daily face protection

Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ is a daily, year–round sunscreen for face with long–lasting broad-spectrum protection to fight up to 90% of skin aging.

insider application tip:

Shake well before using. Apply liberally after moisturizer everyday to help fight skin aging, this is the most important part of your skincare routine.


Offers broad–range UVA protection and helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of sun exposure which can cause premature skin aging.

Octisalate (Octyl Salicylate)
A time–tested, effective sunscreen ingredient which augments UVB protection.

A premium UVB sunscreen that is water resistant and has a broad–band absorbent range.

daily defense for men

Facial Fuel UV Guard is an energizing, lightweight daily sun shield specifically formulated for men. High level SPF broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection guards men from daily damage and premature aging.

insider application tip:

Shake well before using. Apply liberally after moisturizer everyday to help prevent skin aging.


Micronized Silica
A finely ground, naturally occurring mineral known for its ability to minimize the visible size of pores and diminish surface shine.

LVitamin E
Naturally occurring in plant leaves, cereal germ oils and milk, Vitamin E is known to be an important antioxidant and free-radical scavenger.

Found in coffee, tea, kola nuts and ilex plants, caffeine has been shown to help reduce the appearance of puffiness in the eye area.

all over active protection

Activated Sun Protector is an ultra–lightweight SPF 50 sunscreen to be used for active protection — in any outdoor activities. With a patented sun–filter technology, this formula deflects 98% of harmful UVB rays. Safe for the whole family. Paraben–free. Silicone–free. Very Water Resistant.

insider application tip:

Apply liberally all over your body at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or excessive perspiring, immediately after towel–drying and at least every two hours.


Goji Berry
A traditional Chinese medicine, is historically known to build skin’s own resistance and reduce free–radical damage.

Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant known for its ability to help protect against skin–damaging free–radicals.

Einkorn Wheat
One of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat (in approximately 7500 BC), is known to stimulate skin’s natural anti–oxidant defenses (in vitro).

Sunscreen is the most essential component of any anti–aging skin care regimen. Proper sun protection fights up to 90% of skin aging, including lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, and breakdown of collagen and elastin. It is also your primary defense against developing unwanted brown spots.

Sunscreens should offer both UVB and UVA protection in order to be truly effective, so look for "broad–spectrum" protection. Also look for oil–free, non–comedogenic formulas to avoid clogging facial pores.

  • You should apply sunscreen every day as part of your anti–aging skin care regimen
  • After you cleanse, tone and moisturize, apply a broad–spectrum sunscreen liberally to dry skin 15–30 minutes before sun exposure
  • Don’t skimp! Use a tablespoon of sunscreen to cover the face and neck, and about 1 ounce (a full shot glass) to cover the entire body (Be sure to cover the hairline)
  • Additional makeup can be applied on top of your sunscreen
  • Reapply your sunscreen if you’re outside more than 3 — 4 hours, or after swimming or sweating

Everyone is at risk of sun damage. Just because your skin does not burn does not mean that you do not need sunscreen. Any alteration in skin color, including a suntan, indicates that damage has already occurred.

Do not be fooled by cloudy skies. Although sun exposure is reduced on a cloudy day (especially if it is a rainy day), clouds block only as much as 20% of UV radiation.

We’re confident you will see healthier, revitalized skin in
28 days. Guaranteed or your money back.

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