Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner

An oil-free toner formulated to reduce excess oil on skin’s surface.
  • Gently removes residue, dirt and oil without stripping skin of vital moisture
  • Made with Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract and Antarcticine to soothe and hydrate skin
  • Non–drying, alcohol–free formula
  • PH–balanced, and tested for safety and gentleness
  • Oil–free, paraben–free, fragrance–free, colorant–free
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"This toner is gentle yet effective. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and balanced."

Alyssa, Kiehl’s Insider

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How to Apply:
-After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with the facial toner and apply to face
-Avoid the immediate eye area

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner
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Kiehl's Since 1851 Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Joseph G: My default facial toner. Excellent Sep 28, 2014
Sara K: I chose this item because it is marketed as being fragrance free, and I live with someone who is highly sensitive to anything with fragrance. Sep 15, 2014
Myoung k: very soft and gentle for sensitive skin Sep 14, 2014
Juno S: I need skin care Sep 13, 2014
Adrienne D: I really liked the last one I used but it has parabens in it and I have had breast cancer so trying to not use products with them in them. This also seems like a light toner that would work for me. Sep 12, 2014
Jennifer L: i liked it Sep 11, 2014
Eva G: Liked reviews Sep 8, 2014
man p: no side effect to my skin Sep 6, 2014
Shearee G: perfect toner for everyday use Aug 30, 2014
Robert M: I like Kiehls Aug 25, 2014
Maurice M: saw on Steve harvey show" Aug 19, 2014
Shimin H: good Aug 13, 2014
Alice K: I am using it now. Aug 9, 2014
Lori R: Use it every morning after showering. It cleans off all residue and makes my skin feel good. Aug 8, 2014
Stephanie P: recommended by kiehl's employee a few months ago, love it and need more Jul 9, 2014
Cathy C: interested in trying Jun 30, 2014
Alexander S: Thought I'd give it a try. Jun 24, 2014
Jordan M: Works well Jun 22, 2014
Yunzhu O: maybe good for oily skin Jun 21, 2014
Ashley M: need to clear up skin and recommended by a friend Jun 11, 2014
Tiffany N: Great toner Jun 11, 2014
Tanysha C: I chose this based on the reviews from other customers and from an interview in Essence magazine. Jun 8, 2014
Stefanie M: A must have for my daughter's skin routine, along with the deep pore cleanser. She loves this product! Jun 2, 2014
Cassandra H: gift May 30, 2014
LONGCHEN Z: My sister tolde me to buy that May 27, 2014
xiaowen l: good May 18, 2014
RONG J: i want to try May 17, 2014
RONG J: I want to try May 17, 2014
RONG J: I want to try this May 17, 2014
RONG J: I want to try May 16, 2014
RONG J: I want to try May 16, 2014
Jinghan L: WANNA TRY May 16, 2014
liuzhi z: feel comfortable May 15, 2014
Antonette T: This is perfect for my normal/combination skin. Keeps everything balanced and my skin looking healthy. May 13, 2014
SANTIBA S: I have very oily skin...just looking for a way to tame it May 7, 2014
Kelly R: it's for my mom who has oily skin Apr 30, 2014
Mary J: Looking for something to combat my oily skin and acne issues Apr 29, 2014
Tariq A: Try it out Apr 12, 2014
RYAN W: This toner is great for keep healthy looking skin. I use it before moisturizer. Also, it's thin and liquidy, so it's easy to rub into my beard and take care of the skin under the beard, not to mention conditioning my beard keeping it shiny and soft. Mar 28, 2014
zheheng l: friend recommand Mar 24, 2014
Timothy H: Steve Harvey Mar 18, 2014
Mingjie L: From friend Mar 16, 2014
Onuma B: I were use with some products of kiehl's. And I like it! Then I need to try all of kiehl's. Mar 15, 2014
Annette O: A gentle, alcoholic free toner that will not strip my face off all the necessary oils. Mar 9, 2014
Audrey K: i wanted to try it and the price was manageable. I have combination skin Mar 5, 2014
Hee Sun O: Because I live in humid place and my skin is oily. Feb 28, 2014
Frank N: Read good reviews about this. Feb 19, 2014
Mary D: trial Feb 18, 2014
Robert B: Because of its reviews as a good toner for oily skin that doesn't dry out your face too much. Feb 11, 2014
Andrea K: My summer go to toner. Feb 8, 2014
yaling z: awesome! i like it. very useful Feb 8, 2014
lijuan z: LIKE Feb 2, 2014
Jennifer K: It's the only toner that doesn't dry out my skin. I love that it has no artificial ingredients. Jan 16, 2014
emily h: because the rose water toner is no longer available. Jan 2, 2014
Jeanine V: to go with the blue herbal gel cleanser. Dec 31, 2013
Mary Ann G: I Use This Everyday And Love It <3 Dec 31, 2013
Anting C: don't like it. it's not alcohol-free Dec 29, 2013
don b: Same... Love it Dec 29, 2013
cory b: Never tried this product. Dec 29, 2013
Charlotte D: I wear a fair amount of makeup and I wanted to have a good base that is oil-free so as not to make my makeup slip around more than it already does. Dec 27, 2013
Yu-Fu C: good Dec 22, 2013
Chui T: used it before Dec 21, 2013
Erica S: I've tried it before and it worked really well. Dec 20, 2013
Susan S: light and delicate Dec 17, 2013
Samuel D: For me, not sure why. Seems to work for me. Dec 16, 2013
Rocio A: I have an oily an intolerant skin, I love result on my skin! Dec 16, 2013
TZUYING L: try it Dec 15, 2013
Molly Z: A gentle toner for my super oily skin! Dec 14, 2013
lissa s: i already use this toner and i love it Dec 10, 2013
Agustin Y: Friend recommendation Dec 9, 2013
Leesandra A: My skin has become oilier as I age and I'm interested in seeing I a toner can help with that. Dec 7, 2013
JIAQUN L: New product for me and I want to try it. Dec 6, 2013
Junbai Y: wanna try Dec 3, 2013
Chunfang s: try to use Dec 2, 2013
Linda B G: Have been using this product since the 1970's. Removes any facial residue and leaves a clean and refreshed feeling. Doesn't sting, itch or burn. Love it!! Dec 2, 2013
wei z: I always use this, that's good. Dec 2, 2013
Chris N: This is the only toner I've ever been able to use that doesn't rash my skin out! Dec 2, 2013
Julia J: have oily skin, wanted to get rid of the greasy-ness... Dec 1, 2013
Margaret W: I like it. Dec 1, 2013
David C F: oil free Dec 1, 2013
Akane I: I want to balance on my skin. Nov 30, 2013
yixian d: goos Nov 29, 2013
Shuang J: moisturizing but oil free; Nov 29, 2013
Yuwei Z: Moisturizing! Nov 27, 2013
Yufeng L: my friend suggest me to use it Nov 24, 2013
Christina N: I love this product, I use it twice a day, makes my skin feel soft and clean. I started using this product a few months ago and my skin has noticeably improved since I started using. I just signed up for auto shipments so that I'll never find myself without it. Nov 24, 2013
Ping L: want to try Nov 20, 2013
Woongki L: Refer to review Nov 17, 2013
Anastasia Z: friend's recommendation Nov 17, 2013
Mandi L: it feels good Nov 17, 2013
Estelle P: no Nov 17, 2013
Ning W: toner for oil type skin Nov 17, 2013
Hyunjin N: I have combination skin. Nov 16, 2013
Leilin Z: TRY Nov 15, 2013
deqiang C: OIL-FREE Nov 15, 2013
YUNMING L: It is fix me Nov 14, 2013
Sheng Y: like Nov 13, 2013
Mindi C: oily skin in the summer so toner without alcohol would be good for the season Nov 8, 2013
Nicole F: It helps my skin feel fresh and renewed. Nov 7, 2013
cynthia r: makes my face flawless Oct 25, 2013
Yanhua C: I used to it! Like it very much! Oct 25, 2013
Kevin D: I was recommended to try a facial toner for my oily skin and I like Kiehls products so I'm giving this a try. Oct 21, 2013
Ha Young K: I wanted something gentle for my acne skin! Oct 21, 2013
Jennifer B: Always use Oct 18, 2013
Angel B: trying new toner. Oct 16, 2013
Claudia F: love it Oct 11, 2013
Jingsi C: My friend needs it Oct 10, 2013
Yu Sum Tammy Y: Because my face tends to get really oily throughout the day and hopefully this will help me! Oct 2, 2013
Sandra G: Needed to use a toner for my oily prone skin. Sep 30, 2013
Chengxi Z: oil skin Sep 30, 2013
Tracy G: The Ultra Facial products are leaving my skin super oily! Sep 30, 2013
Yuebo H: The comments suggested it is good for my skin type, give it a try Sep 28, 2013
Yusi S: acne skin Sep 27, 2013
Mutsumi B: The toner I have used is too expensive although that is good. Astringent was good when I was a lot younger, but not anymore: my skin peeled. So, I would like to try this one. Sep 27, 2013
Mark M: Esquire Magazine review recommendation. Sep 27, 2013
Xiaojing C: Oil free. Sep 27, 2013
Marsha E: Just needed a good gentle toner. Works great. Sep 26, 2013
Jessica K: I have acne prone sensitive skin and this has been a great toner for me Sep 25, 2013
Yi-Ju L: This is my first time to purchase this Brand and this friends recommend me this product. Sep 24, 2013
SHOKO K: I have oily skin and review sounds good on this item. Sep 24, 2013
Carol S: Reviews were all very good! Sep 23, 2013
SANDRA N: have been using ultra facial oil free lotion and would like to try the full line of products Sep 20, 2013
Zhe W: Friend recommends. Sep 19, 2013
Heya H: I love this one!! Sep 19, 2013
Carrie P: I have been using the product Sep 9, 2013
Siran D: best toner i ever used. great for oil skin. Sep 5, 2013
Mary Ellen W: son likes Aug 15, 2013
Karey C: It looked interesting Aug 5, 2013
Cameron S: Used before and like it Aug 5, 2013
Nathan K: seem to need toner to even out skin texture/tones. hoping this does the trick since the tea tree oil is no longer available. Jul 23, 2013
Marivy P: A friend gave this to me as a gift and it works wonders! I love it and I've used it ever since. Jul 19, 2013
SzuYu L: Many people recommend! Jul 16, 2013
Hu Zu Na F: I never tried toner before. I wanted one to use after the gel cleanser. Jul 8, 2013
james a: fr try Jun 25, 2013
Blerina K: It's what I have used for a while and love it Jun 25, 2013
EDITH O: I hav e an oily face, and my face has this shine all day, so I;m looking for an oil free moisturiser. Jun 18, 2013
Clara A: going back to this from the flower toner, because of the value Jun 18, 2013
syed h: summer is a season of angry people, hectic schedules, and terrible, sweaty skin. Jun 17, 2013
Alicia M: Recommended by Berkeley Store Staff. Jun 17, 2013
hong s: GOOD Jun 17, 2013
Nicholas P: PARABEN FREE! Unlike most other Kiehl's products Jun 15, 2013
QIMIN Y: For the summer Jun 13, 2013
Renee D: also for boyfriend Jun 13, 2013
Courtney T: Balances my skin...and helps go an extra little step in cleansing. May 27, 2013
Kyungeun L: best line for my skin! May 27, 2013
YINGQIAN S: recommended by friends May 25, 2013
Joseph E: oily skin type skin care May 19, 2013
Michael K: I have combination skin and am at work 12-14 hours a day. By lunch time my skin is usually oily and I feel like I need to wash my face. By using the ultra facial oil-free toner in the morning, my skin feels hydrated and fresh all day without that oily feeling. One bottle lasts me around 8 months. Definitely a repeat buy!! May 6, 2013
Su Hyun L: I have oily skin May 5, 2013
Amy D: Keihl's consultant recommended. Need something to catch the oil and dirt I may have missed after cleansing. May 2, 2013
Margaret D: The reviews were great and I have oily skin Apr 19, 2013
Dyan B: Want to try a toner for my extremely oily and sensitive skin that wont dry it out and make it itchy. I want it to feel refreshed. Apr 18, 2013
Sarah B: This is the only toner I'd ever use. It's hydrating while still getting rid of excess oil. Apr 1, 2013
AMBER H: After suffering with oily skin, breakouts in my 30's, and repeated dermatologist visits, this product actually corrected my skin issues. No smell, no irritation, removes oil, and doesn't dry out my skin. My makeup stays put during my 12 hour shifts at work now! Hands down best skin product I have ever used! Mar 25, 2013
Yufan Z: heard from friends, wish to improve my skin condition and cure acne Mar 19, 2013
Lolita L: In the summer my skin gets oilier so want to try this out. I currently use another Kiel toner and I love it. Feb 20, 2013
Howard R: Never got to try it. I spilled 2 days after I bought it. Feb 15, 2013
Ye C: Oil control, oil free Feb 13, 2013
Savanah S: I live in Alaska, where the climate is very dry and cold during the winter. I've struggled with uneven tone, moderate acne, and combination skin. I'm not sure about adding a 3rd step to my skin regime, but would like to see if this helps. Feb 12, 2013
Denise A: I have this toner and love it! Feb 11, 2013
Woori P: I wanna use it Feb 1, 2013
Amy P: I need a new toner and wanted to stick along the oil free package Jan 30, 2013
Yanda W: because I decided to try the cleaner. Jan 28, 2013
Anne C: wanted to try...because it was oil free Jan 26, 2013
XIAOLI C: good review Jan 23, 2013
lillian yuen c: first try Jan 20, 2013
fei z: TRY IT Jan 13, 2013
youjin h: recommended Jan 3, 2013
Tszman L: I am actually using a toner from another brand. but i am wondering and kiehl's do any better than the other brands. Dec 29, 2012
Ann J: I have an oily type skin. This product is perfect for oily type skin. Dec 29, 2012
Jiujiu W: great oil control Dec 24, 2012
Trinh D: Plant based ingredients Dec 16, 2012
Peter S: Not too harsh Dec 16, 2012
EUNHYE K: for acid treatment on my face Dec 9, 2012
Suzanne B: it's a gift for my daughter Dec 8, 2012
Yuesi H: I have oily-combination skin type. Dec 3, 2012
Mingjia M: good Nov 25, 2012
Tianqi Z: I don't know Nov 24, 2012
Li Z: My friends like it. Nov 23, 2012
clara J: so many people recommended this product..and i need it also... Nov 21, 2012
Natalie L: This is great one we all used it before. Nov 20, 2012
Kristina L E: Love this stuff. I currently use it. Nov 19, 2012
Pam B: Helps with my skin when I break out. and makes my face look good Nov 19, 2012
David M: Esquire magazine. Oct 20, 2012
Norman T: It really left my face feeling clean and looking great Oct 9, 2012
seunghei c: I've used this product for few years. This is perfect for my sensitive skin. I keep this in a refrigerator and use it after washing face. Oct 9, 2012
Ayesha W: This product is a great toner and does not dry out the skin. It provides great hydration. Oct 8, 2012
May Z: oil free, fit my skin type Oct 5, 2012
Kei M: Because I've tried several samples before and I think it fits my skin type. Oct 2, 2012
Nora S: This is my usual product Sep 24, 2012
Nikki R: I have extremely oily skin. Sep 24, 2012
Karen C: This is for my sis & she thinks is very good for her skin" Sep 23, 2012
Huanhuan L: match my skin problem very well Sep 23, 2012
Phoebe C: first time try this...I heard this product is good Sep 23, 2012
Elyse A: I used this product and I did like it. Sep 22, 2012
Tracy H: I USE THIS CURRENTLY Sep 21, 2012
caitlyn m: I have very oily skin in my t zone- trying a new product to see if it helps! Sep 20, 2012
xuesha z: try it Sep 19, 2012
I Peng W: Very nice one, my friend suggests it. Sep 19, 2012
Erin M: For my husband. Sep 19, 2012
LINGJUN J: reviews sound like it's just what I need Sep 18, 2012
Weixuan F: Because in store service give me sample, I try it. It is very nice. Sep 18, 2012
Randy P: cause i like it Sep 12, 2012
Linda D: This is a product that I use daily, really like and needed more. Sep 2, 2012
Colleen C: Love it! Works wonderful during the warmer months and with the humidity of the South. Aug 31, 2012
Tony M: Because the Calendula toner is too expensive. Aug 29, 2012
Peihsin H: Pore reduction Aug 27, 2012
mary m: it looks really good for my skin, good for oily and acne pron part, but also with the no alcohol it wont dry or irritate my skin either. Aug 24, 2012
Yiran Z: Used for a long time, really good~ Aug 22, 2012
Jennifer K: I hope this combats my oily skin throughout the day. Aug 20, 2012
ashlea s: my sister is loving it Aug 16, 2012
Jessica L: wanted to use the same line product Aug 7, 2012
Bryan D: the inbetterment of my face Aug 3, 2012
Amber A: Bought this to try with the Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion. Jul 31, 2012
Claudia B: Recieved a free sample with the Oil Free cleanser purchase and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!!! Clears and Clarifies skin of all dirt and excess oils AFTER washing face! Jul 29, 2012
Gloria S: tried the sample sent with my last order Jul 26, 2012
Claire O: It keeps my skin moisturized and soft. Jul 16, 2012
Sherry B: I love the moisturizer in this line, so I figured this would be a good bet. Jul 16, 2012
Paula W: There is no way I would have gotten through this summer without the ultra facial oil free skin collection! Jul 8, 2012
Roqueza S: i've used this since it came out and this product works really well on my face i use it twice daily Jun 25, 2012
YUN Z: I like this toner. Jun 24, 2012
chun c: This is new one.I want try. Jun 22, 2012
mihee s: it's new. So I wanted to try something new one. Jun 13, 2012
Elizabeth S: used the regular ultra facial line last winter but now use oil free for summer months Jun 13, 2012
Michelle D: good after-shaving product Jun 10, 2012
Li L: not dry not oily, very comfortable Jun 4, 2012
miranda r: acne, oily skin and dark spots Jun 1, 2012
Susan A: See above. All of my choices had good recommendations on your site. May 24, 2012
Randy P: i like the oil free feel. May 23, 2012
Kyu Won K: I had used it before, and my type of skin was oily this product fits to me very well May 20, 2012
Annie L: This is my 4th bottle...I use the cleanser, toner, moisturizer..all from the "Ultra Facial" family...the best Ive tried!

Im not joking when everyone asks what I use! Its the best my skins been since pre-teen! Im 32 this yr!!!!

<3 <3 <3
May 18, 2012
Brittany B: Love this product! May 14, 2012
Honghui P: My skin is oily and sensitive, and wanna try this if it works better. May 9, 2012
Kristy P: My son wanted to try a different toner. May 1, 2012
Gemma A: it was recommended Apr 18, 2012
mary h: i try this sample at the current store. It feel smooth. I want to give an another try Apr 15, 2012
Ying C: Because there are positive comments. Apr 14, 2012
Julia G: Second time purchasing this product. My skin looked brighter after using the toner. I live in Shanghai, the heater is on 24/7 in the winter, the toner also helped moistureize my skin. Apr 11, 2012
Xiaomin L: Buy it for my friend Apr 10, 2012
Aida L: tried sample Apr 10, 2012
Jiang Q: It's oil-free and moisture, just fit for my skin Apr 9, 2012
Sarah Z: I use the Oil Free products & have been very happy with them. Apr 7, 2012
Sofia G: I need a toner that is strong to remove dirt, yet does not contain alcohol that dries out my face Apr 6, 2012
Mijung J: recommendation Apr 1, 2012
A shopper asked: can l use ultra Facial Oil-free Toner everyday? Mar 6, 2013
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Jose T asked: I currently use the ultra facial cleanser and then moisturizer. At what point would I use this product? Before putting on moisturizer? Jun 1, 2012
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Lori R: I use it after washing with the facial cleanser and prior moisturizer. Jun 2, 2012
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Becky Q asked: How long does a bottle last for? Apr 21, 2013
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Marsha S: Hi
My bottle lasted me around 6 months. I only use it in the morning in place of washing my face.
I really like the product and have re-ordered it.
I'm over 60 if that helps.
Apr 21, 2013
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jennifer h: I only use it about twice a wk as it becomes a little too drying for my skin with daily use. I've had it for about five months and there's still a quarter of it left. Apr 21, 2013
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Dustin E: About two months Apr 21, 2013
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Joseph G: Hi Becky Q,
To be honest, I don't use the Toner daily; I apply it with a cotton round maybe two to three times a week. I purchased it Nov. of 2012 and still have over 1/2 a bottle left.
That was five months ago, so it may last another 5.
Hope this helps..........
Apr 22, 2013
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Robert T: Quite Awile. Only small amount needed per application. Makes face feel great especially after shaving Apr 22, 2013
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Sarah Z: Quite a long time! I only need to use less than a dime size, and it lathers up nicely. Great product! Apr 22, 2013
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Joanne C: I actually did not like the product; how long it will last depends how many times
a day you use it and how many people are using it. Not to hard to figure
that one out.
Apr 21, 2013
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Zaira asked: I have acne-prone/sensitive/oily/combination skin. Is this the right toner for me? Is this alcohol-free also? Apr 5, 2013
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Lester N: It is alcohol-free, yes. However, my skin has recently started turning red for several minutes after using this toner (I think it's the menthol), so I'm not sure I'd recommend it for overly sensitive skin. If you don't have problems with salicylic acid, I'd go for the Clearly Corrective Clarity-Activating Toner. If salicylic acid affects your sensitive skin, I'd recommend the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner. Nov 16, 2013
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Mary H asked: I currently use the blue acne line, i wanted to replace this with the blue astringent lotion with hopes that it will stop the oil from forming in my t-zone when I wear make-up. I'm afraid of mixing product lines, last time I did that the products didn't work so well.

Has anybody used this product with the blue cleanser for acne with good results???
Apr 8, 2012
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Mindy D: I have used the toner before bed, and it keeps my face pretty clear overnight. I would try it and see if it works with make-up, as well. You could get a sample, and try it with the sample, and see. I really like the fact that it does not overly dry my skin, so it may be your answer! Good luck. Apr 8, 2012
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