Midnight Recovery Eye

A restorative eye treatment for younger-looking eyes by morning
  • Leaves under-eye skin feeling strengthened and replenished
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduces puffiness and dark under-eye circles
  • Infused with the same natural ingredients as Midnight Recovery Concentrate plus Butcher’s Broom, which improves microcirculation and reduces inflammation
  • No parabens, fragrance, mineral oil or silicones
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"This eye treatment works like magic. It fixes my dark circles over night!"

Ramon, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-Dispense 2 drops of eye treatment onto fingertips
-Gently pat under eyes and along the orbital bone without pulling the skin

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A signature Kiehl’s ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

Lavender Essential Oil helps soothe and stimulate skin's repair process for fresher looking eyes.

Evening Primrose Oil is an effective on skin barrier repair and boosting radiance.

Butcher's Broom improves microcirculation and reduces inflammation to soothe skin and reduce puffiness.

Midnight Recovery Eye
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
robin L: have been using it for a few years, like it Sep 16, 2014
Kimberly K: I have been using the midnight recovery for a few months now and have had great results with diminishing under-eye puffiness and dark circles. The product works well. Sep 16, 2014
Darden R: like the product Sep 16, 2014
stephanie b: Wanted an eye cream Sep 16, 2014
Caleb W: Enjoyed the sample, noticeable difference within three days. Sep 14, 2014
Sisi W: hope to make my dark circle light Sep 14, 2014
kristine c: Works great. Sep 14, 2014
Jackie W: No matter what time my infant wakes me up my eyes never show it with this treatment. I love this product Sep 13, 2014
Jamee H: I'm curious of how this will work. Sep 13, 2014
Ruthie H: I've wanted to try this as a night-time alternative to to the Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate Sep 12, 2014
Irene H: Travel size Sep 12, 2014
Adrienne D: No parabens and fragrances. Also attracted to the night recovery aspect. Sep 12, 2014
Maria J: I'm looking for good eye cream Sep 11, 2014
Carl H: Products have a good reputation; so, these are a trial to see if they are effective. Sep 10, 2014
Sharon H: Sounds like it works Sep 10, 2014
Patricia C: I am anxious to try this product. Sep 9, 2014
John Y: Noticeable effects after 1 week of use. Sep 8, 2014
Kathleen W: good reviews Sep 8, 2014
Christy B: I chose this based on the awards its receive. Sep 8, 2014
Cynthia C: Love it! Sep 7, 2014
Yicen W: FIRST TRY Sep 7, 2014
Amy C: Trying it for the first time! Sep 7, 2014
Wendy Z: that is fitting me. Sep 6, 2014
Vernon F: No Sep 6, 2014
Irene H: for dark circle and puffness Sep 1, 2014
Aysha H: one of my friends recommended Sep 1, 2014
Zixiao G: I wanna try this because my roommate is using it now, and her eyes just looks different than before using it and I think it is very worth to have it. Sep 1, 2014
Lynn H: I've used this before and LOVE it, I have been out for awhile, excited to get back to using it again. Aug 31, 2014
Jira C: I got an order from my brother-in-law from oversea. Aug 31, 2014
Christine C: I love Eye Alert and thought this sounded like a great complimentary product. Hope it's as good as Eye Alert! Aug 30, 2014
Ting X: randomly, I thought it was the set with midnight recovery concentrate. Aug 29, 2014
Deborah R: wrinkles Aug 29, 2014
Heather K: Primarily due to the amazing smell of the Recovery serum. I would purchase anything in the line due to the smell of lavender and rosemary. Aug 29, 2014
Myrna M: Reviews where wonderful! Aug 28, 2014
Sheri T: I have tried so many eye creams. Hope this one is the one. Aug 27, 2014
FONG YEE C: I see noticeable improvement with the fine lines around the eyes. Aug 26, 2014
terri m: this is a great product Aug 26, 2014
sue c: works great Aug 26, 2014
Linda H: I RELY ON IT REGULARLY! Aug 26, 2014
Kelly B: I was pleased with all the reviews I read and I trust the opinion of Allure magazine Aug 25, 2014
Sasha A: Noticing eye dullness and droopiness at only 24! Aug 24, 2014
Tracey G: to look well rested when i am not and to generally look younger Aug 21, 2014
Marisela R: read good reviews and I loved the midnight recovery concentrate, so hoping it's also great. Aug 19, 2014
Beth F: Would like to try it. Aug 19, 2014
fengyi l: i love it Aug 19, 2014
Cassidy P: Referred by a friend as a great product! Aug 18, 2014
Jennifer C: I have started getting wrinkles/puffiness and dark circles that I would like to fix. Aug 18, 2014
Ying W: to try it according to the review. Aug 17, 2014
Elnora B: I would like to try a product for my eyes that is applied at night. The description sounds to me what I have been looking for. Aug 17, 2014
Fabiola V: To know it Aug 17, 2014
Delores S: wanted to try it Aug 16, 2014
June L: I like this stuff. use it every day. Aug 15, 2014
Dashiell D: Customer reviews Aug 15, 2014
Stephanie M: helps amazingly with the bags and dark circles under my eyes. I have tried 2-3 samples of this and LOVE IT. Aug 15, 2014
Summer C: I love the midnight recovery concentrate so much, I thought I would give this a shot as well. Aug 15, 2014
Kitt M: I have been using this product for a while and love it. Much better than the other, higher priced creams I used to use. My tired old eyes look great Aug 13, 2014
Lacey C: undereye circles Aug 11, 2014
Malin M: Feel like my eyes are refresh when I am awake. Love it. Aug 10, 2014
Elyse G: My eyes look YEARS younger - lifts my sagging eyelid. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! I am 60 and my eyes look 40. Aug 10, 2014
Nicole M: Does a great job in moisturizing the eye area. Aug 10, 2014
Richard C A: works well Aug 10, 2014
Linda G: Really works day and night! a little goes along way. Aug 10, 2014
HEJIE Y: so far so good Aug 10, 2014
Ursel E: first time use Aug 10, 2014
Brian S: Works Aug 10, 2014
Anita C: I love this product, working magic for me. Aug 10, 2014
Donna W: This eye cream is simply the best. It is very lightweight and absorbs well. My 54 year old eye area looks more like 34! Aug 10, 2014
Roberta H: Yo try. Looking for new eye cream Aug 9, 2014
YEANJIN C: I need that now Aug 9, 2014
Kathy T: Wanted to try something new to get rid of puffiness and dark circles Aug 9, 2014
Sarita K: for dark circles and hydration Aug 9, 2014
Xuanxuan W: effective eye cream. my favorite so far Aug 9, 2014
Cathy W: I use this every night. It really works very well. I have allergies and live in a very hot climate, so I experience a bit of eye puffiness. I thought I might pick up a tube for my home and one for travel. Aug 8, 2014
maggie l: it's good for me. Aug 8, 2014
Carla P: Product received an award from Allure magazine Aug 7, 2014
Shuijing Y: nice Aug 6, 2014
Abby R: Helps skin around my eyes. Aug 5, 2014
vicki b: giving it a try Aug 1, 2014
Elizabeth H: if the concentrate is good then i thought this probably would be also Jul 28, 2014
Weixiao H: GOOD Jul 28, 2014
Miriam C: I use this every day. It's not too thick nor thin. Jul 28, 2014
Portia S: A little goes a long way. Jul 27, 2014
Sida G: I have dark circles under my eye Jul 27, 2014
Justin S: Comes highly recommended from all my homosexual male friends! Jul 25, 2014
Willie W: A friend recommended it and his skin looks great, Especially under the eyes. Jul 25, 2014
Shannon F: Google search on how to wake up with flawless eyes led me to this product Jul 23, 2014
Joan D: I read the reviews and it sounds like it's an amazing eye cream. I hope it works for me! Jul 22, 2014
Paul B: Use this on a regular basis. Still waiting for more results... Jul 21, 2014
Kay S: I want an eye cream for night use that helps with under eye swelling due to allergies. Jul 20, 2014
Kristina D: Trying the product because of how much I like the concentrate. Jul 19, 2014
Tissot P: for my wife Jul 19, 2014
Jiaxin H: just want to try. this is my first time to use kiehls' products. Jul 19, 2014
Raquel A: Love this eye cream, smooth, not greasy or sticky....saw a difference in a short period of time.....I am almost 50 years old, I don't have any crows feet or wrinkles but still use it in the hopes I will fight off wrinkles before they start to appear. I truly love this product can't live without it, I use it every night.... Jul 18, 2014
Julie M: Mentioned on blog as a great eye cream. Jul 18, 2014
Miki E: I love the avocado cream but thought I would try this for night time. Everyone always compliments my skin and I swear it's the Kiehl's products that I use daily. Jul 17, 2014
MA Y: friend recommended Jul 17, 2014
Dianne K: Great reviews. Jul 16, 2014
CARA K: want to try Jul 16, 2014
Snigdha B: Working on it.. Hoping for the best results!!! Jul 16, 2014
Theresa M: my eyes look awesome in the morning Jul 16, 2014
Paul H: it may do what it is supposed to based on customer reviews Jul 14, 2014
Charlotte S: nighttime eye routine for wrinkles Jul 14, 2014
Diana U: This stuff smells amazing and works even more amazingly. Love it! Jul 13, 2014
Marion C: Have used before and really liked the results. Jul 13, 2014
Mary H: Came highly recommended by a friend, will use it at night. Jul 13, 2014
Hollie G: Best eye cream ever! Jul 12, 2014
Sari H: crow's feet Jul 10, 2014
Angela E: I love it Jul 10, 2014
Rita G: I love the way it smells and your eyes look smoother and healthier in the morning. Jul 10, 2014
Angelina L: Can't wait to try this and see the result on my eyes. Jul 10, 2014
laura l: Repeat order... love the feel of it and I see it works Jul 9, 2014
KELLEY M: I am changing from a product I have been using over 6 years. I am excited to start using Kiehls. Jul 9, 2014
Yan J: women should pay attention to eyes, one can tell the age from the eyes. Jul 9, 2014
Dana H: want to try it and see if it is good. Jul 8, 2014
S T: Like it a lot. Jul 8, 2014
Kristi W: love the face stuff so thought I would try this Jul 7, 2014
Darla F: Nourishing cream. Skin drinks it up. Jul 7, 2014
Rachel N: Love it! Jul 7, 2014
Justin T: experiment Jul 6, 2014
Frankie H: Works Jul 5, 2014
Jia D: My friend uses this Jul 5, 2014
Thuy P: it had good reviews. Jul 2, 2014
LISA V: I like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and decided to give this a try. Jul 1, 2014
Hsin Jung L: friend told Jul 1, 2014
Bonniebelle R: It is a great product. Have used it for about 2 years and will continue using it. Jul 1, 2014
Diane R: Tried a small size and loved it. It makes a difference in the appearance of the under eye area. You look like you got a good night's sleep even when you haven't. Jul 1, 2014
larain v: i wanted to try it since i have such good results with the concentrate. Jun 30, 2014
Sherman C: gets results Jun 30, 2014
Rhonda W: a friend recommended Jun 30, 2014
Sharon B: Great product. Jun 30, 2014
Lateefa W: This product was recommended to me by a customer service rep Jun 29, 2014
amelia n: interesting concept - looking forward to seeing if it works for me Jun 29, 2014
Aria V: I cannot live without this; I use it every night. Jun 27, 2014
Kim B: Only product that moisturizers eyes Jun 26, 2014
Jessica S: I've been tired lately! Jun 26, 2014
Angela E: Still looking for a replacement for the Kiehls Eye stick... BRING THAT BACK, KIEHLS! Jun 24, 2014
Valerie D: Puffiness and dark circles Jun 24, 2014
Mia A: Tried a sample, and fell in love! Jun 23, 2014
Veronica G: This is my first time purchasing this eye treatment. I had a sample, and I enjoyed how my eyes felt and looked in the morning. I pair this with the creamy avocado eye treatment. Jun 23, 2014
Kerry H: Dark circles due to asthma need to go. Jun 22, 2014
Linda J: I like it. Jun 22, 2014
Marc P: Kiehl's other eye products are very good, so i wanted to try a new product. Jun 21, 2014
Kristin P: My eyes need help so lets hope it works Jun 20, 2014
Meelisa A: It has great reviews and I have never been the least bit disappointed with Kiehls products. Jun 18, 2014
Maria C: Seems to diminish fine lines Jun 17, 2014
Allison R: Great reviews Jun 17, 2014
jenny g: Good reviews Jun 17, 2014
Heather G: want to try, like the serum Jun 16, 2014
Janette V: the best anti age eye cream. I like it a lot! Jun 15, 2014
claire t: I have dark circles under my eyes i would like corrected. Jun 15, 2014
Sandra S: I have tried may eye creams with no luck and I thought that I would give this a try. Jun 14, 2014
Ian C: Great product. She uses it all the time. Jun 14, 2014
Cathy A: Need a refill :) Jun 14, 2014
Jill Q: have the face product wanted to try for the eyes Jun 13, 2014
Marilene B: I want try, I have bags under my eyes. Jun 13, 2014
Marina S: trying it for the first time Jun 13, 2014
DOFF M: I use this overnight -- light but deeply moisturizing. Jun 13, 2014
LILI w: A Jun 13, 2014
Jayne Y: absolutely love this Jun 12, 2014
Barbara A J: Gift Jun 11, 2014
DIVA B: good Jun 11, 2014
Kathleen D: New Jun 11, 2014
Lara L: My eyes need all the help they can get! Jun 10, 2014
Xueying L: Just need it. Jun 9, 2014
Dianne S: Love the results Jun 9, 2014
Jamie O: Willing to try anything to get rid of puffy bags under eyes. Like the idea of natural ingredients. Jun 9, 2014
Kathleen B: new product for me but I love the line so I am sure that it will be great Jun 9, 2014
Renee S: I love this eye recovery; can hardly wait to take my makeup off and put this on. Jun 8, 2014
YI C: good Jun 6, 2014
Carol J: Looking for a product that will work on under eye circles and bags Jun 5, 2014
LISA G: I use this reguarlly at bedtime. I definitely notice the difference those mornings when I may have forgotten to use it the evening prior. My under eye area which is prone to bags and dark circles feels less puffy and has better elasticity in the morning after bedtime application. I dont think any product will completely rid my dark circles and bags but I do see an improvment when using this cream so I consider it worth the cost. Jun 4, 2014
Shawn S: A photo of myself left me feeling older than I would like. A friend had recommended your products a while back so thought I would see if they were the 'miracle' he claimed. Jun 4, 2014
Ruth G: I want to try it Jun 3, 2014
Antolin D: its great for my eyes Jun 1, 2014
Eileen S: been using this for a while now and love it. I use it at night on top of reducing eye cream. Jun 1, 2014
Claudia K: I need help with my dark circles. Jun 1, 2014
Randy H: reduce dark circles under eyes Jun 1, 2014
Mary B: it makes my skin look good. May 30, 2014
Marianne K: Want to try it. I love that you offer these samples to try! May 30, 2014
DeLane C: Love this eye cream. I've used it for some time and always look forward to using it at night. My eyes are never swollen or puffy in the morning and the fine lines have been kept to a minimum. May 28, 2014
Michael P: Highly reviewed May 26, 2014
Laurel S: I haven't used anything around my eyes for years, it's time. I really don't care for the eye creames that leak into my eye. Kiehl's has such great products I'm hoping this will live up to the Kiehl's name. May 26, 2014
marisa m: great reviews. hope this works for me! May 20, 2014
Judy C: I've tried the midnight recovery concentrate and would love to try the one for eyes. The product also has great reviews. May 19, 2014
Jeffry C: Best eye cream...hands down! May 19, 2014
Susan H: I prefer an eye cream in a tube, not in a jar - less contamination. May 19, 2014
Jee L: I've been using the midnight recovery serum. I switch between that and my other serums but since I have run out of eye cream thought i'd give the midnight recovery eye cream a try. Why not, esp. when it's on sale today! May 19, 2014
Gale F: I have used this since it came out and I like the results I have seen May 19, 2014
Kimberly L: I have used this product previously and it works well. Excellent moisturizer and makes dark circles lighter. May 19, 2014
Sandy W: Love it!! May 19, 2014
Caitlin T: Moisturizing, I look rested in the morning May 19, 2014
Monika P: It really delivers fantastic visible results May 19, 2014
Barbara A: Want to see if it works on dark circles. Plus the Cryste Marine was my first choice but it was out of stock. Have not tried neither yet. May 19, 2014
Dong-Lin W: this is my first time buying this product, hope it works. May 19, 2014
Miho H: my friend recommend May 19, 2014
LIYA L: want to try it May 19, 2014
Kara R: Works wonders!! May 19, 2014
Jerry K: Seems to make a difference after just two nights of use! May 19, 2014
HAO F: so so May 18, 2014
Amy M: Have used for years & my under eyes are still wrinkle-free. May 18, 2014
Kristin E: Reordering this product after I read a review in a magazine. Great moisturizer. May 18, 2014
Wanjong K: Need something like this. May 18, 2014
Nicole S: I love that this doesn't contain any parabens or synthetic fragrances. I think a night eye cream is important so it is the quality of the ingredients that draws me to this product. May 18, 2014
Shufeng Z: GREAT May 18, 2014
JingJing H: Good product. May 18, 2014
Qiong J: I used it before, I think it is useful. May 18, 2014
Lynn M: I have the concentrate and wanted to try the eye. May 18, 2014
Amy M: This is the only eye cream that I have found that actually lightens my dark circles. May 18, 2014
Ryan W: Eye treatment May 18, 2014
YULING Y: once use it, want to buy it for second time May 18, 2014
Marcella L: friend recommended May 17, 2014
tuyen t: i just wanna to try this product. May 17, 2014
Kathy W: wonderful May 17, 2014
Janna M: need new eye cream and this got one of the best reviews May 17, 2014
Virginia U: could use more help on eyes. May 17, 2014
Thomas C: Makes my eyes look brighter in the morning! May 17, 2014
Sheila B: Love this product for my nighttime eye nourishing routine. May 17, 2014
Karen R: anti-aging and feels great May 17, 2014
Any S: I've been seeing darkness under my eyes and puffiness and would like to try this out and see if it restores a youthful look. May 16, 2014
Jeff I: Going to give as a gift...no idea if it's good or not May 16, 2014
margaret s: husband uses and likes results May 16, 2014
Kelly D: Fine lines around eyes and sometimes puffiness. Reviews were encouraging. May 16, 2014
Jayme C: friend recommendation May 16, 2014
To Chau R: Used before May 16, 2014
Zimei S: Used it for a long time, smells good May 15, 2014
Kathleen C: to replenish May 15, 2014
Nga Yan L: I wanted to give it a try. May 15, 2014
Shelly S: Dark circle corrector. May 15, 2014
Ariel R: I have fine lines around my eyes that I'd like reduced and hope this will help. May 15, 2014
yanshan h: good May 15, 2014
xiangmin j: want to try different things and this has really good reviews. May 15, 2014
Susan W: decent price for night eye cream. would like bigger size. May 15, 2014
Susan R: I use this produce religiously and want to introduce it to a friend May 15, 2014
Jean B: just trying for first time May 15, 2014
Lorna R: Great product May 15, 2014
Norma O: Wanted to try. May 15, 2014
Dima K: One of the few eye creams that work and don't make my eyes itch. May 15, 2014
Randy S: I wanted to reduce puffiness around my eyes. I trust Kiehls products enough to apply them around my eyes despite having very sensitive skin. May 15, 2014
huadong l: I bought the recovery oil, it's really good, so I want to try the eye cream. May 15, 2014
hui m: good to eye skin at night May 15, 2014
Lori R: I like the face oil. I figured I would like this, too. May 14, 2014
michael e: I work long hours and I am currently in graduate school. To say I am tired and look tired is an understatement. May 14, 2014
Xiaorong S: used and feel great. May 14, 2014
Santina T: It works and it's fabulous! Noticed results within a week. May 14, 2014
Karen C: Like it May 13, 2014
Arlene S: I wake up with puffy eyes; I hope this product helps. May 11, 2014
Linda K: It sounds like a really good eye cream. May 9, 2014
Charles E: This is the first of MANY products I've tried that actually works in reducing dark circles around my eyes...a genetic issue. May 8, 2014
stacey s: it works May 4, 2014
Sara B: I haven't tried this product, but I read about it and I think it will be very good for me. May 4, 2014
Cherisse L: I use the night serum and like it. Need eye cream, but you don't have the one I used to use anymore May 4, 2014
Chenwei G: Like the smell May 4, 2014
Bonnie B: recommendation by reviews May 3, 2014
Teresa B: Friends use the product May 2, 2014
Kay M: Soothing and just makes my eyes feel better May 2, 2014
Nazreen K: Have purchased before and really like it. Apr 30, 2014
Cheyanne R: Saw a recommendation through Barre 3 and am looking for a great eye cream that will hopefully slow down the development of crows feet. Apr 30, 2014
Lu X: After I use this, I seldom had the problem of puffy eyes when I got up in the morning. Will continue using this. Apr 30, 2014
Aihe F: I like to have a bright eye Apr 30, 2014
Linda C: I already use this and LOVE it!! Apr 26, 2014
Adrienne T: It was recommended to me. Apr 25, 2014
Shanshanl L: This is my time to use your stuff. Apr 20, 2014
Shanda S: Customer reviews for under eye circles and puffiness Apr 19, 2014
Gregg Z: It works! Apr 19, 2014
Betty J: Have not tried this before Apr 18, 2014
Susana E: Received sample, remember liking it. Apr 18, 2014
Taeh W: I find the Midnight Recovery products to be very drying. I never thought I would need a cream moisturizer over an oil product, but I do. This product also makes my eyes burn. I would not recommend. Apr 18, 2014
Paulette P: Trying this to replace what I currently use. Haven't found anything yet to help with the puffiness under the eyes. Hope this works. Apr 15, 2014
Zoe W: Listed on Real Simple as one of the best eye creams. Apr 14, 2014
Yi Y: Really good Apr 12, 2014
Ula M: Finished using it, did not notice any changes Apr 6, 2014
thien n: fine lines Apr 6, 2014
Lizzette C: I am searching for a strong eye moisturizer so I am hoping this will be the product I stick with. Apr 5, 2014
Joanne B: It is a fantastic product.....! Apr 4, 2014
Pam W: I have heard nothing but good things about this eye cream, and it gets great reviews. I'm looking forward to trying it Apr 4, 2014
Stephen G: Good product that has worked well in the past. Apr 3, 2014
Taryn R: I heard the products were good from Steve Harvey show and want to try them for myself Apr 3, 2014
erika e: works for me Apr 2, 2014
Alice B: reorder Mar 31, 2014
Kathi D: liked the midnight concentrate----thought i'd try eye product. Mar 28, 2014
Martha M: Hoping to relieve effects of eye strain throughout the day Mar 28, 2014
Beth S: I've used this in the past, and it's awesome! Just ordered a back up. Mar 27, 2014
Susan H: remarks from other shoppers Mar 25, 2014
louise p: eyes getting wrinkles under them Mar 25, 2014
Michael P: I love the serum it's elk Mar 25, 2014
Corina S: I use it every day Mar 24, 2014
Cindy M: It seems to soothe and refresh my eye area overnight. Mar 24, 2014
Maryann M: My eyes look tired in the morning when I get up. Mar 24, 2014
Chelsi R: Love this product! My eyes feel refreshed in the morning. Mar 24, 2014
Kueichih C: I just want to try it. Mar 24, 2014
vassana h: To help with wrinkles around my eyes Mar 24, 2014
Michael S: Favorite item! Mar 24, 2014
Veronica G: i like the serum so thought I'd try the eye treatment Mar 23, 2014
Christina M: To combat dark circles Mar 23, 2014
Ayako H: Needed to have night time eye treatment cream. Mar 23, 2014
Valerie S: To help prevent dark circles Mar 23, 2014
shuangyi m: good Mar 22, 2014
Lisa M: Best eye cream I have ever tried. Instantly transforms tired, dull eyes. I use it the morning to brighten and lift. Mar 22, 2014
Merry H: Want to try it. Mar 21, 2014
Hamra S: If it is anything like the concentrate, I can't wait! Mar 21, 2014
Vanezza V: I'm 26 and want to help continue to prevent and minimize the appearance of fine lines around my eye area. Mar 20, 2014
Linli Z: I have try the sample, really like it. It works good for me Mar 19, 2014
Julie R: To minimize dark circles as well as dryness. Mar 19, 2014
Donna T: Looking for eye cream to help reduce under eye circles and puffiness. Mar 19, 2014
patricia e: just had a face lift and want to keep eyes looking young Mar 19, 2014
Yuxiang G: saw the review in the magazine Mar 19, 2014
Donna W: Love this Mar 18, 2014
Lindsey B: I've had dark circles all my life, and am trying to reduce them as much as possible as I get older. Mar 18, 2014
Tristram O: Love this product. Use nightly and want one for my travel kit. Mar 18, 2014
Hannah A: After sampling this with a previous purchase, the eye cream feels wonderful and my skin looks and feels refreshed in the morning. I want to add it to my normal routine. Mar 18, 2014
Erica S: Have been using for years Mar 18, 2014
Lore P: To go with the above to make me gorgeous! Mar 17, 2014
Julie D: I loved the Midnight Recovery serum, and thought if it could target the under eye area and reduce the puffiness and wrinkles, then let's go for it Mar 16, 2014
R Mason L: My eyes feel better in the morning when I use this Mar 16, 2014
Staci W: Very excited to try! Great reviews! Mar 16, 2014
Carol W: Best eye cream I have EVER used Mar 16, 2014
Jennifer E: Help with lines and dark circles. Read good reviews. Mar 15, 2014
ANNA B: I have not used this before, but I hope it does for my eyes just as the Midnight Recovery Concentrate did for my face. Mar 15, 2014
Jean H: I've used the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, love it, and want to try another Kiehl's product Mar 15, 2014
Julie F: Love this product! Very concentrated. Mar 14, 2014
Lisa Z: I have dark circles that never go away..I used to use Hydrolyze, which was fantastic, but I became alergic to it. I haven't found another product that works so I am trying this one. Mar 13, 2014
Jennifer S: This has become part of my daily routine...will use this size for travel! Mar 13, 2014
Kelly F: Kiehls user reviews Mar 13, 2014
Hadeel Y: Recommended by a kiehls expert Mar 13, 2014
AMY K: current happy user...you need to offer larger size!!!!! Mar 13, 2014
Liz J: works great Mar 12, 2014
lisa t: to correct dark circles Mar 12, 2014
Jayo B: Just want to try it. Mar 11, 2014
Jariyaporn G: I heard it is good and wanna try Mar 10, 2014
sumeet c: Love this eye cream! I see and feel a difference after every use. It is so effective, yet gentle enough to apply over my eyelid eczema - never stings! the lightweight formula also does not clog my pores around the eye area. great eye cream, especially for the cost. Mar 10, 2014
Susan R: Because I love the regular midnight recovery for face Mar 10, 2014
Patrice W: It appears to be a partner of the M R concentrate. I've had great results with the concentrate so far. Mar 9, 2014
cathy b: have friends that use this product Mar 9, 2014
Maharani P: I have problems with dark circles and wanted to try something. Mar 9, 2014
Rachel B: It's great Mar 9, 2014
Gabrielle B: Wanted to clear dark circles and puffiness around eyes Mar 7, 2014
June S: read about it in a magazine Mar 6, 2014
Ho-Kyung K: I read good reviews online Mar 5, 2014
wachiraporn d: I like it. Mar 5, 2014
Jingru L: for friend Mar 4, 2014
Yu W: use it for many times Mar 2, 2014
Brian M: trying to look younger at whatever cost Mar 1, 2014
elizabeth f: I have dark circles and some loss of elasticity under my eyes, when I spoke with a representative in the chat she recommended this product. Mar 1, 2014
Natalie T: This was listed in Allure's "Best of Beauty," so I thought it was worth a try! Feb 28, 2014
Lauren G: Great texture and scent. Leaves my eyes feeling refreshed by the am! Feb 28, 2014
Alicia M: Love Midnight Recovery, so I wanted to try this. Feb 27, 2014
Kimberly C: Add in woman's magazine Feb 27, 2014
Leah S: I've tried a ton of products to reduce the puffiness under my eyes and nothing has worked. I read Ginnifer Goodwin uses this product. So I decided to give it a try. Feb 27, 2014
armelle l: seemed to be getting good reviews and I need a good eye product Feb 27, 2014
Paula T: A friend of mine use's this product on a daily basis and highly recommended it to me to try. Feb 26, 2014
melody k: Looking for a product that will correct dark circles due to allergies. Feb 26, 2014
linda a: great Feb 25, 2014
Alanna R: I Love this eye cream! It is super hydrating yet it doesn't leave your under eye area feeling oily. I loved the creamy avocado eye cream, but found in the summer months that it was a bit too much hydration, this however is perfect all year round! Feb 25, 2014
Melissa B: Starting to get wrinkles under my eyes. Feb 25, 2014
Maggie M: This product is amazing! I have used it for the past few months with fantastic results. Feb 24, 2014
Chia Ti C: recommended by friend Feb 24, 2014
Allison D: The high rating and comments Feb 23, 2014
V A: The best eye cream as it disks in quickly and keeps under eye skin hydrated all day. Feb 23, 2014
Christy J: I chose eye cream because I'm looking for something for fine lines around my eyes that doesn't sting. Since I'm currently addicted to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate...I figured I'd give this a try! Feb 23, 2014
maria r: my eyes Feb 23, 2014
Justin C: smell, texture and it is soothing Feb 21, 2014
Johnny D: My local department store was sold out Feb 21, 2014
Lina M: Because I have faint lines around my eyes and read reviews about this and hope it will help reduce lines. Feb 20, 2014
Yi L: other's recommendation Feb 20, 2014
Betsy C: I have puffy eyes in the morning and I hope my puffy eyes will go away after used. Feb 20, 2014
Brent R: Fantastic reputation and excellent reviews! Feb 19, 2014
Ana R: I have the face version and it works really well! Feb 19, 2014
Natasha G: Actually works in reducing dark circles. Feb 19, 2014
Susan M: I read the reviews and wanted to try it. I have the midnight recovery concentrate and like that. Feb 18, 2014
Michelle B: I love the concentrate so I decided to try it! Fingers crossed it helps my dark circles as much as it did for others! Feb 18, 2014
Katherine R: This is a great eye cream! Feb 17, 2014
Raymond B: my wife wanted this Feb 17, 2014
Judith K: works well eliminating under eye wrinkles Feb 17, 2014
elsa o: Really like this treatment Feb 17, 2014
John Z: This stuff is a miracle - my face has never been smoother since I started using the Midnight Recovery products. Feb 17, 2014
Riza P: Got the result right away and love the smell. Feb 17, 2014
Terri R: Used it for long time and love it. It really works for puffy eyes. Feb 16, 2014
Larke S: Good reviews. Feb 15, 2014
Aileen M: With the avocado eye cream it's a double whammy Feb 15, 2014
Sara D: I am looking for a product to help with dryness under my eyes. Feb 14, 2014
Paul H: I have used it before Feb 14, 2014
Adriana B: want to try this. Feb 14, 2014
Jacqui R: New product and I'm always anxious for undereye solutions. Feb 13, 2014
Ellen J: To try other eye cream Feb 13, 2014
Hiranda D: Allure Best of Beauty Feb 12, 2014
Rachel H: wanted to try this on puffiness Feb 11, 2014
Pam V: Use it and love it. Feb 10, 2014
JC P: Easy to apply underneath eyes and works with just a small amount. Feb 9, 2014
Kristin S: Fine lines Feb 9, 2014
Wayne R: This stuff works great and after sampling it, I wanted the product. Feb 9, 2014
Deketa W: I saw great things in the review Feb 8, 2014
Yusun H: Had good reviews Feb 8, 2014
Pamela G: To help brighten my eyes. Feb 8, 2014
Michael O: ordered for my mother and decided to get it for myself also Feb 7, 2014
Lucas B: Best for dark bags under your eyes. Feb 7, 2014
Yaqian S: My friend told me it's very good. Feb 7, 2014
Elizabeth P: Because I love Midnight recovery and my eyes are beginning to reveal my age! Feb 6, 2014
Mary R: I am noticing so drooping and I want it to recover Feb 5, 2014
Ida O: To help with the dark circles around my eyes Feb 4, 2014
david b: trying it out Feb 4, 2014
Armine S: because it works Feb 4, 2014
wendy s: reviews were positive have been looking for something for under eye circles and many stated this worked for those Feb 4, 2014
Debra G: like the Midnight Recovery and wanted to give this a try Feb 3, 2014
Linda H: For my under eye bags and sagging upper eyelids. Feb 3, 2014
Joan Z: Love this Feb 2, 2014
jennifer p: I have used other products of this line and love it Feb 2, 2014
Marianne S: Same reason...But this time my husband actually noticed that I had no lines around my eyes. What a nice compliment. Feb 2, 2014
Hazel W: friend recommended it Feb 1, 2014
Brenda S: I use the serum and love it, and I can't wait to use the eye treatment Feb 1, 2014
Patty J: to see if it is as good as all the reviews Jan 30, 2014
leah k: sounds good and want to try Jan 30, 2014
Pamela D: Looking for something to help with bags and wrinkles around eyes. Jan 29, 2014
Rhiannon N: I have dark circles under my eyes. I'm willing to try anything. Jan 28, 2014
Sarah O: Because I have the midnight recovery for face and I love it. Jan 28, 2014
Linda C: No more puffy eyes with this product. Jan 27, 2014
Rubyjun T: Needed to get rid of my under eye issues. I've been using the product on and off due to the small quantity given. Not sure if I would order this product again. Jan 26, 2014
John H: Reduces my dark circles. I've tried everything and this is the only product that you can see the difference Jan 25, 2014
Jeannine J: I love it Jan 24, 2014
JOSE L R: I need it for my eyes Jan 23, 2014
stephanie c: i liked the other recovery product Jan 23, 2014
Karen C: The reviews are so good, I have to try it. Have been searching for a great eye cream/treatment. Jan 22, 2014
kate a: Eyelid wrinkles. Jan 22, 2014
bobbye m: saw an add in a magazine then went online and checked out reviews Jan 20, 2014
Donna M: I can see a difference in my skin in the morning-it's great-love it! Jan 20, 2014
lettie m: Old company and good reviews. Jan 17, 2014
Edward C: Awesome Jan 17, 2014
Amy B: I use this product at night and in the morning as well. Even though it is promoted for nighttime use, it works great in the morning and doesn't leave any greasy residue. It definitely helps my eyes to look ready to start the day! Jan 16, 2014
Shannon W: Have a sample, tried it and loved the way my eyes look in the morning. Not a heavy product, a little goes a long way. Jan 16, 2014
McCall D: I was searching through multiple lists of the "best under eye creams in the world" and Kiehl's under eye creams appeared multple times, unlike many others. So I had to try it. Jan 15, 2014
Cynthia H: Reviews stated helped with dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. I'm going to give it a try. Jan 14, 2014
Ron H: try Jan 13, 2014
Madelin D: Love the midnight recovery for the face and figured this would be the compliment for eye treatment Jan 13, 2014
Tram K: dark circle concern Jan 12, 2014
jean c: it's so good for me! Jan 10, 2014
Nancy C: Good reviews Jan 10, 2014
Dr. Nancy S: Pure ingredients. I like using essential oils on my skin Jan 9, 2014
Sarah G: Eyes Jan 9, 2014
Lori A: need eye help Jan 8, 2014
Darlene L: New to me. Want help with dark shadows. Jan 7, 2014
Karen D: I have used Kiehl's hand creme and loved the texture. I am hoping this eye creme will be as soothing and lasting to my eyes as the hand creme is to my hands. Jan 6, 2014
Laura F: Been using it. It reduces puffiness. Bought from store in Paris. Jan 6, 2014
Margaret P: my under eye area seems a little dark and wrinkly so i want to try something to help Jan 5, 2014
Allyson C: I use this at night and my eyes look great Jan 5, 2014
Dong H: want to have a try Jan 5, 2014
Monique R: Concerned about aging. Jan 4, 2014
Barbara N: It's a compliment to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate... Jan 4, 2014
mandi b: My older sister came to town for the holidays and she looked so young and refreshed. She swears by this product so both me and my younger sister are going to try it. Jan 4, 2014
Jennifer a: I want to try a different eye cream Jan 1, 2014
SuoFei F: I can definitely feel my dark circle is disappearing at the second day morning, This is my second tube! Amazing!! Dec 31, 2013
Jordan M: Liked the midnight recovery serum Dec 31, 2013
Kimberly L: My eyes look younger in the morning! Dec 31, 2013
linda m: I JUST LIKE TO TRY IT Dec 31, 2013
Catherine Q: My Kiehl's rep at Dillard recommended and I love it Dec 31, 2013
Christa C: it actually works really well! Dec 31, 2013
Diane B: Firm skin around eyes Dec 31, 2013
Sonia C: I have the serum and love it, so I want to try the eye cream Dec 31, 2013
Minglei X: Famous Dec 31, 2013
Kimberly C: gentle to sensitive eyes Dec 31, 2013
kyung wuk k: need Dec 31, 2013
Laura T: Love the MR Concentrate and wanted to try the eye product. Dec 31, 2013
Wendy B: Used in the past and it helps with dryness and to reduce dark circles. Dec 31, 2013
Janet P: I'm 60 and need extra help under my eyes Dec 31, 2013
Blythe F: Love it! Dec 31, 2013
Amanda G: I'm just about to finish this eye cream and I can't imagine going a day without it. It's so lightweight, but it moisturizes so well. I actually use it both day and night because it sits so well under my makeup. It doesn't make my concealer look cakey or crease, but I don't feel like I need anything more than this. I love this product SO much. Dec 31, 2013
Laura V: good reviews, want to improve under eye circles Dec 31, 2013
Conny F: looks interesting Dec 30, 2013
Alexander k: Samples! loved them Dec 30, 2013
Lilla R: it got the best of beauty allure award 2013 Dec 30, 2013
Mary J: Read great reviews and saw it mentioned and recommended on a make up forum. Dec 30, 2013
Patty S: Eye cream a necessity Dec 30, 2013
Melissa W: I wanted a night eye cream Dec 30, 2013
Lita A: To moisturize and reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. Dec 30, 2013
Linda S: Try it Dec 30, 2013
Francesca H: I love it and am running low. Dec 30, 2013
Robert W: is the only night cream available Dec 30, 2013
lisa t: love everything I use from Keil Dec 30, 2013
shuangling c: want to have a try, other recommend it to me, hope it is great! Dec 30, 2013
Heather J: looking to try new product - like the midnight recovery line. Dec 30, 2013
Ruth C: Would like to get brid of my tired puffy eyes Dec 29, 2013
Julie J: I'm too young to have wrinkles! Dec 29, 2013
lei z: want to have a try Dec 29, 2013
Janice C: I have problems with puffy eyes. Used this at night and eye alert in the mornings. No more puffy eyes . Dec 29, 2013
Carolyn N: Liked & reordered Dec 29, 2013
Timo B: Want to try Dec 28, 2013
Charlene Y: Looking for a new eye cream and thought I'd give this one a try. Dec 28, 2013
Cheryl M: Can't live without it! Dec 28, 2013
dianne s: love midnight recovery concentrate so wanted to try this product for the eye area Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer S: puffiness, dark circles, tired eyes Dec 27, 2013
REENA S: I have heard great things about MR Concentrate and this eye cream promises to diminish dark eye circles which is why I bought it. Dec 27, 2013
Jennifer G: rave reviews from a friend Dec 26, 2013
Donna L: want eyes to look more rested Dec 26, 2013
Alyssa S: love it! no stinging, no greasiness, smooth under make-up Dec 26, 2013
Marco A D: I use Midnight Recovery Concentrate and I love it, I'm starting to see wrinkles and darkness around my eyes, thought I should give it a try. Dec 26, 2013
SUNIL S: gift chosen by another Dec 24, 2013
Fernanda G: I want to try it. It will be my 1st time Dec 24, 2013
Debi T: I have used this for several years. It works well. Dec 24, 2013
Dee O: I purchased this in combination with the concentrate. I don't just have bags under my eyes I have luggage and this reduces the puffiness beautifully. That' s why I'm ordering more. Love it. Dec 23, 2013
Laura B: Heard great things, wanted to try a new eye cream. Dec 23, 2013
Katie C: I saw a Youtube beauty guru use this Dec 23, 2013
PATIENCE V: had really good reviews on multiple sites (in addition to Kiehl's) for making puffy wrinkled eyes look better by morning Dec 23, 2013
Karen I: Like the serum Dec 22, 2013
Carole G: noticing some lines under my eyes Dec 22, 2013
Deirdre M: It goes along with the concentrate so well. Dec 22, 2013
Gyseon B: Customer ratings Dec 22, 2013
SARAH G: It was time for me to show my eyes some love. Dec 20, 2013
LaVerne C: To use in concert with the Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. Dec 20, 2013
Lindsey S: because i want to try an eye treatment Dec 20, 2013
Elizabeth B: Need eye wrinkle stuff...starting to look like a pin cushion. Dec 19, 2013
Rebecca S: I love the serum from this line! I wanted to check this out. Dec 19, 2013
Margaret S: Try new eye creme. Dec 19, 2013
Andrea F: I needed a good eye cream. Dec 19, 2013
Michelle H: Moisturizing eye cream that "hides" my age! Dec 18, 2013
Terry E: Great eye cream. Dec 17, 2013
Christie D: Love this product. Does a great job moisturizing during the dry winter months. Dec 17, 2013
Tarah B: Lightens my dark circles overnight. I read over 1000 pages from my law books each week. This cream relaxes my eyes at night. Dec 17, 2013
Sarah M: used before and like it Dec 17, 2013
Susan B: The reviews sounded like it would work great for fine lines. I'll find out. Dec 17, 2013
Peggy C: I read the reviews and have tried samples of the serum Dec 16, 2013
Karen L: because I like the midnight recovery concentrate cream Dec 15, 2013
Darya G: Allure advise as the best eye product of the year in Russia Dec 15, 2013
Linda R: My son's Christmas gift request. Dec 15, 2013
Mary H: I love this product. Dec 14, 2013
Young Hee M: MY SON'S WISH LIST Dec 14, 2013
Lisa S: LOVE IT Dec 14, 2013
Andrea C: It feels great and keeps the wrinkles away. Dec 13, 2013
Lisa G: I have been using this product for about a year and love it! Dec 13, 2013
Paul S: Gift Dec 12, 2013
Catherine P: works super well Dec 11, 2013
Janece C: I've never tried this before and think I'll like it. Dec 11, 2013
chan c: I like it Dec 11, 2013
Kathy F: For my daughter Dec 10, 2013
Lori W: This is a wonderful moisturizer for the fragile eye area! Dec 10, 2013
Beth T: Reduce fine lines around eyes Dec 9, 2013
Jennifer B: Recommend in allure Dec 9, 2013
WEI L: GOOD Dec 9, 2013
julie v: 55 and have wrinkles around the eyes Dec 9, 2013
yi jiun l: tried the sample, and i think it works Dec 9, 2013
Eileen E: used it in the past, loved it! Dec 9, 2013
KAREN J: wanted to try Dec 9, 2013
SHEFALI N: It is recommended by my friend to treat my under eye dark circles. Dec 8, 2013
Timothy C: gift for wife Dec 8, 2013
Junko S: I feel this cream absorbed & still working on my eye area in the morning. Very nice & works! Dec 8, 2013
Patti C: Christmas present Dec 7, 2013
Nadia P: Wonderful product. Reordering. Dec 7, 2013
Marta K: Eye puffiness Dec 7, 2013
Yesenia P: I've read great reviews about this product and would like to give it a try. I'll try almost anything to make my eyes appear younger. Dec 7, 2013
Eulecia H: hoping that my eyes will look youthful again Dec 7, 2013
jeanne p: have allergies --sensitive eye area Dec 6, 2013
Elizabeth E: I already use this, and I love it. It has just about eliminated my dark circles and did so almost immediately. Dec 5, 2013
Rosalyn E: Gift for my mom Dec 5, 2013
Diana C: Try out Dec 5, 2013
yi jie y: Like Dec 5, 2013
QIUYI Y: I used Midnight serum last night and I love the smell and the texture. Therefore I wanted to make it a pair~ Dec 5, 2013
Katelyn M: I've been looking for a good eye cream with no luck, so hopefully this will be the product for me. Dec 5, 2013
Edward C: I have used this product and it is excellent Dec 4, 2013
Rosetta H: It really really works... Dec 4, 2013
Michelle M: Reviews spoke highly of product and I enjoy the concentrate Dec 4, 2013
Yinghua P: Very nice Dec 4, 2013
Sharon F: excellent night eye cream Dec 4, 2013
Claudia H: Great night time repair eyes look fresher and moisturized. Dec 4, 2013
Mary D: I have puffy eyes Dec 4, 2013
Tatia S: Since my husband loves the Facial Fuel, I thought we would try this. I have been looking for a good eye cream. Dec 4, 2013
Tim W: My wife likes it Dec 4, 2013
Patina H: Looking for a new night time eye cream and I've always had good luck with Kiehl's products. Dec 4, 2013
Debra F: Makes skin under the eye look tighter and helps the lines disappear. Dec 4, 2013
Beverly F: after reading reviews I decided to try. Dec 4, 2013
Meher D: Liked the samples Dec 4, 2013
lane k: my daughter requested it as a christmas gift. all the ladies in my family have used kiehls products in the past and believe they are superior to most other brands Dec 4, 2013
P T: Like the product Dec 4, 2013
AITING M: my mum wants to try. Dec 3, 2013
Lixin Z: I read other persons review. Dec 3, 2013
Jiayu Z: Using it and love it. Dec 3, 2013
Kierstin C: I'm out! I need more! Dec 3, 2013
Frank R: I have dark circles Dec 3, 2013
Kori Y: Unlike anything I have ever used with instant results. Dec 3, 2013
LINLING C: Friend's suggestion Dec 3, 2013
Heather J: Reviews Dec 3, 2013
Bonnie D: really great stuff feels so good Dec 3, 2013
Jenifer E: I'm a stay at home mom of twin boys. Since they have been born, I'm starting to get wrinkles and grey hair. I go to the salon to get the hair fixed so now it's time to do something nice for my eyes. I hope it works! Dec 3, 2013
Deborah A: This is awesome. I bought a tube last year and I have been using everynight! I swear it lasted me 10 months!!! It definitely makes a difference on my dark circles. I'm only 23, but still I can see a difference and I LOVE this. Dec 3, 2013
Justin F: my wife picked it Dec 2, 2013
Reta C: Want to try instead of the wrinkle reducing eye cream which I love Dec 2, 2013
Kathy Jo N: Absolutely terrific product! I have seen results in just few days. Dec 2, 2013
Deb A: Want to try Dec 2, 2013
Phiroza K: Love it! No more puffy eyes! Dec 2, 2013
Feng W: useful Dec 2, 2013
Lucas M: na Dec 2, 2013
Jiong Z: I tried it. Good Dec 2, 2013
Vaughn B: I've heard such good things about this and I suffer from puffy eyes and dry skin around my eyes so I wanted to give this a try, Dec 2, 2013
YANG S: because I use the midnight recovery product feel well, I want to try the eye cream Dec 2, 2013
GUANGYA L: hope it can reduce my puffiness and dark under-eye circles. Dec 2, 2013
Bonnie H: my daughter likes this product Dec 2, 2013
Jackie K: To address dark circles Dec 2, 2013
Julie M: Like the serum so wanted to try this. Dec 2, 2013
Dorcas H: a friend recommended this to me. Dec 2, 2013
Natasha M: good reviews Dec 2, 2013
lindsay m: I have tried everything and nothing has worked. I'm hoping this will be different. Dec 2, 2013
Katherine C: For my sister, whose nighttime routine doesn't always exist. I figure she can just dab some on even if she doesn't get around to the rest of her face and it'll work it's magic enough to maybe nudge her in the direction of a more regular bedtime skincare habit. Dec 1, 2013
Mark G: I'm looking forward to better eyes in the morning. :) Dec 1, 2013
James F: Can see the difference in the morning! Awesome product. Dec 1, 2013
Yulia P: Very nice review on this cream Dec 1, 2013
Anqi J: USEFUL Dec 1, 2013
Ruoyu C: Tried this in mall, want to use the full size. Dec 1, 2013
XIAOWEN W: reasonable price compare to similar product in the market, and very good reviews Nov 30, 2013
Sunee B: I want to try it. Nov 30, 2013
Karen M U S: good reviews Nov 29, 2013
Christine G: Great reviews! Nov 29, 2013
Phyllis S: Eye Treatment Nov 29, 2013
Supun T: love it. good for dark circle and for fine line too. absorb well. Nov 29, 2013
JOANA I: Because I am asian and I tend to retain water, therefore I always wake up with puff eyes, and this products works well for me. Nov 28, 2013
carol n: I love it- works well and is soothing Nov 28, 2013
Ring I L: Good Nov 28, 2013
Gladys Yvette L: To reduce circles and puffiness Nov 28, 2013
tao c: a gift to my sister's mother Nov 28, 2013
Amy D: Like the smell and the lightweight feel. Also like that it comes in a tube rather than a jar. Nov 28, 2013
haiyan h: good used Nov 28, 2013
JEONG RAN H: No reason. Nov 28, 2013
Qiuyan T: Good Nov 27, 2013
Kathleen R: I love the product. It works well and absorbs nicely with no irritation in and around my eyes. Nov 27, 2013
Irina L: Wanna try it because of very good reviews. Nov 26, 2013
chen s: good for my dark circle. very effective Nov 26, 2013
Pooran B: My wife Nov 25, 2013
Karen M: Wanted to try something new for my eyes and had the "cheer"coupon so it made it worthwhile. Nov 25, 2013
Jeanette G: Trying new product for eyes. Nov 25, 2013
Tiffany H: used before Nov 25, 2013
Donna B: I have had two samples of this and do like the ease of application and how it seems to make my eye area not so....wrinkly? Nov 25, 2013
Wanda B: looks interesting Nov 25, 2013
Kim K: Good reviews Nov 25, 2013
Maribel B: I already bought the day cream for eyes. If this work I will buy the full size. Nov 23, 2013
YUE Z: GOOD PRODUCT Nov 23, 2013
TRACY J: GOOD TO USE Nov 23, 2013
chuxuan h: good Nov 23, 2013
R Y: Effective and gentle Nov 23, 2013
Kristen M: love the facial serum, eager to try the matching eye serum Nov 23, 2013
neringa v: use it all the time, very nice eye cream Nov 23, 2013
Marian R: i like it Nov 23, 2013
Terence S: wanted to try it out especially for travel Nov 23, 2013
Hyejung M: I am the big fan of this product Nov 21, 2013
Mandy S: I wanted to treat the bags under my eyes and to help me look less tired. Nov 21, 2013
zhen z: Like it Nov 21, 2013
Joan S: Wanted to try it, hoping it's as good as the Midnight Concentrate. Nov 21, 2013
Shengying X: I liked the midnight recovery serum so assumed this would be good too! Nov 21, 2013
natalia m: keeps the skin around my eyes tight Nov 20, 2013
Quanda W: for wrinkles Nov 20, 2013
CHIEN-CHIANG C: It has good reviews. Nov 20, 2013
Kim J: try it. Nov 19, 2013
Elena S: good reviews Nov 19, 2013
CHRISTY F: I love this product! Refreshes my eyes and smooths out the fine lines. Nov 19, 2013
Joey C: Christmas gift for someone. Nov 19, 2013
Colleen S: A gift Nov 18, 2013
Richard M: I like the basic eye care product I use from Kiehl's, so I 'd like to add an overnight product. Nov 18, 2013
Yutang L: Have eye dark cycle.Hope this could works. Nov 18, 2013
Haiyao H: Because I have dark circle Nov 18, 2013
Dorice H: I liked Midnight Recovery Oil, so I thought this may be good for my eyes. Nov 18, 2013
lynn s: desperate to gt rid of puffiness and dark circles---giving it a try Nov 18, 2013
Penny P: Read good reviews on product on Allure website Nov 18, 2013
Christina C: I read very great reviews on MakeupAlley that this was a great product! Nov 18, 2013
Yvonne N: used it before, love it!! Nov 18, 2013
Diane D: I love it. Nov 18, 2013
Jindan Y: Go with the serum I used. Nov 18, 2013
Adrienne R: I heard it is wonderful and I am always looking for a great eye cream. Nov 17, 2013
YIXIONG G: wonderful product. Great repair effect, creamy texture, nourishes throughout the night. Nov 17, 2013
Tingting L: Give it a try after reading the good reviews Nov 17, 2013
Deborah E: Positive mention in a magazine. Nov 17, 2013
Bonnie E: Hope it works as the reviews state Nov 16, 2013
Patricia O: I purchased this in Paris when I ran out of my eye cream while traveling and liked it Nov 16, 2013
Hyunjin N: Heard good review about the serum, thought it may work as well. Nov 16, 2013
Susan C: Love this...smoothed eyelids! Nov 16, 2013
Timothy L: Works great on my crow feet. Nov 15, 2013
Ying C: Good Nov 15, 2013
emma e: to see if it will keep eyelid area healthy Nov 15, 2013
Qianying Z: A friend recommended for lines and dark circles. Nov 15, 2013
kindra h: have dark circles Nov 15, 2013
Ana Maria L: I love this product! Nov 15, 2013
Chuan-won C: for dark circles Nov 15, 2013
Kara G: Hope its as good as the oil Nov 15, 2013
Sandy W: It works very well Nov 15, 2013
Xin W: I want to try a new eye cream Nov 15, 2013
Becky O: I originally received this as a free sample, and found (though skeptical at first) that the small wrinkles around my eyes where gone in the morning. The skin around my eyes just looks generally healthier. Nov 15, 2013
Denise D: I love this eye cream. Nov 14, 2013
Xiaoxiao J: Try to find a useful product to moisturing my tired eyes Nov 13, 2013
Karen C: I use this every night. It works great. Nov 13, 2013
Yantong C: MUST HAVE IT Nov 13, 2013
Teena Z: refreshing overnight use Nov 13, 2013
Susan M: I would like to see improvement in the eye area. Nov 13, 2013
LaShoine M: I have the midnight recovery for the face. I wand to see if this works as well. Nov 13, 2013
jing x: this is the most comfortable eye creame I ever used, absorb easily and not oil at all. Nov 11, 2013
Brian B: use this ans wanted to get more before I run out Nov 11, 2013
Penny D: Magazine ad Nov 11, 2013
Hans C: Seems to help with the puffiness better than the facial fuel roll-on. Nov 10, 2013
Karen M: wish to try Nov 10, 2013
Corey C: classic remedy that minimizes lines Nov 10, 2013
joan f: love the face one Nov 10, 2013
Angela K: Recommended by a friend Nov 9, 2013
Gina B: I have used it and love it! Nov 6, 2013
hui g: My friend told me that this product is awesome, so I want to try it Nov 5, 2013
Anne H: My eyes look refreshed in the morning Nov 4, 2013
Carol G: I have dark circles under eyes Nov 3, 2013
Sarah H: This is my go to eye cream for night time. Absorbs quickly and doesn't make my eyes puffy in the mornings. Smoothes wrinkles. Nov 2, 2013
Angie M: It works instantly. Its amazing! Nov 1, 2013
jennifer r: keeps my eye area moist overnight Nov 1, 2013
Giselle G: I have fine lines around my eyes and want to try a product from Kiehls Oct 31, 2013
Marsha W: Read an article in July/August 2013 Country Living Magazine 7 Years Younger Beauty Sleep! page 34 Thanks! Oct 31, 2013
Allison K: Made Allure Best of Beauty 2013 Oct 30, 2013
Prasong O: I like it Oct 30, 2013
HUA J: GOOD Oct 29, 2013
Sarakorn G: Good reviews Oct 29, 2013
Sherri C: Looking for a good night treatment Oct 28, 2013
Seo Young M: For dark circles Oct 28, 2013
Yuchih C: want to try it out Oct 27, 2013
J. Tracy A: I LOVE the Midnight Recovery Concentrate that I received for my birthday. It has already done wonders! I am hopeful that this will have the same effect on my eyelids. Oct 26, 2013
Alisa P: na Oct 26, 2013
Kristine S: This makes the area under my eyes feel smooth and soft. It is a wonderful product! Oct 26, 2013
Huaping H: xx Oct 25, 2013
Flora L: Reviews were good so I wanted to try it out. Oct 25, 2013
Louise P: It works. Oct 24, 2013
Amy C: looking for a great eye cream Oct 22, 2013
Qian H: saw good comments in a online research Oct 21, 2013
John K: IT WORKS! Oct 21, 2013
Sandi W: recommended on line & wanted to try new eye creams Oct 20, 2013
Bryana I: need a good product for my tired dry eyes at night Oct 20, 2013
Brandy W: favorite eye cream. long time user. Oct 20, 2013
Yangping D: my eye dark circle ,try it Oct 19, 2013
Karin T: This is a great eye cream. I used to use the rosa arctica eye cream, which was nice, but which did not seem to address the puffiness I get, and the texture of which I did not care for - a bit "curdled." This has a lovely smooth texture, a gentle lavender fragrance, and truly de-puffs my eyes. I use it morning and night because it feel luxurious, and the price is wonderful for such a great cream. Oct 17, 2013
Tracie H: voted best dark circle remover in a beauty magazine, don't remember which one. Oct 16, 2013
Natalie S: I was recommended this product by Kiehls Livechat. Oct 15, 2013
Cathy N: I love the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and hope this does for my eyes what that product does for the rest of my face. Oct 14, 2013
S U: try sth new for my mom Oct 14, 2013
Jill W: want to refresh my eye Oct 12, 2013
yazhuo h: eye Oct 11, 2013
sandra m: I am just really hoping this will help my eyes!! I will be sure and let you know!!! Oct 11, 2013
Gwen j: no other options. liked it ok Oct 9, 2013
Saf O: Because at midnight I turn into a werewolf; I thought this might help. Oct 7, 2013
Mary Jude J: great nighttime eye moisturizer! diminishes wrinkles! Oct 6, 2013
Joan H: Love the Midnight Recovery Face oil. Wanted to try the specific for eyes product. Oct 4, 2013
CHER C: This is great! Oct 3, 2013
Mio M: i want to fix my dark circles Sep 30, 2013
Wai Man L: I have serious eye bags, hope this product may improve my eyes Sep 30, 2013
Yan Ki L: I tried the sample, and I love it! Sep 30, 2013
carolyn d: I love this product. Use it twice a day. Morning and night. Sep 30, 2013
Kimberly C: I heard reviews on it being a great antiwrinkle cream Sep 30, 2013
Stephanie W: Dark circles under eyes Sep 30, 2013
sarah w: awesome, works day and night. i use it everyday Sep 30, 2013
Hyang A A: From my friends Sep 30, 2013
YIngbo S: good review and personal need Sep 29, 2013
ERICA W: just like to have a try Sep 29, 2013
Lilian B: I've been using this eye cream for a while and it does the job. it doesn't give me bumps under my eyes like other eye creams Sep 29, 2013
Hanmeng Q: wanna try Sep 29, 2013
Yawen L: the reviews are very good make me really want to try it. Sep 29, 2013
Len B: Eye help Sep 28, 2013
Steve G: Willing to try anything to reduce eye-puffiness at this point. Maybe this will work. Sep 28, 2013
cherene h: So expensive, but it makes my day (or night)! Sep 27, 2013
Hee I: Because I love the product, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I expect this one to work well for my eyes, too. Sep 27, 2013
judy r: i read on an online review that it was one of the best for under eye wrinkles and dark under eyes. Sep 27, 2013
Xinyi W: try it out Sep 27, 2013
YI Z: I bought it with midnight recovery oil and it was awesome!!! my dark circle getting better after I finished one of this eye cream. it looks small but it last for 4 month!!! Sep 26, 2013
Lisa I: Love it Sep 26, 2013
Nicolette E: I love this item for night time eye cream Sep 25, 2013
Yingzi Y: My friend wants it to get rid of puffiness. Sep 25, 2013
Lisa M: Hoping this product is as effective as the other Midnight Recovery products. Sep 24, 2013
Rebecca D: To add some ompf to my skincare. Sep 24, 2013
Lisa T: I liked the serum so I wanted to try the eye cream to go with it. Sep 23, 2013
Kristen Z: I have dark under eye circles, need to find a remedy Sep 23, 2013
Erik L: i've had a nagging issue with dark circles under eyes, sleep just hasn't helped. Sep 23, 2013
Jeanne H: I just trust Kiehls with my skincare so I figured you would also take care of my eyes. Sep 22, 2013
Shan C: Great reviews from the users. Sep 22, 2013
Xiaobo H: hopefully it will resolve my dark circle problem Sep 22, 2013
Doris G: I have used this product before and found it to be very effective. Sep 21, 2013
Masako R: I have been using this for a year or so. this is my 3rd tube. Sep 21, 2013
Lara P: I loved the results that I saw around my eyes when using the samples Sep 21, 2013
Annie W: the smell is wonderful and is very moisturizing/softening. Sep 21, 2013
Rosemary A: I have used this before and really love it! Sep 20, 2013
Jia T: I have been using this for a couple of years Sep 20, 2013
Renee B: Even after a restless night, this product adds a certain glow to my eyes. There is a definite difference in the appearance of my eyes, and it is all good! Sep 20, 2013
Laura J: my eyes look tired. they are often puffy and sometimes with dark circles. wonder if this will work. Sep 19, 2013
Byron C T: I am a 70 year old male with Chronic Pain which has shows in my eyes. They look really stressed. I am trying different products to determine which works best for me. Sep 17, 2013
carrie h: First time attempt Sep 15, 2013
Paige P: This is a must have. Simply the best eye cream I have ever used. It really keeps your eyes from being puffy without drying out your shin. Sep 15, 2013
Amanda L: I chose this because I am looking for a great eye treatment and the Midnight Recovery Eye had great reviews. Sep 13, 2013
Lauren M: wanted eye treatment, this product has great reviews Sep 13, 2013
Naama M: I tried it in one of the samples from the store and in two days I noticed a different. love it! Sep 13, 2013
Hee-Seung L: It has good reviews Sep 13, 2013
Lana G: Love the Midnight Concentrate and figure the eye would be just as good. Sep 11, 2013
Holly B: Worth a try Sep 8, 2013
Kalee T: Dark circles Sep 8, 2013
Dimitra M: The reviews were strong Sep 7, 2013
Xia S: friend recommend Sep 6, 2013
Christina M: Saw it on a Yahoo! article and it had good reviews. I have really puffy under eyes and dark circles no matter how much or little sleep I get. Sep 2, 2013
Lola K: My friends said this was an excellent product. Sep 1, 2013
Jennifer C: for dark circles Aug 29, 2013
Kasandra G: loved the sample! Aug 28, 2013
sandy h: good reviews Aug 27, 2013
Yingchien L: Want to try it. Aug 26, 2013
Kelly D: My hubby swears by this stuff. Aug 23, 2013
E. J. F: I have very sensitive skin, specially around the eye area. This is the only product it doesn't irritate my skin! Aug 23, 2013
Charlotte B: Heard it was an awesome product. Aug 23, 2013
josephine g: This really works Aug 22, 2013
Rachael H: It works! Aug 21, 2013
Mary Pat B: dark circles Aug 21, 2013
Daniel R K: Saw an article recommending it Aug 19, 2013
Rosa Z: I picked this products because of the review is it getting Aug 18, 2013
Debby S: Its About the eyes Aug 17, 2013
Michele W: my son uses this & loves it Aug 16, 2013
Janet M: Because the reviews stated works well for dark circles under the eyes Aug 15, 2013
Susan K: recommended by a friend Aug 15, 2013
Jamie G: Problem dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes. Aug 15, 2013
ryan h: I always have dark circles and wanted to try this because I heard it works Aug 15, 2013
KATHY B: I saw this product on the web recommended by Real Simple Aug 15, 2013
Passion A: want to see if it helps my dark circles Aug 15, 2013
sidonie s: because of others buyers review. first time Aug 15, 2013
Kristen T: I saw this in an article on yahoo and the reviews sounded like what I was looking for...something to help with dark circles Aug 15, 2013
Christianne C: Real Simple magazine recommends Aug 15, 2013
angela g: I read an article that said this was on of the best for dark circles under the eyes Aug 15, 2013
Lucille C: Read about it on the computer. After visiting website, I read the reviews and wanted to try it. I have very dark circles and puffiness around my eyes. I hope it helps! Aug 15, 2013
Carmelita C: ratings Aug 14, 2013
Lisa H: I ordered this products because of the wonderful reviews it has received. Aug 14, 2013
Amanda B: Major dark circles. Aug 14, 2013
Carlina L: Was recommended on yahoo as one of the 6 great eye creams! Aug 14, 2013
Chrystal F: trying to reduce undereye darkness without having to wear something during the daytime Aug 14, 2013
charla d: I am desperate to find something that works for me. Aug 14, 2013
millie v: i heard of it i hoep is very good for my puffines under the eye Aug 14, 2013
Jenni R: This got good reviews on the website and was featured on a Yahoo Shopping article for best 6 eye creams. Aug 14, 2013
Deborah R: Good reviews and been in biz a long time Aug 14, 2013
Tsipi K: good product Aug 14, 2013
J G L: Looking for something to sooth, moisturizer and diminish dark circles and puffiness. Aug 12, 2013
Delia S: To use with Midnight Recovery Serum. Aug 10, 2013
Kris M: outstanding reviews Aug 9, 2013
Rita F: I have tried other products such as Este Lauder and Shiseido. However, I was not pleased Aug 5, 2013
Beth P: I can only imagine it's just as amazing. Aug 4, 2013
Linda N: I want to try reducing the wrinkles around my eyes. Kiehl's products have a good reputation so I'm giving this a try. Aug 3, 2013
Jacalyn B: seemed to help my wrinkles Jul 31, 2013
Dylan M: Can't get enough of this product. Love the texture so so much. Jul 29, 2013
Kaoru F: reviews are good Jul 28, 2013
YUE Z: Best eye cream ever. Jul 22, 2013
Tracey A: Read that it reduces under eye circles. Jul 22, 2013
Cindy A: For the last two months I have had a rash around my eyes. After using this product for just two nights, my rash is gone. Jul 21, 2013
Donna A: My husband asked me to get a good eye cream so I am getting this for him to try. There was a comment from a gentleman that said how great it worked over night. Jul 21, 2013
Timothy W: Perfect compliment to daytime Eye Alert! You can actually feel this product reducing the stress of the day/night and helping to make you look and feel the best you possibly can at all times! Jul 20, 2013
Gabrielle M: Hope it works! Jul 17, 2013
Laurie M: I have read great things about this product and wanted to see for myself. Jul 17, 2013
JOHNNA KAY S: Under eye circles. Read customer reviews. Jul 16, 2013
Nancy G: I have the Midnight Recovery Oil, so I thought I'd try this too Jul 11, 2013
marilyn m: old Jul 11, 2013
Amber M: I have heard amazing things about this eye cream! Jul 6, 2013
Penny D: I read about this in a magazine and it has great reviews Jul 2, 2013
Judith W: Purchased this six months ago, love it Jun 30, 2013
C O: It got very good reviews from other customers and I wanted to try a different eye cream at night. Jun 26, 2013
Suwen Y: My friend said it's good for my skin Jun 25, 2013
lissette w: looking for a better eye cream Jun 24, 2013
Catherine N: This is one of my favorite eye creams. It is the only one I use religiously. I noticed a significant lightening in the dark circles under my eyes within about 2 weeks of use. I continue to use it for maintenance. Jun 24, 2013
Suzanne L: Want to try Jun 24, 2013
Ann P: I tried the Avocado eye cream and didn't like the way it did not seem to be absorbed and got watery. So I'm trying this instead. Jun 23, 2013
Sheri H: Want to try to reduce puffiness & dark circles while hydrating. It sounded promising. Jun 22, 2013
Orit S: GOOD REVIEWS Jun 19, 2013
Jing Z: Buy it for my mum. Jun 18, 2013
Mary P: decreases puffiness and circles Jun 18, 2013
Michael h: Over 50 -want to try to reduce wrinkles Jun 18, 2013
XUAN G: I am ordering my 2nd bottle. I love Kiehl's midnight recovery line. The eye concentrate just works will under any eye cream. Also great on its own. Effective without feeling sticky!! Great product! Jun 18, 2013
soo s: I am using the midnight recovery serum and love it so I wanted to try the eye treatment! Jun 18, 2013
Bina M: I like Eye Alert and this one seems to offer what Eye Alert does and more. So trying. Jun 18, 2013
Michelle S: My biggest skin concern is my dark under-eye circles, I'm hoping this will help me out. Jun 17, 2013
Christina H: It truly works! I noticed the difference right away. Jun 17, 2013
Josefina P: This is such a great eye cream that works while I'm asleep. I wake up to beautiful skin under my eyes. Jun 17, 2013
Scott S: I've been using this product regularly for almost a year and love it. It does the trick overnight. I sometimes use it as my morning refresh as well. My eye area looks and feels refreshed and youthful. Jun 17, 2013
Betty H: try different eye cream Jun 17, 2013
Huanqi L: it's best Jun 17, 2013
Sakina M: Purchased this once before. Loved it, great smell. Jun 17, 2013
Kathleen M: This is one of the only eye creams that works, is not too greasy, and does not react in a negative way with my sensitive skin. Love this product. Jun 17, 2013
Hong T: this is new to me, want to try it. Jun 17, 2013
Daniel V: I have been using it since last year, it is very light and it works!! Jun 16, 2013
Lori W: I wanted a night time eye cream that wasn't too heavy, but did the job. This definitely fit the bill. Jun 16, 2013
Junjun T: For my dark pouches Jun 16, 2013
carolyn D: I started to get puffiness under the eye, I tried all the different products and nothing worked till this. Now when I wake up no dark circles and no pufiness, heaven in a tube. Jun 16, 2013
TRANG H: It works for me after two (2) - three (3) weeks. All fine lines on my eyes almost disapeared. Jun 16, 2013
Nada H: Like the concentrate product. Thought I would try. Jun 16, 2013
Nicole F: works wonders! no puffy, dark eyes in the morning Jun 15, 2013
Jessica W: Just give a try, the first time order. I saw some good reviews. Jun 15, 2013
Gloria G B: Tried it...like soothing affect under eye area Jun 15, 2013
Yiwen X: Friend recommended Jun 15, 2013
Flo C: have used it before Jun 15, 2013
donna h: I have been using it and love it Jun 15, 2013
Jia Yu Z: Have been using this product for a long time. It's good. Jun 15, 2013
Meng C: some said it works for dark circle under eye, hoping to see the same result! Jun 15, 2013
Alexandra I: I want to try something for my eyes. I have a condition called blepharitis and the skin near my eyes are very sensitive. We will see how it works. Jun 14, 2013
Cheryl H: This stuff feels very light, absorbs well and a little goes a long way so a good value Jun 14, 2013
Kelsey C: I'm starting to see fine lines around my eyes, and definitely have trouble with under-eye circles. I'm hoping this will help diminish these problems, beyond just moisturizing. Jun 14, 2013
Lisa B: read in magazine Jun 14, 2013
Sonia B: Wanted something to reduce undereye puffiness Jun 14, 2013
Kathleen N: I've never used this product, and since both my husband and I have dark circles I want to give it a try based on all the reviews from both men and women. Jun 14, 2013
Xi Y: I heard this is good, so I want to try Jun 14, 2013
Lauren C: Used to tubes before, like the texture Jun 13, 2013
Frances S: great moisturizer for my eyes each night Jun 13, 2013
Yangjing L: have been using this one. it is good. Jun 13, 2013
Cari-Ann R: wanted to try it and needed some eye cream. loved the recovery concentrate Jun 13, 2013
Kelly A: love this product Jun 13, 2013
Soramon U: Love the midnight recov. concentrate so wanted to give this a shot. running out of my current night eye cream Jun 13, 2013
Patricia C: I tend to get puffy eyes and this diminishes the puffiness. I use this during the day also. Jun 13, 2013
Lu L: Looking for eye product to remove dark circles Jun 13, 2013
Marguerite G: I love the feel and results I get. Jun 13, 2013
Wendy L: Trying for first time Jun 13, 2013
Linda S: aging eyes Jun 9, 2013
Tricia S: Wrinkles and tightness around eyes. This doesn't make the wrinkles go away, but does make skin look really healthy. Great texture--feels like silk going on, not at all greasy. Jun 9, 2013
Kim R: Because of the fabulous way my skin feels when I wake up! Jun 6, 2013
Juewen S: I do have this before, and i order 2 this time. one for myself, one for my mom. May 29, 2013
Mei Sheng L: Buy for a try May 29, 2013
FAMAH H: Travel size May 27, 2013
Jing Q: first time May 24, 2013
Christian N: It contains butcher's broom which is helpful in constricting blood vessels which helps dark circle and under eye bags. May 22, 2013
kristine d: I'm tired of looking tired! May 21, 2013
Wayne C: Already use and like this product. May 21, 2013
annie t: when my boyfriend used midnight recovery eye at night and eye alert in the morning, he has noticed dramatic changes under his eyes: less puffiness and smoother under eye skin. May 20, 2013
justin K: trying something new for the eyes. May 19, 2013
Ada W: would like to try this. May 19, 2013
Linda D: I love it, I wake up in the morning and my
eyes don't look puffy or swollen like they used
to before I started to use your product!!!!!!!!
May 19, 2013
Yihan X: Effective May 19, 2013
Yolanda F: Have tried a few other products for dark cirles under eye area but did not work that well want to try something new May 18, 2013
Gayle V: need help...reviews were fantastic. I'm hoping it is all it is touted to be. May 17, 2013
Angela G: Looking for a new eye cream. Reviews seemed good... May 15, 2013
Heather T: The best eye cream I've tried. Love the fresh, light scent. May 15, 2013
shabnam h: I wish to have satisfaction for the puffiness under my eyes. May 15, 2013
Steven U: All product information aside (and it really does work)...I love the smell! Lol! May 14, 2013
Molly M: I like it. May 14, 2013
Jenna D: I am concerned with dark circles and fine lines around my eyes and wanted to give this a try. May 13, 2013
Tamara D: I use this because it feels great and is very hydrating. May 12, 2013
Kathy B: I love this cream May 12, 2013
Marcia M H: Love Midnight Recovery for the face. May 11, 2013
Gaye W: I've been using it for several months and really notice a nice difference in the eye area. No more puffiness and dark circles. May 10, 2013
Carrie H: reviews May 8, 2013
Olivia B: Great Reviews May 6, 2013
E-Ling H: It is my second time purchasing it. I kinda like it. May 6, 2013
Emily D: for my mother, trying to see if this will help with the wrinkles around her eyes for mothers day! she'll never splurge on herself so i do for her! May 2, 2013
Weifeng Z: want to try Apr 30, 2013
Marlene G: I've been using product and like how it feels. Makeup goes on easy. Will give it a few months more before deciding it's a keeper. So far, so good. Also lasts longer than I thought it would. Apr 28, 2013
melissa d: first time user. based it on customer reviews Apr 26, 2013
Adele M: This product works - immediate results. Apr 26, 2013
Chia Lin H: I hope my Dark circles can disappear Apr 24, 2013
Lynne G: I have used it and am getting a refill because I like it. Apr 22, 2013
julie g: to help eye moisture Apr 22, 2013
Theresa R: To go along with Midnight Recovery Concentrate which was recommended by friend. I have lots of wrinkles around my eyes. Apr 22, 2013
Bonnie K: I love this eye cream. I definitely can tell a difference when I run out of this product & must use another. I do not like being without it. Apr 21, 2013
Jesse S: I heard good things about this product and how amazing it is for fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. I had to try it out for myself! Apr 20, 2013
NANCY L: Have puffiness around eyes and want to see if this would help. Apr 17, 2013
Gigi W: second tube Apr 17, 2013
Gedra S: to reduce signs of aging Apr 13, 2013
Amy M: I have puffiness...hoping this helps. Apr 13, 2013
Julia M: Dark Circle problems Apr 9, 2013
Anne T: Wanted to try a new product. Apr 8, 2013
saichao G: i had use it before it is good Apr 7, 2013
Leah W: Reviews Apr 7, 2013
Simon G: based on reviews. First time trying it Apr 5, 2013
Frank Y: Wanted a night time mad for men undereye cream. Seemed worth trying. Apr 2, 2013
Lindsey D: I notice a more youthful and moisturized under eye area from using this product! Apr 2, 2013
Sara L: Works like magic! LOVE this product Apr 1, 2013
Lucinda B: I picked this because I have used it before and it really works. Apr 1, 2013
YIXIN J: I saw the comments on this product is good. Mar 30, 2013
Bok-lan L: It's very good to me Mar 29, 2013
kelly k: read reviews; need a good eye cream Mar 26, 2013
Aurora V: need a new eye creme and reviews on this products were positive. hope it works for me as well. Mar 26, 2013
joanna b: good reviews Mar 25, 2013
Sheila M: Hope it will help with dark circles and puffiness. Mar 23, 2013
Virginia B: New to me - I'll let you know Mar 22, 2013
Heidi L: The online reviews. Mar 19, 2013
BERNARD D: Recommendation of friend. Mar 19, 2013
Herminia T: assume it will work synergistic with the eye alert Mar 19, 2013
Katherine K: great product Mar 18, 2013
Yunshu D: I run out of eye cream and I believe that night is a good time for my skin to recover from the damage in the day Mar 18, 2013
Rebecca P: I love this under eye cream because it is effective and does not feel heavy. Mar 17, 2013
Lorna H: Looking for a new eye lotion. Hope this will be my new favorite! Mar 17, 2013
jon w: dark circles Mar 17, 2013
jie h: poster Mar 16, 2013
Janet M: curious Mar 16, 2013
Kenia C: great reference from a friend Feb 21, 2013
debbie h: I'm 58 years old. Works great on firming skin around the eye area. Feb 20, 2013
Bernadette R: eye problems Feb 19, 2013
Michelle M: Good customer ratings on an eye product Feb 18, 2013
Beth N: Need to correct puffy eyes Feb 18, 2013
Mary B: I tried a sample, and it really works! Feb 17, 2013
Gabriela N: my skin looks dark under the eyes Feb 14, 2013
Mary W: Dark circles and puffiness under eyes Feb 14, 2013
Sara D: great size for travel Feb 12, 2013
Natalie K: You've gotta love an eye cream that makes you look incredibly rested in the morning, even if you didn't get much sleep. Feb 12, 2013
Conni W: Hoped it would decrease wrinkles! But havenâ??t tried it yet! Feb 11, 2013
Zhen Z: I WANNA TRY THIS. If it is good. I'll buy it in the furture. Feb 8, 2013
Patricia N: This is a miracle eye cream. The lines around my eyes have really diminished and my dark circles have as well. I'm 43 and the skin around my eyes hasn't looked this good since my early thirties. Feb 7, 2013
Jessalyn E: Great eye cream and well priced! Feb 6, 2013
JEANETTE F: customer reviews Feb 6, 2013
Rosemary J: Choosing for someone who loves the Midnight Recovery serum Feb 6, 2013
Lily P: heard good things about it, already use the powerful line reducing serum and it works! Feb 3, 2013
Tameerah H: i have dark circles and are looking to reduce the appearance Jan 31, 2013
Lonnie F: The positive reviews for this product convinced me to try it myself. It's a great eye cream - lightweight but effective. It really makes the skin brighter and even-toned. It's like bottling a good night's sleep :) Jan 28, 2013
YANG X: good Jan 28, 2013
Craig D: use daily Jan 27, 2013
Robin B: I wanted eye alert, but you were sold out! Jan 26, 2013
Valerie C: As i age my needs are every changing. this product sounded all encomopassing to the problems i have around my eyes. Jan 25, 2013
Kate C: I have dark circles under my eyes. Jan 25, 2013
Helena O: Love the midnight recovery line. Jan 24, 2013
Dolores M: First time trying - choose based on customer ratings Jan 24, 2013
Julia D: Eyes in need of serious help Jan 22, 2013
Patricia W: Have used the Midnight Recovery Serum and liked it. Therefore, was interested in the eye product. Jan 21, 2013
Corinne F: I am running out of my regular Lancome producy and would like to give this a try. Jan 21, 2013
Amy S: I continue to reorder this product as I always notice the benefits of using it every morning. Jan 19, 2013
Kim H: I wanted to see if it helps with puffiness around my eyes. Jan 18, 2013
Dawn H: liked the effects of the concentrate, so thought i'd try the eye recovery Jan 18, 2013
Chris R: something good for the eyes Jan 14, 2013
Beth M: To help dark under eye circles and wrinkles around eyes Jan 14, 2013
Darla L: I need help with the bags under my eyes. Jan 14, 2013
Mary D: I have tried many eye serums and creams but this one takes the cake!! Love the results, which seem immediate, and it feels so soothing on that thin skin around the eyes! Jan 14, 2013
Kara K: I have been searching for the perfect eye cream for several years, and Kiehl's is head and shoulders above every other brand.

I was hesitant about this cream because $36 seemed steep for such a small container, but it's incredibly emollient and potent, so a very small amount lasts a long time - one tube lasted me close to four months.

This leaves the skin around the eyes bright and smooth, looking well-rested and with my dark circles noticeably lighter.

Found a new eye cream for life!
Jan 14, 2013
Nubia G: hoping my eyes wont look puffy every morning Jan 13, 2013
Negin S: It looked like what I needed. First time trying it. Jan 13, 2013
Izorah B: This is a wonderful restorative product. I live in a high altitude dry climate, especially in the winter. After washing my face at night and carefully applying this cream to the eye area I can feel the eye fatigue begin to diminish immediately. The proof is in the "seeing" the next morning with dark circles visibly lighter. But what happened to your Vitamin E eye stick? It was wonderful for daytime eye moisturizing. Please bring this product back! SB in Colorado Jan 13, 2013
Megan C: To eliminate dark circles Jan 10, 2013
Pamela D: my son uses this Jan 10, 2013
Dain C: Tired of looking like I have a hangover. Jan 10, 2013
wendy b: I need the extra boost to the under eye area. My choice was based on customer reviews! Jan 7, 2013
Sarah L: loved the elixer - trying for eyes too Jan 2, 2013
Derek D: My wife loves this item. We have tried many eye creams and this is the best one for her skin. She uses it during the day as well. Jan 2, 2013
Katherine P: I chose this item for the anti aging benefits and for the under eye puffiness Jan 2, 2013
rosa c: Wish can help my eyes look better Jan 2, 2013
Joseph L: It's good! Jan 1, 2013
yawen l: LASTING Dec 31, 2012
yan c: tried midnight concentrate before Dec 31, 2012
barbara r: i think my eyes look years younger Dec 31, 2012
Kristin S: What a great eye cream. I used to use the eye balm from Kiehl's, but they stopped making it so I chose this product and am just as happy. Dec 31, 2012
Connie T: Reviews looked good! Dec 31, 2012
AGNES L: Sales recommended Dec 31, 2012
Carolina L: good customer review Dec 31, 2012
Meiliang W: As other customers recommend this product, I would like to try it. Dec 31, 2012
Lucille A: This is one of my all time favorite little Kiehl products. This eye creme is so nourishing you'll feel good the moment you dab it about your eyes. Dec 31, 2012
JIA QI L: eye cream is the most important skin care to look young Dec 31, 2012
Alissa V: recommended by a friend Dec 30, 2012
Karleen E: I have dark circles and tired eyes. I read the reviews and hope that this product gives me the results I've been looking for. Dec 30, 2012
Andrea D: I live in a dry climate and truly need to get ahead of the wrinkles around the eye area. Dec 30, 2012
Jennifer M: Trial Dec 30, 2012
Allison C: I like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, so I am trying this for the 1st time Dec 30, 2012
Cheri S: Love this stuff. It helps with my puffy eyes and it moisturizes. Dec 30, 2012
Miu-Yu W: I like it. Dec 30, 2012
Anamae D: Liked it so much, thought I would try the other eye cream too! Dec 30, 2012
Fei G: Want to give a try based on good reviews Dec 29, 2012
Nancy Z: I heard it 's good Dec 29, 2012
Zimei S: midnight Dec 29, 2012
Xing Y: Just got some eye troubles Dec 29, 2012
Mimi M: I've tried samples for this night eye cream and it really does make the eye area look much better. Dec 29, 2012
Marcia D: friend recommended Dec 29, 2012
joy h: I love the other Midnight Recovery, so figured this would be great also. Great reviews. Dec 29, 2012
Tracey L: First time, Dec 29, 2012
jean s: like the serum, thought i'd see if the eye cream is as good Dec 28, 2012
Jingyan W: my friend recommend this product for me Dec 28, 2012
Holly W: My eyes are showing age. Dec 28, 2012
DORA C: to try Dec 28, 2012
Sian M: I use the Midnight Recovery Oil and wanted to try this out. Dec 28, 2012
Nicole G: I love the serum so I thought this would be a nice compliment for my night time regime. Dec 27, 2012
Yen-Cheng K: I love it Dec 27, 2012
Chiahui F: want to reduce wrinkle around eyes Dec 27, 2012
Jian L: I like the smell Dec 27, 2012
Kristina N: I currently use this eye treatment and love it! Dec 27, 2012
Linda P: I think it will help the below eye wrinkles and swelling Dec 27, 2012
Chris L: great product - saw results the first time I used it. Dec 27, 2012
Lili X: sleep late in the night Dec 27, 2012
ann S: makes my eyes so smooth Dec 26, 2012
YUE H: I was recommended by this , just give it a shot. Dec 26, 2012
Quynh N: Excellent reviews. Dec 26, 2012
Teresa W: helps with crepey eye tissue Dec 26, 2012
Olivia s: to help with puffiness Dec 26, 2012
Heather H: crows feet! Dec 26, 2012
Kierstyn S: I chose this to hopefully make my chronically tired looking eyes not look tired Dec 26, 2012
Julie H: Lack of sleep = will try anything to get rid of these dark circles. Hope it works. Dec 26, 2012
Christine S: non greasy Dec 24, 2012
Carolyn W W: have used off and on and I like it when I remember to use it. Dec 24, 2012
CAROLYN C: looking good product for small fine line wrinkles.love kiehl's products Dec 20, 2012
Uzoma K: To help with dark circles and puffiness. Dec 20, 2012
Julie L: looking for a good eye cream Dec 18, 2012
Josefina P: I will like to see if it works for me. Dec 18, 2012
Alice L: I needed a nightie product for the eyes and decided this would be best for me. Dec 17, 2012
Vera G: Someone specifically requested it as a gift. Dec 16, 2012
Ruth K: Yet another great product! Been using this product for over 2 years now every morning. Keeps my eye area hydrated and not greasy. Dec 16, 2012
Cindy H: Dark circles are getting worse, reviews looked really good on this product. Dec 15, 2012
Christina Aline N: been using midnight recovery concentrate, so I wanted to give this a try Dec 15, 2012
Kristi W: friend's recommendation Dec 15, 2012
Sarah C: Christmas Gift for my mother Dec 14, 2012
KATHLEEN I: DARK circles Dec 13, 2012
Diane W: Loved the concentrate, thought I would like this too Dec 12, 2012
Patti G: The reviews of this product indicate it may help my eye concerns of dark circles and fine lines. Dec 11, 2012
diep d: my eyes circle look dark, i hope this cream help me look good. Dec 10, 2012
Barb R: Recommended by a friend Dec 9, 2012
Yu C: I just need one and you gave me some complimentary,I think I don't pay the shipping fee,so I glad to order it. Dec 9, 2012
Cheryl H: for my eyes Dec 8, 2012
fay t: it was requested as a present Dec 8, 2012
Caroline W: I was looking for something to treat the dark puffy circles below my eyes, and the reviewers seemed to really like this product for that same reason. Dec 8, 2012
Deanna L: I would like to try this product. Dec 7, 2012
Lynn F: Because im concerned about my eyes, puffiness is what i deal with mostly, Dec 7, 2012
Grace D: Read great reviews about product, but buying it as a gift. Dec 7, 2012
Kathy M: favorite of gift recipient Dec 6, 2012
Diana T: again looser skin around the eyes and the crows feet. I am 65 and feel I am starting to get that tired look. Dec 6, 2012
Richard F: Ithink that mt wife would appreciate this product fo her eyes. Dec 5, 2012
Eric O: want to see if my eyes will look better Dec 5, 2012
Luana T: Good nightime eye moisturizer. Dec 5, 2012
Kim L: This really DOES improve the skin under my eyes. First product I have ever tried that does what it says it will do! Dec 4, 2012
Judy Q: Great eye cream, both day & night! Dec 4, 2012
HAO X: second time buy this Dec 3, 2012
Roxana H: I have the Midnight Recovery and it is awesome. I wanted to try some new eye cream. The age is increasing...and I want to see if this is as good as the Midnight Recovery. Dec 3, 2012
Christine B: excellent product Dec 2, 2012
Ana P: I love it. Dec 2, 2012
lenore t: trying it based on good rev iews Dec 2, 2012
JoAnn F: Reviews sounded like it might be effective Dec 2, 2012
alba m: that I've used and it's great Dec 2, 2012
Liping Z: I need something for my eyes. Hopefully this is a right one. Dec 1, 2012
Ann J: Decided to try based on reviews Nov 30, 2012
Feng W: friend recommand Nov 30, 2012
Barbara W: I already used this product and I love it. Nov 25, 2012
Virginia R: Love this eye cream! Nov 25, 2012
Jerry S: I saw results in a week. Less puffiness in the morning. Nov 24, 2012
ANNA C: To try a new rinkles treatment Nov 23, 2012
irene b: I talked to your representative via email and she suggested it. Nov 23, 2012
Rose R: I use another Midnight Recovery product and wanted to try something for the eye area Nov 19, 2012
LESLIE P: Amazing! Nov 18, 2012
LESLIE P: Amazing! Nov 18, 2012
Denise M: This stuff is fantastic! Truly notice a difference by morning. Nov 18, 2012
Xiaoli C: for a friend Nov 17, 2012
georgea g: i like this product. This will be 2nd botttle and so far so good! Nov 16, 2012
Joan K: I read a review in Fitness Magazine. Nov 16, 2012
Xiaojing L: recommended by friends Nov 15, 2012
Chenyu X: want to try Nov 14, 2012
adelina b: my eyes need help Nov 14, 2012
DONGFANG P: start seeing small wrinkle under my eyes.. Nov 14, 2012
Yun H: It's the first time I purchase Kiehl's product. I chose this because of the good reviews. Nov 13, 2012
Haiyang Q: Just try this new product Nov 13, 2012
Hei Lam K: want to try Nov 13, 2012
Ursula H: dark circles Saw review and thought I would try Nov 5, 2012
Judith P: I Really can tell a difference with wrinkles. Nov 2, 2012
Cheryl S: i have dry skin and hoping this will hydrate my skin Oct 31, 2012
Beth D: Need a good, light eye cream Oct 31, 2012
Sharon M: want to try Oct 29, 2012
Kayre P: anti-aging and hitting 50 so I am watching the crows feet! Oct 27, 2012
Barbara K: received a sample at Tampa airport and wanted to use more hoping to get rid of my dark circles which i have suffered with since very young. Oct 23, 2012
MarthaLee W: works well and I like it Oct 20, 2012
Xiaofei W: Great reviews Oct 20, 2012
Monika P: an agent recommended this cream for my swollen allergy eyes Oct 19, 2012
Diane N: great on the eyes Oct 15, 2012
Theresa S: very good reviews Oct 14, 2012
Qing M: I want to try something for my eyes during the night time. Oct 13, 2012
Mikray G: I tried live chat since this was my first time to try your products. Oct 11, 2012
Kelly L: Dark circles under eye Oct 10, 2012
Robin R: Have used this before and it is great! Oct 7, 2012
Elisabete G: I love midnight recovery oil want to try the eye cream Oct 5, 2012
Gwendolyn K: I am 40 and recently can see lines under my eyes when I smile. I want them gone and am trying this for the first time. Oct 3, 2012
Betty S: Many comments on your web site about this being effective on dark circles. Oct 3, 2012
Kay R: Great Oct 1, 2012
Jill W: Read about it in Fitness magazine plus read reviews Sep 30, 2012
Sandy S: prior use Sep 29, 2012
Arthea G: My usual purchase. Sep 27, 2012
Michele V: I have tried many many eye depuffers. This works very well. Because Kiehl's gives samples, I tried it and it worked. So, now I am buying the product. Sep 27, 2012
Kay O: Like how it works. Sep 26, 2012
Lucia J: I have puffy under eyes and dark circles. Sep 26, 2012
YI N: try it Sep 24, 2012
Phillip S: works great for tired eyes Sep 24, 2012
Patty Y: would like to try this product Sep 24, 2012
Joon Yong C: For targeted eye treatment Sep 24, 2012
Holli R: can't live without this one Sep 24, 2012
Kelly B: figure if the concentrate is so good then this must be as well Sep 24, 2012
Cherie L: friend gave it to me and it works great Sep 24, 2012
CINDY H: It works for me. Sep 24, 2012
Amber L: Love the way this feels! Made the lines around my eyes diminsh significantly! Love it! Sep 24, 2012
Karen C: have not tried the previous tubes bought but worth the 20% discount. Sep 23, 2012
MEE J: never tried this product. good review helped me to choose this. Sep 23, 2012
Lili F: I've been using this product. Sep 23, 2012
Laura R: Want to try it. Sep 23, 2012
Kimberly K: I use this eye cream at night. I love how it is gentle on my skin around my eyes. My eyes feel better in the morning. Sep 23, 2012
Stacey S: I like how it reduces dark circles and moisturizes at the same time. Not greasey and absorbs well. Sep 23, 2012
WEN LONG M: Because i got old. My skin need to take care.

Sep 23, 2012
janis e: I love this product! It helps reduce the puffiness around my eyes! Sep 22, 2012
I-Ching H: I love the oil of this collect and would love to try the eye cream. Sep 22, 2012
Marion C: I already use and like this product Sep 21, 2012
Raquel S: I've used this before and instantly noticed a difference within a week. Sep 21, 2012
RONG L: I LIKE IT. Sep 21, 2012
Susan W: Based on customer reviews Sep 21, 2012
Dawn H: dark circles under eyes Sep 21, 2012
Lori R: Because I have been using it & like it. Sep 21, 2012
Shelly B: This is the best eye cream I have ever used. The tube lasts a very long time and is so worth every cent. You will not be disappointed with this cream. Sep 21, 2012
Beverly C: When I first used this I saw a difference right away in the hydration of the eye area especially the crows feet. Sep 20, 2012
Sarah K: Recommended in Fitness Magazine. Sep 20, 2012
Michelle D: To try with the Midnight Recovery Sep 20, 2012
Heather M: Great product. This is my third tube! Sep 19, 2012
Susie M: based on reviews for what i was looking for.
i have never tried i before. i am looking forward to it.
Sep 19, 2012
GRISSELLE P: Use it, like it and almost out of it Sep 19, 2012
Douglas N: Recommendation. Friends used it, loved it. Sep 19, 2012
Mildred G: This is my second purchase and I am very pleased with the results. Sep 19, 2012
Barbara R: Love this product! Helps with dark circles tremendously. Sep 18, 2012
Lin Z: Because on sale Sep 18, 2012
Anne h: I use this every night Sep 18, 2012
melissa b: i have puffiness and dark circles, have tried numerous solutions Sep 17, 2012
Elena L: I have never tried the eye cream, but I am looking forward to it. I love the regular midnight recovery. Sep 16, 2012
LAURA A: I have trid several eye crems, Keihl's is the BEST I have ever used. I will never try another product again Sep 15, 2012
Juanita C: Desperately looking for remedy for under eye bags Sep 11, 2012
Deanna B: Actually does reduce puffiness in the morning if applied the night before. Sep 11, 2012
Ula K: great reviews Sep 10, 2012
erin l: wanna try something new Sep 10, 2012
Xiaokun M: after reading the product reviews Sep 10, 2012
Rosemarie G: Love the concentrate so thought I'd try the eye treatment Sep 9, 2012
Kathy K: other eye creams not working well so chose this based on other reviewers Sep 7, 2012
Claire M: It works well on my eyes at night-not greasy-does not get into your eyes. Stays in place and feel refreshing Sep 4, 2012
xiaoying w: good for black eye shade Sep 2, 2012
Renee K: tried the midnight recovery and wanted to try the eye version Sep 2, 2012
Donna F: I love the way my eyes look in the mrning when I wake up. I feel that they are less puffy and dark. Sep 2, 2012
kamil a: i would like to try if it benefits around the eye puffiness Sep 2, 2012
Jean M: regular user Sep 1, 2012
Leslie T: This is the first eye cream I've found that actually helps the puffiness and bags under my eyes in the morning. I get very little sleep during the week and often wake up with puffiness. I've tried many eye creams from all price points and this is the first I've noticed that worked. I love it! Aug 26, 2012
Li Min T: recommended by friend Aug 23, 2012
Mitchell S: eye puffiness Aug 21, 2012
Atsuko S: It completely cleared up my dark circles. I can see a huge difference around my eyes in the morning if I forgot to apply this on the previous night. Aug 20, 2012
Angela M: I love the Midnight Recovery oil so I assume this is as good. Aug 20, 2012
Candace W: I am using the midnight recovery concentrate for my face and like the results. I have been using the Line-reducing Eye-brightening Concentrate but it makes my eyes burn so I wanted to try something else. Aug 20, 2012
Lala F: use it day and night - love it! Aug 20, 2012
Seth L: Cause matt has wrinkles Aug 19, 2012
Lenora A: IVillage Recommendation and reviews from others who have used it. I have not been able to find anything to help the dark circles and puffiness. Hopefully, this will work. Aug 18, 2012
Lynnda H: I have puffy eyes, lots of wrinkles and dryness. Aug 17, 2012
julie w: I am eager to try this, especially since it won't migrate into the eye area while I sleep. I can't wait to get it in my mailbox & try the first night & wake up to see the very first results...I'll probably place a full size product order that very day!!!!! Aug 16, 2012
Kelly Riser L: I love this eye creme for my sensitive eyes & even use it on puffy or sensitive areas of my face, especially eczema patches - combined with the midnight oil. When my eyes are itchy & burny it feels really good. Aug 16, 2012
Nicholas G: To Hide those late nights Aug 15, 2012
Alice K: excited to try this to improve the look of my under eyes. Aug 14, 2012
Dawn C: The reviews seemed positive and I've been looking for a night time eye cream Aug 14, 2012
Mary Frances P: Ready for new product Aug 13, 2012
Patricia A: The product reviews were excellent and I am searching for an outstanding night eye cream. Aug 13, 2012
carole J: Use at night, really like this. Aug 13, 2012
Laurie S: I ordered this BECAUSE I just turned 50 and need to concentrat on the crows feet and other lines and this seems to b what I need . I use there day products & have nothing for Night. NOW I DO !! Aug 12, 2012
Beth G: Used sample and liked so ordered product. Aug 12, 2012
Melanie M: tried it from a sample and nothing has worked better on the fine lines around my eyes. i am hooked! Aug 11, 2012
Amy M: I received a sample of this at Neiman Marcus and have really enjoyed using it. I use it at night at the smell is lovely and it does a great job at moisturizing around my delicate eye area. My sample ran out and I decided to buy a tube I liked it so much. Aug 10, 2012
jacqueline D: Recommendation from a Representative of Kiehls Aug 9, 2012
cheryl a: puffy eyes Aug 8, 2012
Judith S: Received a sample and was pleased with the results Aug 8, 2012
Frank B: Friend suggested it Aug 7, 2012
Bobbie G: See above Aug 7, 2012
Rosemarie P: works great! I love it. Aug 4, 2012
JoAnn G: to try these products before purchasing. Aug 4, 2012
Sijie Y: Love the serum, want to try the eye cream as well. Aug 4, 2012
Trang P: try out Aug 2, 2012
Donna G: My first try at this product but I love
the Midnight Recovery Concentrate
and am hopeful this will feel as good and
work as good.
Aug 1, 2012
Anna M: I read other wonderful reviews of this product Like so many other women, I have tried so many eye creams,with dismal results. Hoping this will be different !! Jul 31, 2012
Elizabeth D: Friend told me about it. Jul 31, 2012
ALMA R C: I want to see if it really does away with dark circles under the eyes Jul 29, 2012
Shelly W: A friend of mine recommended this. I'll give it a try! Jul 23, 2012
Charlotte C: My friend told me this one works magically on fine lines around eyes Jul 16, 2012
Emily C: I like this item Jul 16, 2012
JIA MIN Z: excellent product! Jul 15, 2012
Kristine D: Been meaning to try this one for a while and it just so happens I'm about to run out of my current eye cream. Can't wait to see how it works! Jul 15, 2012
Karen H: Good reviews. Looking for something to help with dark circles and fine lines. Jul 10, 2012
Daria R: This is a great night eye treatment. Not too greasy/creamy, but hefty enough to moisturize eyes overnight. Jul 10, 2012
janice m: used it with powerful strength line reducing concentrate
seems to help my wrinkle and dark ring
Jul 8, 2012
Lorraine M: Trying to minimize fine lines between eyes in the oribtal eye area. Jul 8, 2012
Srilatha B: Fabulous anti-wrinkle overnight eye cream. My puffy eyelids have totally disappeared! Jul 7, 2012
Jennifer G: This is a great product. Great moisturizer for under the eyes. Jul 2, 2012
Maryann C: This is new for me. Going to give it a try... Jun 25, 2012
Mary G: I recently received another sample of this and like the size for travel. Jun 25, 2012
Alane M: I have constant dark circles under my eyes, which are related to allergies. Am always willing to try a product that will help combat dark circles. Jun 25, 2012
LAURA A: Because I love it..It does not irritate my eyes..I don't know what I would do without it.
I would love to get promo codes now and them being I buy
all my skin products from you
Jun 22, 2012
JiaMin Z: wanna try something new Jun 21, 2012
Kathleen L: Good results from using a sample I received. Even got a co-worker interested in this product. She ordered yesterday. Jun 21, 2012
Marion C: Makes my eye area smooth Jun 20, 2012
Tammy S: Great product because it works! Jun 20, 2012
Carolyn M: Love the avocado cream but wanted something a litle stronger. Hopefully this will do the trick! Jun 20, 2012
Linda B: I received a sample, and I think it showed
a difference.
Jun 18, 2012
Jane A: Love this product, use day and night for wonderful texture and firmness. Jun 17, 2012
Melanie L: to go with the MRC Jun 16, 2012
Carol T: works great Jun 11, 2012
Lynne S: It's water based and doesn't irritate my eyes.
I like the way my skin looks after using the product
Jun 11, 2012
Karen I: I am in my mid 60's and it sounded like something I could use. I also liked that it was paraben free. Jun 9, 2012
Anita J: used before and like. Jun 8, 2012
myung l: It is new for me I`ll try on. Jun 8, 2012
Kristine W: Heard good things! Jun 7, 2012
Karen N: love the serum, thought I'd try the eye product. Jun 7, 2012
Suzanne J: I was given a sample and I love it! Jun 7, 2012
Peter N: I'm getting old. I used to work in the sun and I have a kidney transplant of over 15 years (the anti-rejection meds play havoc with your skin). It's time I started paying attention to my appearance or next year I won't need a Halloween costume! Jun 6, 2012
Cindy Rose R: I am wanting my eyes to look brighter and younger looking. Jun 4, 2012
Trina L: Love the facial lotion, going to try the eye. Jun 3, 2012
Lynette D: Worked wonders after a LONG night out in NYC! Jun 2, 2012
Pam L: Have been using a sample and love the product May 28, 2012
Inge B: recommended by Nordstrom May 26, 2012
Kathy R: Wanted to try it...have circles under eye May 25, 2012
April D: Recommended in Real Simple magazine as a top eye cream. May 25, 2012
Susanne F: glides on, very moisturizing to eye area after removing eye makeup May 24, 2012
Erin W: Need help with bags and I have heard such great things about this product. Can't wait to try! May 24, 2012
Cindy D: Because you stopped making imperiale eye cream and I thought I'd try this. May 21, 2012
Vicky B: amazing product. can see a huge difference the morning after. May 21, 2012
patricia r: Saw it on your website. May 21, 2012
Nathalye m: highly recommended for my dark circles, im a student and i work overnight. I have very little time to sleep. May 20, 2012
Debra M: I tried a sample that I received in one of your retail stores and liked it very much. May 18, 2012
Michelle L: Friend's recommendation. Good reviews. May 18, 2012
Laurie L: this should be good for my dark circle May 17, 2012
Stephanie M: LOVE this it makes your eye area look "awake" and smooth. May 17, 2012
Gloria L: New Product and review on UrCosme is good. May 17, 2012
Irene K: Looking for another eye cream for night. May 16, 2012
Kathleen R W: great eye cream May 15, 2012
Sara L: My mom likes to try any aging cream. May 15, 2012
Marilynn S: It works May 14, 2012
Shannon B: My eyes are so dry May 14, 2012
dana d: The best product I've ever tried for dark circles May 13, 2012
Teresa R: This product has helped with my fine lines and wrinkles. I work long hours and with this product no one would ever know :) May 10, 2012
archana p: Dark Circles and Puffiness May 10, 2012
Lucia R: for puffy eyes & fine lines May 10, 2012
Minna M: i have puffiness under-eye dark circles. want to try this out May 10, 2012
Marjurie R: dark circles May 9, 2012
Gregory A: For my wife who really likes this product May 7, 2012
Xandra M: I wanted to try this product because of all the reviews I read on the website. I wanted to try this to see if it would help the dark spots under my eyes May 6, 2012
Kijeong Y: Because it's paraben-free and silicone-free. Also, I like a tube type for eye cream. May 5, 2012
Catherine G: great for deep set eyes plagued by dark circles. I wake with barely any dark pigmentation under my eyes if I use this at night. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! May 4, 2012
Mary U: purchased the midnight recovery for face, and would like to compliment regime with eye recovery. May 4, 2012
Suzanne B: Recommended by family member. May 3, 2012
Clint S: It's great to moisturize the eye area at night, without having anything heavy on during the day. May 3, 2012
Lillie M W: I have dark circles, and it appears that my eyes are puffy. I dark circles makes it looks as if my eyes are sunk in. May 3, 2012
Deidre H: to eliminate dark circles May 3, 2012
Joo Yeon L: good reviews May 3, 2012
Connie P: Purchased 2-3 wks & find this product to work as stated in description. Sending as a gift and knowing recipient will be just as happy as I am with results. May 2, 2012
christine k: curious about its ability to reduce fine lines May 2, 2012
Rebecca D: I tried this first as a sample and found it to be a fantastic product, not greasy, eyes look refreshed in the morning. May 1, 2012
pei fen c: new for me May 1, 2012
WANYEE C: bought this for girlfriend Apr 30, 2012
Eve A: Like how it works Apr 30, 2012
Olga V: love it Apr 29, 2012
Amanda S: Have been using the concentrate and wanted to try the eye treatment. Apr 29, 2012
Miwa S: Because my friend highly recommends it. Apr 28, 2012
May W: same reason as above. Apr 28, 2012
Alexandria T: Great reviews. I really need something for my eyes. Apr 27, 2012
Noelle K: it works!! Apr 27, 2012
Lydia M: Works! Apr 27, 2012
melissa u: great stuff Apr 26, 2012
Allison G: I've been noticing in pictures I look tired and older compared to my peers becasue of the dark circles under my eyes. I have few wrinkles, but the circles are getting worse. Looking to see if this will work. Apr 26, 2012
Judith K: Helps with puffiness around eyes. Apr 26, 2012
k w: new for me and I love the midnight recovery oil Apr 25, 2012
Arthea G: I have been using the full-size cream for a month and seen some results; would like to get a sample for travel. Apr 25, 2012
Catherine H: also would like to see any improvement Apr 25, 2012
Bonnie H: I hope it works as well as the concentrate. Apr 24, 2012
Kim R: I'm hoping to get something to combat my dark circles. Apr 23, 2012
Margaret M: to moisturize eye area and reduce puffiness Apr 23, 2012
Bridgette T: saw on a tv show Apr 23, 2012
Laura K: Recommended in People Style Watch, March '12 Apr 22, 2012
amy s: heared this is good product Apr 21, 2012
Lillian S: Trying it out for the first time Apr 20, 2012
Nancy K: I own this and I want to continue using it. Apr 20, 2012
Randy P: help with my eyes. Apr 20, 2012
George P: Very good reveiws I will try it out and see how it works for me Apr 18, 2012
Debbie R: I need some extra boost for puffiness and circles Apr 18, 2012
Doug M: i have dark lines, thought I'd give this a try Apr 17, 2012
Paul S: To reduce puffiness under my eyes. Apr 16, 2012
Kenneth A. R: Trying for the first time Apr 16, 2012
Connie P: Reviews were favorable - First time purchase Apr 16, 2012
megan o: After reading the reviews it sounded like this product would address my undereye needs. Apr 16, 2012
Alex G: Interested in seeing if it works Apr 16, 2012
Anne B: Hoping it will help with undereye puffiness and darkness. Apr 16, 2012
Wendy R: My eyes look less puffy and wrinkled as soon as I started using this cream, it's wonderful. Apr 16, 2012
Soyeung Y: Great reviews; new Apr 16, 2012
Loena J: have a puffy issue with eyes. this was recommended by a celebrity in a magazine and has good ratings Apr 15, 2012
robert a: Sounds like it will work, I thought I would give it a try :) Apr 15, 2012
Carolyn W: I have been using the midnight recovery facial oil and am pleased with it, and felt this would be a good addition Apr 15, 2012
Karen K: This is the best product that I have ever used for eyes! Apr 15, 2012
Vivian L: Hoping that this eye cream delivers the same level of results that the original Midnight Recovery Serum does! Apr 15, 2012
Xuejing Y: You discontinued my favorite imperiale repairatuer moisturizing eye balm, so I HAVE TO try something new. If I do not like this eye cream, I probably will switch to other brand. I am very MAD about the fact that you discontinued the eye balm. Apr 14, 2012
Gail K. C: I would like to try this Apr 14, 2012
Yanhong G: try new product Apr 12, 2012
Sandra Z: i was complaining to my son about dark circles and he recommended this product. he had the expensive surgery to reduce puffiness and swears by this product as maintenace. Apr 12, 2012
Han C: Friend wanted it. Apr 12, 2012
Linda B: this is new don't know yet Apr 11, 2012
donna r: My skin around my eyes was dark and puffy and I needed something to help with that. Apr 11, 2012
Trish N: I am looking for an eye treatment and this one got good reviews. My skin is pretty sensitive, but it does really well with Kiehl's products. Apr 11, 2012
Julia G: Second time purchasing this product. There was a huge improvement with my dark circles a month into using the product, since then, the results have platued. The skin around my eyes are also very sensitive, if I wear makeup of any kind, I often get a rash- a allergic reaction, but since using this eye cream everynight, I've only had one episode of a allergic reaction. Apr 11, 2012
laurel s: my eyes are dark and sun damaged Apr 10, 2012
Yayoi R: I wanted to try new product. Apr 10, 2012
christie s: soothing to under eyes and great for helping fine lines at night. Apr 9, 2012
Christie F: Based on the reviews and comments made by other users, I choose this product Apr 9, 2012
Marcie B: To reduce the puffyness and dark circles under my eyes and have younger, healthier looking eyes. Apr 8, 2012
Sheryl L: This is a new product for me, I hope I like it! Apr 7, 2012
Lee Anne A: The reviews make me think this product will help with the dark circles and puffiness I have now and then. Apr 7, 2012
Ericka T: I couldn't find the little black round jar of eye repairature (sp?) that I usually buy and has been out of stock. I am hoping this works just as well if not better for the delicate skin around my eyes. Apr 6, 2012
Connie E: i have puffy, sensitive eyes Apr 5, 2012
Mindy L: I haven't tried it yet, but have heard nothing but great things aobut it. Apr 4, 2012
Molly M: I need a new eye cream and I am trying this one because I love other Kiehl's products. Apr 3, 2012
Jennifer S: eyes starting to look dry/papery and tired Apr 3, 2012
Elizabeth J: My mother in law in Korea spends a lot of nights up late with her school, and therefore suffers from lack of sleep and rest. Her eyes are always puffy, so I thought this would be a good gift for her along with the Recovery Concentrate. Apr 3, 2012
Martha I: My eyes look tired, dark circles Apr 3, 2012
Teresa B: Because Kiehl's Imperiale Repairateur Moisturizing Eye Balm is discontinued. I'M VERY UPSET ABOUT THAT! Apr 2, 2012
Ruihua W: my real need.....
But not sure whether it is effective for my blackness under eyes
Mar 31, 2012
Kimberly M: I have dark puffy eyes. Mar 30, 2012
Maria S: I have bags under my eyes and while at the hairdresser I saw this product on a magazine and it had good reviews. Mar 30, 2012
shiyuan w: try it Mar 29, 2012
Curtis R: bad dark circles/puffiness really hoping it works Mar 29, 2012
Adele M: Never used this before, reviews are good so I am trying it. Mar 29, 2012
Sherlyn D: overnight is the best time to help your body fix anything or play catch up. Mar 27, 2012
Nancy W: Introduced to product by Nay Ladbasri at Kiehl's on NW 23rd Avenue in Portland Oregon Mar 27, 2012
Adam N: Recommended by store employee as a good option for reducing lines around the eye. Mar 27, 2012
Norma B: Received as a gift from a TV taping. It's the best eye care cream I have ever used. Mar 26, 2012
Pamela D: An excellent product. Mar 25, 2012
TINA L: a good night eye cream reduce pruufiness Mar 25, 2012
GERTRUDE W. R: Based on my past experiences with Kiehls products, I trust this product will be effective. Mar 24, 2012
Lisa J: It helps with puffiness and makes my eyes feel fresh and awake. Mar 23, 2012
Sa L: I'd like to try and see if this eye cream can help me reduce my dark circles. Mar 23, 2012
Michelle F: Looking for something to boost my eye treatement at night, and reduce wrinkles and provide intense care Mar 23, 2012
Gin H asked: I am 73 and my left eye has has several surgeries and sags and very little collegen left, will this product will this product do any tightening??? Jan 10, 2013
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nicole asked: Since I began using Midnight Recovery Eye cream, the puffiness around my eyes has actually gotten more pronounced. Has anyone else had this reaction? Any suggestions on why this might be happening? I love the way it feels, but my husband - who is not the hypercritical sort at all - started to comment ("I say this with love, you still look beautiful to me, BUT I can't help notice...") on my eyes looking puffy within a few days of my using the cream. May 25, 2013
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Geneva L: Kiehl's always advises to check for an allergic reaction; I would say that you may be reacting to the ingredients which include some natural essential oils and plant essences. The simplest solution may be to stop using the product for a week and see if there is an improvement. The avocado eye cream is very gentle and you might want to try that in its place if you are eventually ready to try a different under-eye cream. Your attentive hubby should get extra points for his attention to detail! Hope things work out. May 25, 2013
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A shopper asked: Does this product have retinol or alpha hydroxyl? May 15, 2014
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A shopper asked: can i use this product in the morning? May 19, 2012
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deborah h: I use Midnight Recovery Eye each morning and night under Kiehl's avocado eye treatment and would not be without it. I love it. May 19, 2012
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Kim L: I use the cream morning and night. It's light enough to wear under my concealer or foundation. I really like it. May 19, 2012
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Ann T: I do use it at both morning and evening
same with the midnight recovery oil
May 19, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does this product contain caffeine? I tend to get puffy eyes from some eye creams over night. May 18, 2014
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Pamela G asked: Does this help with puffy upper eye region? Jun 20, 2013
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Sheila P: I'm not sure, as I only use it under my eyes. It does help with under eye puffiness though so it may work on the upper eyelid. Jun 21, 2013
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Stacey S: Yes. I use it all around my eye area. No problem with doing so and good results. Jul 26, 2013
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A shopper asked: Do you use this under your eye cream? Jul 7, 2014
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Leesa T: i often use (alternating with Retinoids) as a primary eye cream Aug 18, 2014
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Paul M: Not usually Jul 7, 2014
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A shopper asked: do i need to apply any other eye cream over midnight recovery eye? Nov 12, 2013
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Marilyn R: No, Midnight Recovery is all you need. It's an o.k. product, but I have found others that are more effective for me. Of course, everyone has different skin, and expects different results. Good Luck!! Nov 12, 2013
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Lillian L: yes Nov 13, 2013
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Greta W asked: Are the effects of this cream long term? Do the results of de puffed eyes and lightened under eyes stay with you after a while or so you have to keep repurchasing and using constantly to maintain those results? Jul 7, 2014
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Leesa T: i would say results may last for weeks after stopping use but so much depends on sun exposure, age, habits, etc. it's hard to believe that any topical product would deliver permanent results. Aug 18, 2014
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Vic K asked: Does this eye treatment actually help with removing fine lines under the eye? Mar 12, 2014
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Helene F: Not really. It's average.
What I think is a very good product and good value is their mask.
Mar 13, 2014
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Judith E asked: I use the avocado eye cream day and night. Does not irritate my eyes. Would this replace for night use?. Is it non irritating if gets into eyes.. Mar 4, 2014
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Michelle F: I have found no irritation at all with the Midnight Recovery cream. I use it underneath my daily eye cream for additional treatment and hydration. Mar 4, 2014
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Anthony D: Everyone's skin is different, but I have slightly oily Italian skin, and this it he best eye cream I've ever used. I also like La Mer's eye cream. I have tried all the Kiehl's eye creams and Midnight Recovery is my favorite. I even use it during the daytime, not just at night, because the avocado eye cream looks a little too oily under my eyes and hasn't yielded the same results.

LOVE this product and have been using for several years.
Mar 4, 2014
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Patricia T: It is a wonderful product and does not sting when applied to the eye area. I've been very impressed and happy with the Midnight Recovery line. Mar 4, 2014
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Christopher C: It hasn't bothered my eyes and I've been using it for a couple of years--no irritation and I use it at night only. Mar 4, 2014
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A shopper asked: how often do you use this? Sep 25, 2013
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Jill B: I use it nightly. Plus it's small enough that I put it in my carry-on, when I travel. I do a lot of international travel, so it comes in handy on those dry airplanes! Sep 25, 2013
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Alice L: The directions are on the tube and with the information inside the box. Dot on around the eye at bedtime. Oct 7, 2013
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Erin K: I use this product every day and night, therefore a larger size would be very much appreciated! Sep 25, 2013
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Agatha P: twice a day - AM & PM Oct 8, 2013
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Joann C asked: i want a product that addresses puffiness and dark circles, I am 57? Apr 9, 2013
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Cynthia S: I have used Midnight Recover eye cream. I cannot comment on its effectiveness on puffiness, because that is not one of my beauty problems; however, I have found that this product does NOT reduce dark circles under the eyes. Apr 12, 2013
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Sherlyn D: It is a great product, I have noticed significant reduction in eye puffiness the next day after using the product consistently after 2 weeks. All it takes is a little since it is thick. Apr 12, 2013
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Norma B: Midnight Recovery is one of the best products I have ever used. I have been using it for a little over a year and can tell the puffiness and darkness has lessen. Apr 12, 2013
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Carmel C: Midnight Recovery Eye is the product you are looking for. Ive been using this product for almost a year and i have seen improvements. Apr 12, 2013
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Jeffrey B asked: How long does a 0.5 tube of Midnight Recovery Eye typically last? Oct 28, 2013
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Nancy L: Jeffrey,

I used it twice a day and it lasted 3 1/2 months.
Oct 28, 2013
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tracy h: I agree, with regular use, about 2-3 months. Dec 12, 2013
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Laura L: Good question that I've been attempting to answer myself - About 2 months for me. Oct 28, 2013
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A shopper asked: Which eye cream is best for me?-- Midnight Recovery Eye or Rosa Artica Eye cream? I have slightly dark circles under my eyes in the morning (due to lack of sleep?), but want a good moisturizer to hydrate both my eyelids and under-eye areas. I am 67 and have fine lines around my eyes. Feb 16, 2013
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GERTRUDE W. R: I have used the Midnight Recovery Eye treatment. As we age the tendency to have dark circles under the eyes and darkened eyelids seems to increase. It is heightened even more with a lack of sleep. I use a vey light coat of an exfoliant to help remove some of the dead skin and promote production of new skin. Following this treatment with the dark spot corrector. Mar 4, 2013
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jing x: midnight recovery eye is much better than the Rosa Artica Eye Cream. Apr 15, 2013
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Nancy C: I perfer the Midnight Recovery to the Rosa Artica. It absorbs more easily and seems to hydrate better. I find the Rosa Artica sits more on top of the skin even if I warm it some. Feb 16, 2013
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A shopper asked: Should I use this product before or after putting on my moisturizer for the night? Also, how long should I expect to wait before I get results? I suffer from dark, puffy eyes. I really hope this product works. Apr 3, 2012
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Jennifer S: I put my moisturizer on last, and always have based on most instructions of my "target-area" treatments. I have noticed "moister-looking" skin around my eyes within 2 weeks. (For context purposes: I am 36) Apr 3, 2012
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Christina R: I put the Midnight Recovery Eye creme around my eye before applying moisturizer. I'm not sure if this product helps with dark, puffy eyes, but I love how it makes the eye area look. Apr 3, 2012
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juan l: hope it works Apr 9, 2012
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A shopper asked: What is the proper storage temparature for the midnight recovery eye cream and serum? Nov 18, 2013
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Dale A: I have found that the best place to put it is in the refrigerator at 38 degrees it keeps it cool and feels wonder going on you eyes the cold just adds to the calming effect and, makes each use freshing each and everytime you us it. Nov 19, 2013
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ADAM D H: Room Temp as far as I can tell. only indication is a shelf life of 6 months. Nov 18, 2013
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lula r asked: is it recommended for men? Apr 14, 2013
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John Derek P: Yes. This is product you apply before bed and wake up looking refreshed. Apr 14, 2013
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TINA L: yes, it's good for men,too. it can use for any skin type. Apr 15, 2013
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RachelB asked: Do I need a separate eye cream to use on top of this? Or can this be used as such twice a day? Mar 9, 2013
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Stella M: I use the Midnight Recovery Eye at night and during the day I use the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. I have used the Midnight Recovery Eye twice a day-- just to change my routine up a bit. Apr 9, 2013
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Jamison Y: This is the only eye cream I use, however I only use before bed. Apr 11, 2013
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Kathy C asked: I finished up chemotherapy treatments in September, about 1 month after, overnight my hair and eyes thinned out
During chemo everything was fine, so apparently it was a accumulated effect. My hair after much conditioning is starting to respond, but my eyes are still a concern. I have used a prescription strength eye cream with some results and added Botox to my upper eyebrow area. I am 63 soon to be 63 but have always had pretty good skin and eyes. My eyes are puffy in the morning with a pocket of fluid which improves during the day but never goes away, will your products help or am I headed to the plastic surgeon? Thanks, Kathy
Nov 19, 2012
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Dolores K: This stuff has definitely helped my puffy eyes. I even travel with it now! Nov 19, 2012
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A shopper asked: why was the eye brightner taken off the market? Apr 26, 2012
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Kiehl's AStaff: I believe you are refering to the Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate. This is still available for purchase here: http://www.kiehls.com/Line-Reducing-Eye-Brightening-Concentrate/692,default,pd.html?start=6&cgid=face-eye Apr 30, 2012
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Judy C: It is very good one, make my eye looks more younger, my fine lines are almost gone, i am very happy to have this product ! Apr 26, 2012
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Greta W asked: Is this an ok product for a teenager to use? I have quite dark under eye circles and I haven't found another product that helps with that, but this sounds like it might do the trick. I don't need anti aging, but this product sounds like a good buy for the other reasons. Jul 7, 2014
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Patricia T: My daughter and I pool our Kiehl's orders and she is the actual user so I asked her if it helps the dark circles. She said that the eye cream definitely helps lessen the dark areas, but she also commented that with her deep eye sockets and pale skin the dark circles will never go away. So it sounds like the product helps but does not cure. She has used the Midnight Recovery products since they came out so she must be satisfied. Jul 8, 2014
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A shopper asked: I am highly allergic to vitamin E...can I use this? May 9, 2014
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Wing L: Yes May 11, 2014
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Carol R asked: How should this product be applied? Jan 21, 2014
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Leesa T: I believe it is recommended nightly to entire eye area; I use on lids without a problem. Feb 2, 2014
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A shopper asked: I am 23 years old and I have small wrinkles under my eyes, along with dark circles. Would you recccommend this product vs. the powerful wrinkle cream? I can cover up my dark circles pretty well, but really would like to get rid of the wrinkles since I am young! Please let me know which product I should purchase. Jan 5, 2014
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Anthony D: It's not just about eye cream, but about how much your diet and sleep. Get your rest, don't drink too much alcohol, and don't eat a lot of salty foods at night. Every morning and night wash your face, then put on a toner, then use a serum (Kiehl's doesn't have a great selection, so search elsewhere for serum), then a lotion. Midnight Recovery Eye cream is the best of any eye cream I've ever used (on MY skin, keep that in mind, because everyone is different), and I use it during the day and night. Mar 4, 2014
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Michelle N asked: Hi, Does it contain retinol? Nov 25, 2013
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carrie e: No it doesn't Nov 25, 2013
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Erika asked: I'm 30 old. This product is recommended for my age? Jan 3, 2013
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Shari S: Well, I'm 33 and I love it. I use in on my eyes and under my chin/neck area. Seems to firm things up. But it goes quick! Hope that helps. Jan 5, 2013
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Erika: Thank you! Jan 7, 2013
mark v asked: what can be used on hooded eyelids? Nov 20, 2012
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Melissa L: I wouldn't use this on my eyelids. I would only use this around the under eye area. Nov 20, 2012
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A shopper asked: what is for puffy eyes? Apr 9, 2012
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deborah h: I noticed a change immediately using Midnight Recovery Eye. It definitely reduces puffy eyes and is the best product out there. I use both morning and night under my ultra eye cream. Apr 10, 2012
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A shopper asked: Does these products contain retinol or alpha hydroxyl? May 13, 2014
Midnight Recovery Eye
Midnight Recovery Eye
Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate
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A shopper asked: can you tell me what essential oils are present in this product? it smells wonderful to me and wanted to identify the essential oil that's present if possible. thanks Mar 2, 2014
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A shopper asked: Midnight Recovery Eye -- does this product contain sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid? Nov 28, 2013
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LvW Cheshire asked: I have blepharitus dry flaking skin sometimes sore, would this product be suitable ? I am getting really fed up with it all. Nov 18, 2013
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