A letter from the editor

Welcome to The Men’s Wing

For some guys, it’s a tricked-out TV den. For others, it’s the garage. Then there are those pioneer types who shut out the naysayers and make a men’s area out of their entire living space.

It’s in that trailblazing spirit that I introduce the Kiehl’s Men’s Wing, a new online destination for men. Not that Kiehl’s has been neglecting men—the brand has taken the lead with male grooming and apothecary needs for more than 160 years. What we’re hoping to showcase here is, you might say, the personality behind the products.

The Men’s Wing reflects the Kiehl’s sense of style, humor and—in particular, I’d say—adventure. This is a brand that has been involved in expeditions to Greenland and Mt. Everest. Its modern identity has been shaped by former owner Aaron Morse, an industry pioneer who spent his spare time piloting aircrafts and driving very fast cars.

We’ll be injecting that lively spirit into The Men’s Wing. In this first issue, we take a look at essential goods for the modern man, from no-nonsense duffel bags to tricked-out guitars. We examine the habits of alpha-male George Best in his heyday. And in Do the Math, an interactive feature running in this inaugural edition only, we have some fun with what a guy’s choice of breakfast (for example) might say about him.

Our inaugural long-form feature, The Grooming Chronicles, looks at the history of sun tanning—a practice that involved France more than you might imagine. Speaking of appealing locales, how about a 1920s terra cotta inn oasis in the middle of the desert? Such a place exists, in a Men’s Wing column called The Getaway.

Throughout the site, we invite readers to get involved: by voting, submitting photos via Instagram, or—in an area we call The Back Counter—sending a grooming question to a Kiehl’s expert. We want to get some back-and forth going here at The Men’s Wing. And while some of those conversations might be about sports and beer, others will be about which Kiehl’s moisturizer makes the most sense. Hey, it’s the world we live in.

The List

Duffel Bags

A look at four no-nonsense carryalls.

Ever seen a jet boat make a water tunnel?
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Is every man the sum of his parts?

A short history of men and tanning.

The mop-topped British soccer star who re-styled the game forever


The advanced skincare routine.

The Getaway

Experience the sweet heat of Death Valley


A hat-tip to generosity.

Lo-Fi vs. Sci-Fi

Two guitars go head-to-head.

The Men's Wing's happening shop-and-chat area.
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