Discover the Dangers of Sun Damage.
Some You See, Some You Don’t.

There's your real age and there’s your Photo Age. Photo Age takes into account the invisible damage caused by sun exposure over the years. Meet four women who discovered their Photo Age, then take our quiz to find out yours.

Baked Babe

Marked Mamma

Careless Cutie

Dotted Darling

I’m a sun-worshipper, and I ignored common sense and skimped on the sunscreen. I was shocked by how much invisible damage I discovered, and am changing my ways. After 4 weeks of using High-Potency Spot Treatment, my skintone is more even, and the darkspots are fading! I always make sure I’m using the Exfoliating Cleanser twice a day. It smells amazing and breaks apart the discolorations.

- liza, age 20

Dark spots and wrinkles from
years of unprotected sunbathing.

Photo-Age: Baked Babe

I didn't realize how common pregnancy-induced dark spots were until they showed up when I was expecting. Now that I’ve had my baby, I’m ready to start treating them with High-Potency Spot Treatment.

- lisa, age 47

Dark spots and blotchiness from
recent pregnancy

Photo-Age: Marked Mamma

I diligently apply sunscreen at the beach and the pool, but never committed to using a DAILY sunscreen. I wish I had, because my skin is starting to show the signs of aging – it’s uneven and blotchy. I’m using High-Potency Spot Treatment twice a day and counting on it to undo my damage. My skin’s already brighter!

- hollyann, age 34

Uneven, blotchy skin from
everyday sun exposure

Photo-Age: Careless Cutie

I battled acne for years, and though my skin is blemish-free now, I have daily reminders in the form of dark spots and acne scarring. High-Potency Spot Treatment twice a day on my really pesky spots is helping me finally achieve clearer, smoother, more even skin.

- trese-san, age 30

Acne scars from problem skin

Photo-Age: Dotted Darling

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