always looking for nice body lotion with fragrance Jul 21, 2013
sandra c: want to see what it smells like Jul 20, 2013
Laurie C: Wanted to try something new to me. I love a grapefruit scent. Jul 19, 2013
Darlene M. W: This will be the first time I'm trying this. Jul 19, 2013
Felicity M: Want to try it Jul 16, 2013
Carly S: I have dry skin. Jul 15, 2013
Cynthia G: Want to try. Jul 15, 2013
Deborah H: I love Kiehls body lotion and wanted to try one of their lotions that had fragrance. Jul 8, 2013
evan D: My girlfriend uses offensively smelling lotion from BBW. My plan is to give her my samples and convert her to one of these scents. Unfortunately there are four scents and I only have three samples. Hopefully she will like one of these. Jul 5, 2013
Young L: New product; curious. Scent sounded great. Jun 24, 2013
Robert C: I think it might smell good Jun 17, 2013
Jane L: good opportunity to try this Jun 8, 2013
Katie L: i think it will smell good Jun 6, 2013
laura m: i like my skin to smell clean but not overpowering, just that special something, hoping this is it May 22, 2013
Deborah S: love the smell of Grapefruit May 20, 2013
YIJIAO S: want to see whether i like the scent May 20, 2013
Yoojin C: love aromatic May 19, 2013
CAROLYN C: new to me May 14, 2013
Carol L: Wanted to try other Keihl's products May 13, 2013
Kathe F: Smells AMAZING! May 11, 2013
Colleen C: just to try May 6, 2013
Yih-ting H: Friend wanted it May 5, 2013
Eunji Y: I just want to try this one ! so that i can purchase next time if i like it May 4, 2013
Emily D: free sample, love grapefruit! smells delcicious May 2, 2013
Nalat J: I love this scent. Apr 30, 2013
MoonY K: to try it for once:) Apr 29, 2013
TING-I L: want to know how it smells Apr 26, 2013
Kat T: I wanted to see if the scent smelled good. I also wanted to try another lotion product of yours because I love the Creme de Corps Apr 21, 2013
Xiaomin S: THIS LOTION IS GOOD. Apr 21, 2013
Soyoon H: I am looking for a good moisturizing and nice fragrance hand cream. I wanted to try blossom hand cream. Apr 18, 2013
Eileen S: I wanted to try this fragrance Apr 15, 2013
Heeyoung K: Just want to try Apr 14, 2013
XIAOXIAO P: I like natural flavor Apr 10, 2013
Allyson C: i like grapefruit Apr 4, 2013
Katherine M: sounds like smells good Apr 1, 2013
Wonkyo J: blossom and grapefruit sounds good. expecting it to smell very good. Apr 1, 2013
Delores S: Wanted to try it. Mar 30, 2013
Erin S: Smells great Mar 29, 2013
Lauren D: like most smells with pink grapefruit Mar 29, 2013
Doris D: to try the scent -
if I like it, then, maybe, I'll try the perfume
Mar 27, 2013
Qiuning X: like it Mar 25, 2013
Gale L: I wanted to check out the fragrance before I bought it. Mar 25, 2013
DAN W: want to try the smell Mar 25, 2013
Andrew L: something new Mar 24, 2013
Zsuzsanna H: The name sounded exotic. I wanted to check out. Mar 23, 2013
Kathleen R: Can't wait to smell this! Mar 23, 2013
Jan L: I want to try it Mar 20, 2013
Claire P: I love lotions, and want to see if i like this scent. Mar 15, 2013
Vickie S: I like the smell of grapefruit Mar 15, 2013
Janet R: Love the scent! Feb 20, 2013
Patricia B: New product (to me). Thought I'd give it a try. Isn't that what free samples are all about? Feb 18, 2013
Holland B: Like th sound of the fragrance Feb 10, 2013
Michael N: Sampling hand moisturizers as my hands have been dry lately. Feb 9, 2013
Barbara E: Good Review Feb 9, 2013
Sally C: want to try this Feb 8, 2013
maxine s: wanted to try it out Feb 5, 2013
Valerie B: I love the smell of pink grapefruit anything. Jan 29, 2013
Yen-chen C: like the aroma Jan 25, 2013
Dori T: smells great Jan 24, 2013
DOLORES W: I am hoping to find a soft light fragrance in hand and body lotion that agrees with my body chemistry. Jan 22, 2013
Margaret C: to try something new Jan 17, 2013
Ji Yeon Y: I am curious about the Kiehl's body wash Jan 12, 2013
Jeffrey J: Interested in trying it. Jan 10, 2013
Brenda M: to try it Jan 9, 2013
Ruth K: Love the smell! Effective hydration. Dec 16, 2012
Kimberly H: Want to try it. Nov 25, 2012
charlisa m: always love a good smelling hand lotion Nov 23, 2012
Grace C: Pretty fruity/ floral smell is a mood lifter Nov 23, 2012
judy h: Future possible gifting. I understand the frangrance is soothing. Nov 22, 2012
Nicole E: Sounds like the fragrance is wonderful Nov 21, 2012
Siding L: I want to try it. Nov 20, 2012
Claire W: The ingredients appealed Nov 19, 2012
Eryn B: new, haven't tried it yet Nov 17, 2012
Stephanie K: if I like the aroma, maybe i will purchase the perfume in the future Nov 17, 2012
XI L: trying to find a nice body lotion Nov 16, 2012
Sue Been P: I'm looking for hand/body lotion but I am wondering about the scent of the lotion. Nov 4, 2012
Michelle G: Wanted to try the scent. Nov 3, 2012
gay d: same--need a scented lotion for winter and want to try this. Nov 2, 2012
carol c: wondered what it smelled like Oct 30, 2012
Christina M: looks like It smells good Oct 27, 2012
Anita S: wanted to try! Oct 26, 2012
Linda R: to try Oct 24, 2012
Kay B: Want to try Oct 24, 2012
Cathleen G: want to try the new scents Oct 11, 2012
Max C: try a new product Oct 2, 2012
Myra E. A: love grapefruit scents Oct 2, 2012
MENGXUE Z: smell good Sep 24, 2012
Linda M: looking for a nice hand cream and love grapefruit Sep 23, 2012
Cheryl S: love the smell of grapefruit. wanted to try this out Sep 23, 2012
Susan R: To see if it is a good light hand cream Sep 23, 2012
Ay-Lih W: To try out the new product line! Sep 22, 2012
Erin P: first time customer and I love trying new scents Sep 22, 2012
Luna C: I want to try your new scents. Sep 18, 2012
Lee W: I love pink grapefruit! Sep 17, 2012
Melissa C: Just to try it Sep 7, 2012
Eva K R: sounds delicious! Aug 30, 2012
erin j: I love the scent of pink grapefruit. Aug 21, 2012
Kayla M: It sounded like a scent I would like to wear. Aug 5, 2012
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